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  • c: Background color of the table row; value 0 or 1; if the previous registration was 0, please type 1.
  • url: Resource URL
  • title: Resource title including author; year;
  • descr: The description of the resource's contributions (why should we read it?)

For example, to register a new resource you have to type:

 {{Ecl_r_entry |c=0
 |title= Eclipse and Java for Total Beginners - Max Dexter - 2006
 |descr= * Create Java project in Eclipse * Create Java package * Introduce classes and objects, naming conventions * Write a simple Java class (Person)

This tutorial gives an overview of OSGi. It explains the creation and consumption of OSGi services via ServiceTrackers and declarative services. Eclipse Equinox is used as an standalone OSGi server. For this tutorial Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) is used.