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OSD600 and DPS909 Winter 2018 Lab 7

Traivs CI and Deployment to GH-Pages

This week we're looking at Continuous Integration with cloud services like Travis CI. We'll use Travis CI to setup automatic deployment of our Bridge Troll web app to GitHub's gh-pages hosting service.

In this lab, you are asked to add automation and deployment configuration to your clone of bridge troll in order to learn how to use Travis CI for automatic deployment of code to the web. We'll also learn how to use GitHub for static hosting of web apps.

1. Update your Bridge Troll Fork

Make sure you're running the latest version of my repo. To do this, update your version like so:

git fetch upstream git checkout -B master upstream/master

This will download the latest commits from my upstream repo, and reset your master branch to be the same as mine.

2. Enable Traivs CI for your Fork

Everything you'll do in this lab will be done on your own personal fork (i.e., you aren't going to send me a pull request).

First, login to with your GitHub account.

Second, enable your bridge-troll repo in the list of repos that Travis is connected to.

3. Add Deployment Step

In the .travis.yml file, you'll need to add steps for deployment to GH-Pages.

Follow the instructions:

NOTE: you may need to alter the Travis build script in order to run npm run build. This creates the production dist/ folder. For example, you might choose to do this during the before deploy step.

4. Confirm Your Deploy

When you have successfully deployed to GH-Pages, you should be able to visit your gh-pages URL and see your code live on the web. See docs in

8. Submission

Submit a link to your forked repo's .travis.yml file, and also a link to your forked version of bridge troll running on gh-pages.

# Name .travis.yml file (URL) Bridge Troll on GH-Pages (URL)
1 Hao Chen
2 Owen Mak
3 Hongcheng Zhang
4 Qiliang Chen
5 Aaron Scott
6 Alex wang
7 Lucas Verbeke
8 Yalong Li
9 Matthew Quan
10 Kelvin Cho
11 Vimal Raghubir
12 Michael Fainshtein
13 Aleksey Glazkov
14 Zhihao Cai
15 Abdul Kabia
16 Bakytzhan Apetov
17 Joseph Pham
18 Zukhruf Khan
19 Soutrik Barua
20 Woodson Delhia
21 Kevin Pham
22 Pranoy Santosh
23 Patrick Godbout
24 Oleh Hodovaniuk
25 Evan Davies
26 Aliaksandr Ushakou