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Installing an Extension

To install an extension

  • Then open OpenOffice Writer or Calc. On the top menu, click Tools->Extension Manager...
Installing an Extension
  • Click Add... and select the .oxt file (extension file) you downloaded.
Installing an Extension

Usually, you should see a new button or menu item related to the extension you install. Since extension can do different things, sometimes you might not see any button or menu item. That extension might only appear and work on context menu. So if you cannot find it, check the extension's read-me file or manual.

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Mailing lists

We can subscribe to OpenOffice Dev mailing by sending an empty email to dev-subscribe@openoffice.org and we can ask our questions from dev@openoffice.orgasa

This mailing list also sends subscribers all email questions asked by other subscribers and their responses too. So, even if we don't have any questions to ask, we still get useful information.