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Due Dates

  • This assignment worth 15% of your final grade.
  • See blackboard for the due date.


Basic Services

Setup an Internet email system for your assigned DNS assignment Domain using the Virtual Machines in your assignment Virtual Network. Your Internet email system must provide the following functions:

  • A SMTP email server (running postfix) that is capable of receiving and sending emails for users in your domain.
    • Users in your assignment domain must be able to send emails to users in the same domain and users in your lab domain (in theory, this would include any other domain).
    • Users in your domain must be able to receive emails from other email users (both in your lab domain and from other domains).
  • You email server must be configured to check the SPF (sender policy framework) of other domains for incoming email and reject emails that are violating the sender policy.
  • Configure your pri-dns server to implement and provide the SPF protection for your assignment domain.
  • Configure your pri-dns server to implement and provide the DNSSEC records for your assignment domain.
    • Provide the administrator for your top domain (The one on your host) with a copy of the DS key for your assignment domain. If you have not already done so, include the glue record as well.
    • Configure a DNSSEC Trust Anchor so that your co-nfs server considers your top-domain server (the one with the <yourname>.ops zone) to already be authenticated.

Supporting Services

You need the following services and network infrastructure to support your Internet Email System (some of which should have been configured in assignment 1):

  • Pri-dns must be the primary DNS name server for your assignment domain with the proper MX record(s), SPF record(s), A record(s), and PTR record(s). It must be queriable by any machine.
    • Provide the administrator of the <yourname>.ops domain with glue records for your domain.
  • Co-nfs must be a caching DNS server, accessible to machines in your networks, that will forward traffic to the server for the <yourname>.ops domain (your host), then to your rns-ldap.
  • Rns-ldap must be a forwarding server only.
    • It must only be queriable by your co-nfs.
    • It must have a copy of the root-hints zone.



I will post a script to blackboard that will capture your configuration and logs. You will run this script on your machines and upload the output to blackboard.

If you have any questions or need any clarification, please email your instructor at least one week before the posted due date.