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OSD & DPS909 Winter 2019 Release 0.4


In Release 0.1, you were asked to become familiar working on an open source project on GitHub. This included filling issues, creating pull requests, receiving and conducting code reviews, etc.

In Release 0.2, you were asked to take what you'd learned in 0.1, and start to expand your abilities, working on 4 pull requests in various open source projects. These pull requests were due weekly, which didn't give much time to work on larger tasks.

Continuing as you did in 0.3, your 0.4 release should continue your progression as an open source developer. You will be marked on the expanded scope and scale of the work you take on during this release. It will not be acceptable to do small "README fixes," single-line typos, or the like during this release. You should look for opportunities to fix a bug, add a feature, or otherwise make a more meaningful code contribution.


  • Find and fix 1 (or more) larger Pull Request (due Friday April 12). You need to do something larger than a "good first issue" type bug fix.
  • Write 2 Blog Posts
    • Friday April 5 - status update on 0.4 (i.e., what are you working on? how is it going? what are you learning, what are your plans?)
    • Friday April 12 - final release of 0.4 (i.e., what did you do? what was the bug about? what was the fix? what did you learn, etc.)


Please fill in the table below, adding your information as necessary each week.

Name Blog Posts (2) PRs (1 or more)
Woosle Park,
Priyam Brahmbhatt,,, [1] Update on Release 0.3's issue
Jatin Kumar,,,,
Brandon Wissmann
Nathaniel Ngo
Andrew Koung
Olena Vyshnevska
Yuansheng Lu
Harsh Patel

Oleksii Polovyi,
Vladimir Rozin,
Iryna Thompson

First PR [2] Second PR [3]
Jiajie Feng ,
David Li

Alexei Bonilla
Vincent Logozzo,
Al Vincent Valdez
Xiaowei Hunag
Abdirahman Guled, [4],[5]
Ahmed Deeb
Paul Moon 1[6], 2[7], 3[8] 1[9], 2[10]
Arash Negari , , ,
Sahib Arora
Aqeel Parpia
Colin Chumak
Adel El Masery
Anh Hoai Ung
Rachael Scotchmer
Kevin Chan,
Jacob Adach ,