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OPS535 Lab 7


In this lab you will learn to configure mail servers to use extra security to filter unwanted and suspicious email. You will also learn to configure DNS servers to provide extra records to allow mail servers to authenticate incoming mail.


Your network must be part of the class network, with a functioning connection to the outside world. You also need a functioning DNS domain in order for mail to be properly transported between your machines (and ppotentially to other domains). You need a basic knowledge of the SMTP protocol (covered in lab 5) in order to perform most steps in this lab.

Investigation 1:

Investigation 2:

Investigation 3:

Completing the Lab

Your DNS and email servers are now cooperating to filter email and prevent malicious email from being sent to your users. They are also providing information making it difficult for others to impersonate your domain. There are more restrictions that can be used, and situations where your spf records would look different, but this is a good basis for any domain.

Follow the instructions on blackboard to submit the lab.