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OSD700 and DPS911 Class Information (Winter 2012)

The only caveat about creating a twitter list of everyone that people can subscribe to is I can't put myself in it! Alas it's better than nothing. Go here to subscribe.

Name IRC Twitter Blog Bugs
Christopher De Cairos / cadecairos cadecairos @ChrisDeCairos My Blog

Bug 686137 Resolved :D
Bug 715323 Resolved
Bug 711839 This was fixed by somebody else
Bug 711742
Bug 601032
Bug 517363
Bug 618737

David Seifried dseif @dcseifried Blog

Bug 686370
Bug 702161
Bug 708814
Bug 680321
Bug 708553

Scott Downe moznet: scott / freenode: sdowne @ScottDowne My Blog

Bug 677121
Bug 677122

Matthew Schranz Moznet: mjschranz / freenode: mjschranz @mjschranz Blog

Bug 698303
Bug 698381
Bug 698384
Bug 698385
Bug 718274
Bug 720768
Bug 725289
[ https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=516811 Bug 516811]

Ching Wei Tseng (Steven) Anachid @sttseng Blog

Bug 716107 (too complicated as of now; read bug comments)
Bug 601535
Bug 633602 (the test suite)

Mohammed Buttu mbuttu @mbuttu Blog

Popcorn Maker
Bug 67
Bug 157
Bug 254
Bug 256
Bug 257

Bug 281

Popcorn Maker FCP

  • Create a DMG file that will allow users to install Popcorn Maker FCP once downloaded to the Applications folder by dragging and dropping

Test Swarm

  • Make it work on iOS
Raymond Hung rhung @Raymond_Hung Blog Bug 633602 - Mouselock the tests in particular
Anurag Bhatnagar abhatnagar @anuragbh Blog

Bug 1392 - Processing.js
Bug 689374 - Mozilla Firefox

Diogo Golovanevsky Monteiro diogogmt @diogogmt Blog

Bug 633602
Bug 715141
Bug 718133
Bug 713383
Bug 714071

Abhishek Bhatnagar abhatnagar1 @abhishekToronto Blog

Bug 705234
Bug 620164
Considering one other possibility

Possible Video/Fullscreen Bugs

Small and easy bugs

  • Bug 715323 nsBuiltinDecoderReader::NotifyDataArrived() should have a 64bit offset parameter. Easy first bug to get acquainted with our process.
  • Bug 620159 nsVorbisState::Time needs to handle failure from return from MulOverflow. (This may conflict with Bug 601535)
  • Bug 620164 nsTheoraState::MaxKeyframeOffset doesn't need to use MulOverflow (This may conflict with Bug 601535)
  • Bug 702161 videocontrols.xml has anonymous function event listeners that are added but never removed
  • Bug 704326 Standalone audio files should have an intrinsic size so they don't look awkward
  • Bug 713383 Directly viewed images should be printed with a transparent background on the body
  • Bug 681548 Visual refresh of controls (needs graphics from Stephen Horlander first)

Easy but not as small

  • Bug 601535 content/media should use CheckedInt.h: Rework content/media/ to use CheckedInt to guard against integer overflow instead of the custom int overflow checking code defined in VideoUtils.h (I already suggested this to Steven Tseng, so you might want to check that he hasn't accepted this before suggesting other students tried working on it).
  • Bug 705234 Inconsistent use of "full screen" and "full-screen" across browser and DOM strings, should use "fullscreen" instead Sometimes in strings we use "full-screen", "full-screen mode" and "fullscreen". We should use "fullscreen" instead. This is mostly string changes, but we actually need to rename the strings as well, otherwise localizers won't notice that a change occurred (they may or may not need to).

Not quite as easy

  • Bug 689374 Add specialized audio controls for small-dimension media
  • Bug 715141 Using keyboard to switch zoom level when viewing images directly
  • Bug 708814 Should fade out videocontrols even if there's no mouse movement Video controls, all in Javascript, I'm keen to see this one done.
  • Bug 516811 "load" events for poster image loads bubble out (Fix should be similar to that for bug 715469, but may involve some C++ level DOM manipulation)
  • Bug 680321 Media preload state should reset in resource selection algorithm Changes need to be made to nsHTMLMediaElement.cpp, so should be "easy" to get your head wrapped around it...
  • Bug 517363 Preserve video poster aspect ratio when scaling (Would be good to see this fixed!)
  • Bug 711742 HTML5 video's "Save Video As" saves an empty .webm file if you have not actually played the video. The patch that causes this to regress has been identified, so that should give clues of how to fix it.
  • Bug 601032 test_play_twice fails with sound disabled
  • Bug 618737 The <video> element develops a tabindex attribute out of nowhere (I'm not the best mentor for this one, Boris Zbarsky probably is, but it sounds simple enough to fix...)
  • Bug 712836 Reloading live stream causes HTMLMediaElement.error.code to be copied to new clone of resource
  • Bug 708553 Hovered element state is not relinquished when entering and exiting fullscreen mode. Requires digging into how Firefox manages event state for :hover.
  • Bug 500784 Video/audio files over 2^31 bytes in length are unseekable. We'd need changes made to the nsMediaCache to support 64bit file sizes, along with changes to the nsBuiltinDecoderReader-subclass seek implementations. We care more about seeking in large WebM files rather than in Ogg files, i.e. don't go to the trouble of changing the Ogg seeking code, that'll be painful! We can file a follow up for that work.
  • Bug 714071 The Show Statistics setting is not preserved when toggling the full screen mode. Fullscreen and <video> in one bug! Your students will love this one! I have no idea why this is happening, maybe they won't love it.
  • Bug 677122 Changing media fragment portion of URL in video documents doesn't update start/end times

Link to MouseLock Bug (Bug 633602)

Implementing the Mouse Lock API in Firefox
Mouse Lock API Test Tracker