OPS535 Network Address

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Look for your Name here!
If you couldn't find your name here, please email your professor with the subject line "Request for Network Address Allocation".

Network Address assignment for students taking OPS535 in 2015 Fall Semester. Please assign network address 192.168.[x].0/24 to your private virtual network "opsnet", where [x] is the number in front of your name:

  • 1 Abbasi Babak (baabbasi)
  • 2 Ahmed Zaid (zahmed41)
  • 3 Da Silva Rui (rmdasilva)
  • 4 Evola Daniel (devola)
  • 5 Haque Mohammed (mmhaque4)
  • 6 Kotsovos Steven JosEph (sjkotsovos)
  • 7 Panussyants Ruben (pruben)
  • 8 Sullivan Claire (cdsullivan)
  • 9 Terry John (jterry2)
  • 10 Watt Ian (iwatt)
  • 11 Yip Colin (ckyip)
  • 99 Prof. Raymond Chan

On your host machine, you should also assign a static IP address of 172.16.[x].1 to the alias of the network interface which is connected to the lab network.

Go to here to register your domain name.