OSD/DPS Fall 2018 Open Source Project Ideas

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OSD/DPS Fall 2018 Open Source Projects

This a first draft at starting some open source projects in our course. The following are the most requested projects as suggested by your colleagues.

Tips on starting an open source project:

1. DarkChatter decentralized messaging over low-level WiFi

New project to build ad-hoc, mesh-networking style messaging.

Repo: https://github.com/DarkChatter Discord: https://discord.gg/CUsaedN



2. Seneca Blackboard & Student Centre Extensions for Google Chrome

New project to build Google Chrome extensions to fix various Seneca Blackboard & Student Centre websites and their UI/UX issues:

  • Seneca Blackboard (Repo: SenecaBlackboardExtension)
    • Remove useless parts of the website:
      • Seneca News
      • Seneca Spotlight
      • Did You Know?
      • Quickly
      • Useless announcements (Full-Time Student News, Student News)
      • More?
    • Add new features:
      • Organize modules that left after removing useless parts
      • New module dedicated to important dates
      • Announcements should show date, either as year, month, and day, or X days ago
      • Split up announcements and marks notifications in the top right corner on the main page
      • Button to switch to original version of Blackboard
      • Add the email link to the login page
      • Add the MySeneca.Help link to the my.senecacollege.ca sign in page
      • Add Reset/Forgot password on this sign in page
  • Student Centre (Repo: StudentCentreExtension)
    • Add new features:
      • Organize modules
      • Make course selection easier by having something function similar to this example
      • Main display should be changed to full width of the screen



3. Speech-To-Text for HTML Coding in VSCode

New project to build a Visual Studio Extension that allows voice commands for creating HTML documents.

Need to write a VSCode Extension, pick a Speech-To-Text library to integrate, create a "grammar" or "vocabulary" bound to commands for inserting HTML tags.

Repo: CodeTalker

Join our Slack Channel: CodeTalker



4. Turn-based creative writing web app

New project to build a turn-based creative writing app, where people can collaborate on writing stories and practice their creative writing skills.

Goal is a real time creative writing collaboration 'game'. Each participant takes a turn to add a limited amount of text (ie: 100 words max) to write a short story. Each story will have a maximum of 10 writers and a minimum of 2 who can be anonymous or invited friends.

Repo: Creative Collab

Slack: Creative Collab App


  • Questions:
    • Support for Mobile?
    • Support for text based?
    • Support for other platforms? Slack, Discord, ???
    • Serverless or with a backend? Do you want accounts, publishing, etc, or p2p with some kind of WebRTC style networked system?
    • Publishing of final product into different formats? e.g., https://github.com/asciidoctor/asciidoctor.js


5. Seneca Student Personal GitHub Dashboard

New project to create a web-based GitHub Dashboard suitable for Seneca students doing open source. Some ideas:

  • track status of things you've worked on (Issues, Bugs, Projects)
  • track projects you want to try next, showing you possible good bugs you could do

Repository : GitHub-Dashboard

Join our slack group!


  • Lots of GitHub dashboards already exist that might do some of what we want.
  • Even more web dashboard components and projects we could use
  • GitHub API allows for querying data easily


6. NodeChat

Exiting project for a Node.js, React chat app. Needs work to make it standalone and published on npm

Repo: https://github.com/OTRChat/NodeChat

Join the slack group for more information or questions.

Slack: NodeChatApp


  • Topics that could be researched JSON web Tokens, RethinkDB and whats involved to make it available on npm.


7. Unity side-scrolling video game in C#

Existing project, Unity based game engine/side-scroller puzzle game written in C#. Description: This game consists of 5 levels and a main hub. The player progresses through each level and solves puzzles in order to unlock the next level. Each level consists of 2 paths, a shorter path with less puzzles but they are harder in difficulty. And a longer path with more easier puzzles, but takes longer. There is a score system in place that is based off of time and number of puzzles solved. There are 3 difficulty variations to each puzzle. Here are a list of puzzles you'll see: Tangrams, Anagrams, Cryptogram, Image Scramble, Puzzle Template, Simon Says, Wire Connection, Word Passcode.

Lots of Issues currently in repo

Repo: Solitary

Join our Discord Group: Solitary Chat


  • Correct Open Source License
  • Adding code/compiling to work with https://webassembly.org/demo/
  • Legality of using Royalty Free music/sound effects in an open source project


8. Supernova

Existing command-line app in the preliminary stages to aggregate and download information about starred GitHub projects.

Repo: 0xazure/supernova

Languages/Libraries: Rust, Serde, GitHub API



9. Seneca Student Resume/Portfolio Static Site Generator

New project to create a resume/portfolio generator for Seneca students: simple static site generation for students using GitHub and github page(github.io).

Repo: Portfolio generator



10. Youtube Video Resumer - Remember where you left off

A browser extension to remember where you left off on a Youtube video.

Repo: TBD



11. PySearch

Cross platform command-line utility for searching Amazon, Google, StackOverflow etc in your browser

Repo: pySearch


  • How to add command line commands to the Path for Unix or Windows
  • Search strings for popular websites
  • Test frameworks for Python


12. Goblin Camp Stone Soup

This project is a fork of a project called Goblin Camp, a clone of Dwarf Fortress. It is written in C++, and includes its own version of Boost and libtcod along with other dependencies.

Repo: Goblin Camp on Github

Call-to-arm: Small Introduction


We will be focusing on, in this order:

  • bringing the project up-to-speed in terms of its included libraries and dependencies,
  • profiling, testing, and understanding various bottlenecks,
  • and start improving performance while also implementing features from Dwarf Fortress.


13. apollo

A webscraper written in C++ using the cURL library. Scrapes and stores information about upcoming music albums to a local database.

Repo: apollo


Uses cURL for webscraping and PostgreSQL as the db.

Going to be used as the backend for mobile applications but you can fork the repo once it's done for personal use if you'd like :)

More information available in the README in the repo


Other ideas presented

  • (NEW) Open Source Dwarf Fortress clone: ASCII style game
  • (NEW) RSS bot for when wiki's are updated
  • (NEW) YouTube bulk downloader using youtube-dl (provide a list of links to videos to download)
  • (NEW) Social Media Dashboard - see analytics from multiple social media platforms
  • (NEW) Web bot detector/blocker - Info here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3pNLB3Cq24) Interest - 1 add++
  • (EXISTING) Cross platform command-line utility for searching Amazon, Google, StackOverflow etc in your browser
  • (NEW) Test wrapper script for running tests from different frameworks
  • (EXISTING) My Little Pony search GUI for data and analytics of existing, large fan fiction database; built with Java Swing
  • (NEW) Text diff tool for dealing with non line-based changes