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Features and Benefits

File History

OpenGrok analyzes CVS versioning histories in order to get the versions. OpenGrok currently does not support branching properly.

Blog about OpenGrok that explains file history better. This means that it is not really the best choice to use the CVS history information for indexing mozilla code because the history tracker will just use the newest version of the file, not the branch that it is in, thus, It would be a wise course of action to have either one opengrok webpp for each branch or have one opengrok with all versions in it.


If there are files which cannot be analysed by the included analysers, OpenGrok allows the user to develop their own analysers, I am unsure of whether or not there is a JavaScript analyser allready, maybe even an XPCOM/XUL analyser could be written, but I don't know the first thing about XPCOM/XUL so this maybe allready implemented in another language.

In File Linking

The indexer hyperlinks all symbols to the file and line number of their declaration. If the symbol is in multiple files it shows a list of all files which have it.

Integrates Well

The header and footer are completely customizable. OpenGrok could be integrated with the current MDC.

Example Implementation


Installation Procedure


I will be listing notes for my own reference, feel free to use them


  • Install Ubuntu Linux as a server from the Ubuntu DVD
  • Install the following packages
 - ctags -> exuberant-ctags
 - sun-java5-jdk
 - tomcat5 tomcat5-admin tomcat5-webapps
   - Installs GNU Java which must be removed
  • Run "sudo update-alternatives --config java" and "apt-get remove --purge java-gcj-compat"
  • Change the tomcat5 config (/etc/default/tomcat5) to point to the new default Java runtime (/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun/) and disable the security manager, until that can be figured out
  • Setup a Mozilla code directory (mkdir /var/mozilla)
  • Follow guide at the OpenSolaris Project Guide
  • Enjoy!

Important Info

  • /var/lib/tomcat5 is the default $CATALINA_HOME for Ubuntu, but Ubuntu's packages are non-standard
  • /etc/default/tomcat5 has some configuration files
  • My SRC_ROOT is /var/mozilla
  • My DATA_ROOT is /var/opengrok/data
  • My uses a ctags at /usr/bin/ctags not the default in the
  • Setting up the Admin webapp here


  • be able to start/stop tomcat5/5.5 init.d script
  • write access to $catalina.home/webapps/
  • write access to tomcat5/5.5 configuration files
  • have a non-home folder writable, personal preference for /var/mozilla
  • Tomcat5 or 5.5
  • Sun Java JRE and JDK 1.5.0
  • CTags
  • CVS and Subversion