OSTEP Meeting 2013-02-07

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OSTEP Team Meeting 2013-02-07

Updates & Plans


  • Continuing on armv6hl builds
    • About 8200 packages built out of ~12000
  • Upstreaming armv6hl changes - Tuesday (ct+fossjon)
  • Send flags to ctyler (fossjon)
  • Keep queuing, fixing errors (fossjon)

Andrew Greene

  • Prepared beta!
  • Working on release notes
  • Keyboard & timezones in firstboot - bugfix
  • Wiki updates
  • Have added updates-testing repo
  • Need firmware update with sample code patches (ctyler)
  • Problem with garbage tickets being filed as tickets in Trac
    • Need a guest login to prevent bots (ctyler)
    • Consider some volunteers for Triage?
  • Release of RPFR18 --> Monday Feb 11!

Andrew Oatley-Willis

  • Working on Trac admin tools
    • PW change working
    • User add/remove/admin change of PW not working yet
    • Test and deploy by Wed Feb 13 (oatley)
  • Backup keys
    • Will check and fix up (oatley)
  • Bringing up new builders
  • Script to find out what's being used in external bootstrap repo (oatley)

Dmitry Kozunov

  • Busy with tests! Do not add tasks!
  • Wiki page with builder config for Paul Whalen (mailed copy tonight/tomorrow morning) (DarthJava)
  • guipio front-end (DarthJava)

Chris Tyler

  • guipio back-eng (ctyler)
  • Pidora planning (ctyler)
  • Storage config changes on England
  • Wiki gardening fad Monday (ctyler)
  • Partner discussions / grant docs

To Do

  • Builder capacity
    • Need sufficient swap on heavybuilders - min. 8G on machines with disk drives (oatley)
  • 2nd Cubie
    • Buy PSU (ctyler)
    • Add cubie2 to armv6hl build group
    • 13-3 repartition (agreene)
  • Fedora CA on Japan
    • (low priority) (ctyler+oatley)
    • Move to armv6hl builders (oatley)
  • Createrepo hosts (x86_64) for Japan koji
    • Some of egypt/england/bahamas (agreene)
  • Copy HongKong cert script to Japan (agreene)

Pidora 18

  • Check name with Spot
  • Updated splash screen
  • QA
    • Test multiple video configurations
    • Test on Rev 1, Rev 2, 256M, 512M, various card sizes
  • Release
    • Pi Day!
    • Mirror via RPF including repos
    • Video demo of features
      • Feature list
      • Feature screenshots
      • Feature videos
      • Overview video
    • Installation
      • Instructions for various platforms/card burning tools
      • Video of various installation tools
      • Explanation of how imaging works
    • Headless
      • Instructions for headless setup
      • ip-info enabled by default - both ip-flash and ip-read
  • Hacking features
    • quick2wire library
    • rpi.gpio library
    • other hacking libraries
    • sample programs for accessing various devices
    • guipio experimental program
    • include basic dev tools sufficient to build the sample programs
    • include raspberry pi pinout information
  • Magnagement
    • updates-testing repository
    • mirrorlist URL (MirrorManager?)
  • Usability
    • Accessibility suite?
  • OOBE
    • Ensure that the resizer does not excessively slow down the first startup
    • Optimize fast boot and shutdown
    • Set firefox default homepage to Pidora home page (pidora.org? pidora.ca? pidora.senecacollege.ca?)
  • Brand
    • Pidora logo
    • Pidora web site
  • Store
    • Provide a way to use the store (web helper? application? alien?)
  • Community
    • Invite selected beta testers -> encourage them to prepare blog posts etc.
    • Provide an easy bug reporting mechanism
    • Build some buzz around the release
  • Deals
    • Make arrangements with one or more vendors for preloaded cards
  • Documentation
    • Installation instructions written by Seneca techdoc students?