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(2. Seneca Blackboard & Student Centre Extensions for Google Chrome)
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* [https://github.com/Peng-Qu Peng Qu]
* [https://github.com/Peng-Qu Peng Qu]
* [https://github.com/susantruong Xuan Dinh Truong]
* [https://github.com/susantruong Xuan Dinh Truong]
* [https://github.com/pynnl Ryan Vu]
== 3. Speech-To-Text for HTML Coding in VSCode ==
== 3. Speech-To-Text for HTML Coding in VSCode ==

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OSD/DPS Fall 2018 Open Source Projects

This a first draft at starting some open source projects in our course. The following are the most requested projects as suggested by your colleagues.

Tips on starting an open source project:

1. DarkChatter decentralized messaging over low-level WiFi

New project to build ad-hoc, mesh-networking style messaging.

Repo: https://github.com/rhayes2/DarkChatter Discord: https://discord.gg/CUsaedN



2. Seneca Blackboard & Student Centre Extensions for Google Chrome

New project to build Google Chrome extensions to fix various Seneca Blackboard & Student Centre websites and their UI/UX issues:

  • Seneca Blackboard (Repo: SenecaBlackboardExtension)
    • Remove useless parts of the website:
      • Seneca News
      • Seneca Spotlight
      • Did You Know?
      • Quickly
      • Useless announcements (Full-Time Student News, Student News)
      • More?
    • Add new features:
      • Organize modules that left after removing useless parts
      • New module dedicated to important dates
      • Announcements should show date, either as year, month, and day, or X days ago
      • Split up announcements and marks notifications in the top right corner on the main page
      • Button to switch to original version of Blackboard
      • Add the email link to the login page
      • Add the MySeneca.Help link to the my.senecacollege.ca sign in page
      • Add Reset/Forgot password on this sign in page
  • Student Centre (Repo: StudentCentreExtension)
    • Add new features:
      • Organize modules
      • Make course selection easier by having something function similar to this example
      • Main display should be changed to full width of the screen



3. Speech-To-Text for HTML Coding in VSCode

New project to build a Visual Studio Extension that allows voice commands for creating HTML documents.

Need to write a VSCode Extension, pick a Speech-To-Text library to integrate, create a "grammar" or "vocabulary" bound to commands for inserting HTML tags.

Repo: https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/62603

Join our Slack Channel: CodeTalker



4. Turn-based creative writing web app

New project to build a turn-based creative writing app, where people can collaborate on writing stories and practice their creative writing skills.

Goal is a real time creative writing collaboration 'game'. Each participant takes a turn to add a limited amount of text (ie: 100 words max) to write a short story. Each story will have a maximum of 10 writers and a minimum of 2 who can be anonymous or invited friends.

Repo: Creative Collab

Slack: Creative Collab App


  • Questions:
    • Support for Mobile?
    • Support for text based?
    • Support for other platforms? Slack, Discord, ???
    • Serverless or with a backend? Do you want accounts, publishing, etc, or p2p with some kind of WebRTC style networked system?
    • Publishing of final product into different formats? e.g., https://github.com/asciidoctor/asciidoctor.js


5. Seneca Student Personal GitHub Dashboard

New project to create a web-based GitHub Dashboard suitable for Seneca students doing open source. Some ideas:

  • track status of things you've worked on (Issues, Bugs, Projects)
  • track projects you want to try next, showing you possible good bugs you could do

Repository : GitHub-Dashboard

Join our slack group!


  • Lots of GitHub dashboards already exist that might do some of what we want.
  • Even more web dashboard components and projects we could use
  • GitHub API allows for querying data easily


6. NodeChat

Exiting project for a Node.js, React chat app. Needs work to make it standalone and published on npm

Repo: https://github.com/OTRChat/NodeChat

Join the slack group for more information or questions.

Slack: NodeChatApp


  • Working to get rights on repo should be soon, in the meantime their is a bunch of issue's up you can look through.
  • Topics that could be researched JSON web Tokens, RethinkDB and whats involved to make it available on npm.


7. Unity side-scrolling video game in C#

Existing project, Unity based game engine/side-scroller puzzle game written in C#. Description: This game consists of 5 levels and a main hub. The player progresses through each level and solves puzzles in order to unlock the next level. Each level consists of 2 paths, a shorter path with less puzzles but they are harder in difficulty. And a longer path with more easier puzzles, but takes longer. There is a score system in place that is based off of time and number of puzzles solved. There are 3 difficulty variations to each puzzle. Here are a list of puzzles you'll see: Tangrams, Anagrams, Cryptogram, Image Scramble, Puzzle Template, Simon Says, Wire Connection, Word Passcode.

Lots of Issues currently in repo

Repo: Solitary

Join our Discord Group: Solitary Chat


  • Correct Open Source License
  • Adding code/compiling to work with https://webassembly.org/demo/
  • Legality of using Royalty Free music/sound effects in an open source project


8. Supernova

Existing command-line app in the preliminary stages to aggregate and download information about starred GitHub projects.

Repo: 0xazure/supernova

Languages/Libraries: Rust, Serde, GitHub API



9. Seneca Student Resume/Portfolio Static Site Generator

New project to create a resume/portfolio generator for Seneca students: simple static site generation for students using GitHub and github page(github.io).

Repo: Portfolio generator



10. Youtube Video Resumer - Remember where you left off

A browser extension to remember where you left off on a Youtube video.

Repo: TBD



11. PySearch

Cross platform command-line utility for searching Amazon, Google, StackOverflow etc in your browser

Repo: pySearch


  • How to add command line commands to the Path for Unix or Windows
  • Search strings for popular websites
  • Test frameworks for Python


Other ideas presented

  • (NEW) Open Source Dwarf Fortress clone: ASCII style game
  • (NEW) RSS bot for when wiki's are updated
  • (NEW) YouTube bulk downloader using youtube-dl (provide a list of links to videos to download)
  • (NEW) Social Media Dashboard - see analytics from multiple social media platforms
  • (NEW) Web bot detector/blocker - Info here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3pNLB3Cq24) Interest - 1 add++
  • (EXISTING) Cross platform command-line utility for searching Amazon, Google, StackOverflow etc in your browser
  • (NEW) Test wrapper script for running tests from different frameworks
  • (EXISTING) My Little Pony search GUI for data and analytics of existing, large fan fiction database; built with Java Swing
  • (NEW) Text diff tool for dealing with non line-based changes