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|'''Week 1:'''<br>Sep 14-18
|'''Week 1:'''<br>Sep 14-18
|'''Create a CentOS Linux VM in VMware:'''
|'''Connecting to Microsoft Azure:'''
*Install CentOS (Full Install) in VMware Workstation application (create customized partitions)
*Accessing the Azure Portal
*Shell Scripting
*Connecting to Your Account
*Obtain System Information
*Setting up 2FA
'''Post-Installation Tasks:'''
'''Using DevTest Labs:'''
*Post-Install Commands
*UI Overview
*Bash Shell Scripting Essentials
*Setting Up Shortcuts
*Using a Bash Shell Script to Create a Post Installation Report
'''Testing With A Web App Instance'''
|'''Lecture Notes:'''
*Welcome to OPS235!: [https://prezi.com/qzh5grocfyib/welcome-to-ops235/ web] [https://ict.senecacollege.ca/~ops235/slides/ops235_w1_l1.pdf pdf]
*Installing Linux: [https://prezi.com/2yqudtkizlmj/installing-linux/ web] [https://ict.senecacollege.ca/~ops235/slides/ops235_w1_l2.pdf pdf]
*Bash Shell Scripting (part 1): [https://prezi.com/bk1pw0n-qjwp/bash-shell-scripting-part-1/ web] [https://ict.senecacollege.ca/~ops235/slides/ops235_w1_l3.pdf pdf]
'''Setup Tutorial:'''
*[[OPS335 Install Flash|Install Flash]] (to view web notes in CentOS 7)
'''Scripting Practice:'''
*[[OPS235_Scripting_Exercises | OPS235 Scripting Exercises]]
|[[OPS705 Lab 1|Lab 1: Connecting to Microsoft Azure]]
|[[OPS705 Lab 1|Lab 1: Connecting to Microsoft Azure]]

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Fall 2020

This schedule is a considered to be a general guideline for week-by-week content. Due dates may vary per instructor.

Week Objectives and Tasks References Labs
Week 1:
Sep 14-18
Connecting to Microsoft Azure:
  • Accessing the Azure Portal
  • Connecting to Your Account
  • Setting up 2FA

Using DevTest Labs:

  • UI Overview
  • Setting Up Shortcuts

Testing With A Web App Instance

Lab 1: Connecting to Microsoft Azure

Week 2:
Sep 21-27
Creating & Using Virtual Machines
  • Installing and Using Virtualization Software
  • Installing Guest VMs
Lecture Notes:
  • Installing Virtual Machines: web pdf
Lab 2: Creating and Connecting to Azure Virtual Machines

Week 3:
Sep 28-Oct 4
Creating & Using Virtual Machines / Continued:
  • Manipulating Virtual Machines
  • Backing-up Virtual Machines
  • Manipulating Virtual Machines with Shell Scripts
Lecture Notes:
  • Managing Virtual Machines: web pdf
  • Bash Shell Scripting (part2): web pdf
Lab 3: Unix/Linux Command-line Basics

Week 4:
Oct 5-11
Troubleshooting, Archiving, Package Management:
  • Common Troubleshooting Examples
  • Archiving Files
  • Package Management
Lecture Notes:
  • Troubleshooting, Archiving, Package Management: web pdf
  • Bash Shell Scripting (part 3): web pdf
Lab 4: Managing Azure VMs with PowerShell

Week 5:
Oct 12-18
Managing Users, Groups & Services:
  • User Management
  • Group Management
  • Service Status
  • Starting / Stopping Services
Lecture Notes:
  • Managing Users, Groups & Services: web pdf
  • Bash Shell Scripting (part 4): web pdf
Lab 5: Installing and Configuring an Apache Web Server

Week 6:
Oct 19-25
  • Labs 1 - 4
  • Assignment 1
  • Written Midterm Test
Lab 6: Installing an IIS Webserver

Study Week:
Oct 26 - Nov 1
Week 7:
Nov 2-14
Monitoring Disk Space, Intro to LVM
  • Monitoring Hard Disk Space
  • LVM - Definition
  • Using LVM
  • Creating Shell Scripts to Flag Low Disk Space
Lecture Notes:
  • Monitoring Disk Space, crontab, awk command: web pdf
Lab 5: Monitoring Disk Space - Investigation 1

Week 8:
Nov 9-15
Using LVM
  • Using Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
  • Creating Shell Scripts to Flag Low Disk Space
Lecture Notes:
  • Introduction to LVM: web pdf
  • Demonstration of Growing /home partition using LVM: YouTube
Lab 5: Using LVM - Investigation 2

Week 9:
Nov 16-22
Configuring a Network Using Virtual Machines
  • Static Network Configuration
  • Network Configuration with a DHCP client
  • Basic TCP/IP network commands: ping, ifconfig, netstat
Lecture Notes:
  • Creating a Virtual Network: web pdf
  • Bash Shell Scripting (part 6): web pdf
Lab 6: Virtual Networks

Week 10:
Nov 23-29
Setup and Configure Secure Shell Services
  • Network Services
  • SSH
Lecture Notes:
  • Securing Network via SSH: web pdf
  • Configuring Firewalls (iptables): web pdf
Lab 7: Setup and Configure SSH

Week 11:
Nov 30-Dec 6
Setting Up, Using & Maintaining a DHCP Server
  • DHCP Server
Lecture Notes:
  • Setting up a DHCP Server: web pdf
Lab 8: Setup and Configure a DHCP Server

Week 12:
Dec 7-13
  • Labs 5 - 8
  • Assignment 2
  • Final Exam