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OPS535 Lab 6


In this lab you will learn to configure a DNS server to provide responses authenticated with DNSSec, first by querying other servers for their DNSSec records, then by adding DNSSec records to your own zones.


Labs 1 through 4 should be complete so that your machines have functioning network connections between each other, and to the outside world. You also need a functioning DNS domain (configured in lab 4) in order for mail to be properly transported between your machines (and potentially other domains).

Investigation 1: Performing queries using DNSSec

Investigation 2: Configuring DNSSec on a Recursive Server

Investigation 3: Configuring DNSSec on an Authoritative Server

Completing the Lab

Your DNS server is now capable of performing recursive queries using DNSSec when client machines request it. It has also been configured to provide the extra DNSSec records when clients request them. Note that it is not yet truly providing DNSSec answers, as it is not being authenticated through the domain above yours.

Follow the instructions on blackboard to submit the lab.