OSTEP Meeting 2013-06-03

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OSTEP Team Meeting 2013-06-03

Equipment Reorganization

Phase I:

  • Move rack to 1040
  • Move hutches to 1039
  • Move stuff between rooms
    • All general CDOT stuff --> 1039 (formerly "Armory")
    • All OSTEP stuff --> 1040 (formerly "Lab")
  • Catalog and sort the ARM stuff

Future phases:

  • Swap Japan and Hong Kong
  • Make Japan the NAT for the builders
  • Remove weaker builders - SMARTTOPS MUST DIE!!! - (NFS based ones)
  • Insert all of the builders we're using e.g., Yosemite-class systems, Arndale


Release status and feedback--

  • Need kernel-headers packages
  • Headless mode -- needs rootfs-resize support
  • Stay on top of raspberry pi commit logs(firmware)
  • Tracker spam cleaned by Oatley \o/

The future of Pidora--

  • How much energy do we want to put into this?
    • Low energy: just build what's in Fedora
    • High energy: make this the preferred/top Raspi distro

SBR600 and Pidora

  • Get SBR600 focused on Pidora stuff this fall

Pidora blog--

  • Get ball rolling by end of the week (CTyler)

Firmware/kernel updates

  • Perhaps update daily / automatically into updates-testing, and promote only periodically?

Russian respin--

Standard Meeting Day

  • Andrew Oatley-Willis: Please get consensus and book T1042 for that time every week

Enterprise Computing

  • Hyperscale physical control via OpenStack Nova
  • Plan in place by Friday meeting with Red Hat

Calxeda Hardware

  • Will try to get this ordered this week

jon notes