OSTEP Meeting 2013-07-17

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OSTEP Team Meeting

Equipment Reorganization

Phase I:

  • Arngales need eSATA (ctyler -> oatley)
  • Monitoring: ???
    • Oatley to decide direction and implement (2013-08-02)
  • Update Pidora builder f18v6 chroot (oatley+fossjon+agreene) -> Update to ks-based environment
  • Upstream or figure out carry-forward plan for modified packages (ctyler)



  • SOPs
    • Ansible SOP (oatley) (done)
    • Pidora sign mash rsync SOP (oatley) (done)
    • Sigul SOP (oatley)
    • Koji-follow SOP (fossjon) (done?)
    • Document chroot process SOP (v6 specific package changes) from blog (fossjon)
    • Pidora repo sym link setup SOP (oatley)
  • Pidora repo sym link double space rsync (oatley)
    • In process (oatley)
    • Need to schedule SOP tests (Aug/Sep)
  • Build f19 + f18 updates is being built (agreene)
  • Automate the vc-firmware packages (agreene)

Release status and feedback--

  • Monitor trac
  • Blog posts for pidora x2 each week
    • Choose a day and start blogging together
    • Schedule publishing to start Monday 2013-07-22 (ctyler)

Issue Tickets

  • /etc/hostname file conflict? overriding sysconfig value? (agreene) (Possible solutions) (Ticket ###)
    • modify firstboot to write hostname file
    • delete file in post of kickstart
  • Legality of a pidora miniDLNA package? where can we include it?
    • agreene (Ticket ###)
  • Camera support testing (agreene) (Ticket ###)

Building F18-updates, F19, Rawhide:

  • f19 is building (agreene)
  • agreene is buildmaster
    • qt-webkit, gstreamer-bad-free, perl-crypt-ssl, and more! (done)
  • start building by 2013-06-28
  • F19 Timeframe - Need to look at package set issues
    • Estimate by 2013-08-06 (agreene)

Infra Duties

  • A pidora-team group email address so chris doesn't get all the complaints (place on pidora.ca) (ctyler -> fossjon 2013-07-17)
  • Safe guarded sign/mash/rsync script for better automation and less manual user error (oatley)
    • Needs testing of email (2013-07-19)
  • A main site to post updates or feedback or announcements? (pidora.ca site && #pidora channel && blog)
    • pidora irc not a OP can't change topic (get Dan to set auto-op on OSTEP team members)
    • Post this info to forums
    • Start a pidora mailing list? (<--- hold for now)

Pidora blog--

  • Need 2 articles per person by EOW

Blog Posts

  • Ask the community forums about what people might want to do?
  • How to set a static ip networkmanager (fossjon) (done)
  • How to install and use scratch
  • How to make a basic python scrypt
  • Use yumex for a graphical install
  • Turn the raspberry pi into a media centre?
  • Setup some servers, httpd, sshd, etc
  • Configure firewall and selinux
  • Changing XFCE theme or layout

Firstboot module changes -- jon

  • Need to look at F19+ firstboot and i18n code in there (agreene 2013-08-06)
    • ex usage: _("This is some text")
    • check modules from upstream, add to our modules


  • Needs folder reorg (oatley 2013-07-19)


  • x86_64 OpenStack setup
    • packstack allinone on the iraq
    • packstack nova compute to australia
    • Stalled
  • Reinstall fedora 18 on all computers
    • Iraq reinstalled
    • Australia needs to be redone
    • Hold Japan for now

Calxeda Hardware

  • Coming! Real Soon Now! Really!

Bluetooth Audio Project

  • Automated RPi->Bluetooth Audio connection with sound file playback (ctyler 2013-07-19)

OpenStack on ARM

  • While waiting for Calxeda hardware, experimenting with KVM on Cortex-A15 hardware (Arndale) (ctyler 2013-08-07)
  • With Calxeda hardware, experiment with OpenStack Nova bare-metal (ctyler ????-??-??)

TeX Live

  • Can build on Calxeda builders
    • Needs chroot updates to 1.8.0+
    • Needs hub updates to 1.8.0+
    • Hold for Calxeda hardware


  • Jon: Happy trails! Keep the Internets running!
  • Andrew Oatley-Willis: backups, repo config, builder updates, builder capacity; Flock talk
  • Andrew Greene: Pidora builds
  • Chris Tyler: Bluetooth audio, OpenStack; Flock talks


  • ctyler away: July 22-Aug 5
    • Reachable July 22-26
    • Unreachable July 26-Aug 5
  • oatley and ctyler at Flock Aug 8-12
  • End-of-summer closure: August 26-30
  • Aug 5 is statutory holidays
    • ctyler may work August 3/4/5 if Calxeda hardware is here
  • oatley: ???
  • agreene away: Aug ___ - ____