OPS435 Python Assignment 2

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The Sssignment 2 will be the dbda script. Instead of giving multiple choices, we will focus on a specific assignment that is most reasonable. The previous assignment options will be moved to a practice area, where they will be useful for studying and exploring deeper into python.

Assignment 2 =
  • dbda - a python program to report the (n) day before or the (n) day after a given date in the "YYYYMMDD" format

Practice and Bonus

  • weekly usage report chart - get the weekly usage data from assignment 1 for a selected user and use the openpyxl module to create a Excel spread sheet with bar chart.
  • report partition information on a block device (both physical and virtual) by reading the partition information directly from the device.

Test your Python code and upload your tested python program to Blackboard by the due date.