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| Volodymyr Klymenko
| Volodymyr Klymenko
* https://medium.com/@volodymyrklymenko/contribution-to-mozilla-firefox-c4aa4fe52756

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In Release 0.1, you were asked to become familiar working on an open source project on GitHub. This included filling issues, creating pull requests, receiving and conducting code reviews, etc.

In Release 0.2, you were asked to take what you'd learned in 0.1, and start to expand your abilities, working on 5 pull requests in various open source projects. These pull requests were due weekly, which didn't give much time to work on larger tasks.

In Release 0.3 release, you were asked to continue your progression, and begin working on larger issues. You were marked on the expanded scope and scale of the work you took on during this release.

For your Release 0.4, you are asked to do the same process as Release 0.3 however do the inverse of internal and external quantities.

You are also asked to work on a combination of existing GitHub projects, as well as new student-created GitHub projects


  • 3 larger Pull Requests (due Monday Dec 10). You can wait to update your PRs below until the very end.
  • You can do a combination of issues in existing/new projects
  • 3 Blog Posts (due one per week on Mondays). Make sure you post the URL to your week post by the end of the day each Monday.
  • You must work on one of the projects in the list OSD/DPS Fall 2018 Open Source Project Ideas.


Please fill in the table below, adding your information as necessary each week.

Name Blog Posts (3) PRs (3)
Nathan Misener
Stephen Ward
Thanh Nguyen
Allan Zou
Matthew Phan
Ryan Vu (Tien Phat)
Adam Kolodko
Minying Chen
Brett Larney
Volodymyr Klymenko
Shawn Pang
Deepanjali Gerangal
Tony Sim
Karan Sandhu
Oleksii Kozachenko
Jagmeet Bhamber
Victor Kubrak
Xuan Dinh Truong
Shawn Mathew
Muchtar Salimov
Mera Gangapersaud
Huda Al Dallal
Peng Qu
Charlotte Baptist
Xiaochen Wang
Corey James
Ryan Hayes
Maya Filipp
Stuart Crust
Sean Prashad
Daniel Bogomazov
Ruihui Yan
Stephen Truong
Brendan Hung
Jeffrey Espiritu
Julia McGeoghan
Michael Overall
Joshua Mayers
Chaya Danzinger
Andriy Yevseytsev
Robert Dittrich
Alexander Ponomaroff
Thomas Nolte
Mark Krutik
Vincent Wong
Dilan Guneratne
Steven Le
Julia Yatsenko
Yeonwoo Park
Dan Lin
Yuecheng Wu
Adam Pucciano
Oluwaseyi Aketepe
Alex Kong
Shreena Athia
ZhiBo Dong
Joshua Jadulco
Wang Pan
Qingwen Wang