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OPS705 Weekly Schedule

Fall 2020

This schedule is a considered to be a general guideline for week-by-week content. Due dates may vary per instructor.

Week Objectives and Tasks References / Additional Resources Labs
Week 1:
Sep 14-18
Introduction to Microsoft Azure:
  • Accessing the Azure Portal
  • Connecting to Your Account
  • Using DevTest Labs
  • Testing With A Web App Instance
Learn More About: DevTest Labs

In-Depth DevTest Labs Features: DevTest Lab Concepts

Lab 1: Connecting to Microsoft Azure

Week 2:
Sep 21-27
Creating and Using Azure Virtual Machines
  • Creating a Windows Server 2016 VM
  • Creating a CentOS Virtual Machine
  • Remote Connections with RDP
  • Remote Connections with SSH
  • Managing VMs Through Azure's UI
What is a Virtual Machine?

Creating Virtual Machines

Lab 2: Creating and Connecting to Azure Virtual Machines

Week 3:
Sep 28-Oct 4
Unix Command-line Basics
  • File System Navigation
  • Moving and Copying
  • File Permissions
  • Reading Text Files
  • Editing Text Files
Lab 3: Unix/Linux Command-line Basics

Week 4:
Oct 5-11
Managing Azure VMs with PowerShell:
  • Powering on and off a VM
  • Creating a VM
  • Modifying Existing VMs
  • Deleting a VM
  • Scripting VM Creation
Lab 4: Managing Azure VMs with PowerShell

Week 5:
Oct 12-18
Apache Web Server:
  • What is Apache?
  • Installing yum packages (Repositories, Packages, Software)
  • Managing System Services
  • Basic HTML with vim
Lab 5: Installing and Configuring an Apache Web Server

Week 6:
Oct 19-25
Introduction to Networking:
  • Example: Accessing a Webpage
  • Server VS Client
  • IP addresses, Ports, FQDNs
  • Firewalls
  • What is IIS?
Lab 6: Installing an IIS Webserver

Study Week:
Oct 26 - Nov 1
Week 7:
Nov 2-14
Resources, Resource Groups, and Users
  • What is a resource?
  • What is a resource group?
  • What is a security group?
Lab 7: Setting Up a Project Group in Azure

Week 8:
Nov 9-15
Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • What is a container? What is Docker?
  • Containers VS Virtual Machines
  • What is a container image?
Lab 8: Creating a Web App Instance

Week 9:
Nov 16-22
App Persistence
  • What is persistence?
  • Ephemeral Containers w/Persistant Storage
Lab 9: Creating a Web App with Persistent Storage

Week 10:
Nov 23-29
Networking, Part 2:
  • Internal Networks (Container-to-container)
  • INternal Networks VS Exposed Ports
Lab 10: Creating a Blog through Web App Containers

Week 11:
Nov 30-Dec 6
Case Study: Dynamic Webpages Using Containers

Week 12:
Dec 7-13
Dedicated Lab Time and Interactive Help