OPS435 Python Assignment 2

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The Assignment 2 will be the dbda script. Instead of giving multiple choices, we will focus on a specific assignment that is most reasonable. The previous assignment options will be moved to a practice area, where they will be useful for studying and exploring deeper into python.

Assignment 2

Test your Python code and upload your tested python program to Blackboard by the due date(Friday Aug 3)

  • dbda - a python program to report the (n) day before or the (n) day after a given date in the "YYYYMMDD" format. Extra options are added to give more output.

Due Date: Friday Aug 3

Practice and Bonus

  • weekly usage report chart - get the weekly usage data from assignment 1 for a selected user and use the openpyxl module to create a Excel spread sheet with bar chart.
  • report partition information on a block device (both physical and virtual) by reading the partition information directly from the device.

More information to come...