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   <td  width="20%" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Week 13:'''<br>08-12 Jul</td>
   <td  width="20%" style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Week 13:'''<br>08-12 Aug</td>
   <td  style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Review:'''<ul><li>Exam Review</li></ul></td>
   <td  style="border-bottom: thin solid black;">'''Review:'''<ul><li>Exam Review</li></ul></td>
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Winter 2016


  • Peter Callaghan (Sections A, B, and C)

OPS335 Resource Page:

Note: Each OPS335 instructor will indicate the due dates for labs, tests and assignments. This schedule is a considered to be a general guideline for week-by-week content.

Week Objectives and Tasks Reference Labs
Week 1:
09-13 May
(No class Monday May 09th:
Experience Seneca)
Introduction to OPS335:
  • Outline, policies
  • Assignments, labs, evaluation, email
  • Preparation for OPS335 labs
Lecture Notes:Online Reference: Prep for Labs
Week 2:
16-20 May
Basic Networking & Backups:
  • ifconfig & route vs ip; resolv.conf, hostnamectl
  • /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/
  • Network connection troubleshooting
  • SSH & SSH Keys
  • rsync & cron
Lecture Notes:
  • Slides:
    Networking: Web PDF
    Backups & Cron: Web PDF
  • Chapter 14 - TCP/IP Networking
Online Reference:
Lab 1: Network/Backup
Week 3:
23-27 May
(Monday the 23rd is a holiday)
Packet Filtering Using iptables:
  • What is Packet Filtering
  • iptables Basics
    (Tables, Chains, Targets)
  • iptables Commands & Options
  • iptables Command Examples
  • Saving iptables Settings
Lecture Notes:
  • Slides: Web PDF
  • Chapter 22 - Security
Online Reference:
Lab 2a:
Packet Filtering Using iptables
Week 4:
30 May-03 Jun
More practice with iptables
  • Debugging firewall problems:
    • Troubleshooting Procedures
    • Troubleshooting Tools
    • Troubleshooting Exercises
    • The NAT table
Online Reference: Lab 2b:
Additional iptables Troubleshooting
Week 5:
06-10 Jun
Domain Name System (DNS):
  • Address resolution mechanism (zone definitions)
  • DNS server setup
  • Querying Name Servers
  • Reverse DNS lookups
Lecture Notes:
  • Slides:
    DNS Concepts & Setup: Web PDF
    Querying Name Servers: Web PDF
  • Chapter 17 - DNS: The Domain Name System
Online Reference:
Lab 3: DNS
Week 6:
13-17 Jun
More DNS
  • SOA, MX, TXT records
  • Coordinating multiple servers
Lecture Notes:
  • Slides: N/A
Online Reference:
    Week 7:
    20-24 Jun
    Mail Servers - SMTP
    • Mail Server Elements (MSA/MTA, MUA, MDA, MS, AA, SMTP)
    • Install and using mailx application (MUA)
    • Analyze Email Message Headers
    • Setup Postfix Server (no encryption)
    • Sending Email from VM to Seneca College Mail Account
    • Troubleshooting
    Test 1
    Lecture Notes:
    • Slides:
      Mail Server (basic concepts): Web PDF
      Mail Servers: Basic Terms: web PDF
    • Chapter 20 - Electronic Mail
    Online Reference:
    Lab 4a:
    Simple Mail Server Setup
    Study Week:
    27 Jun - 1 Jul
    (No Scheduled Classes)
    Week 8:
    04-08 Jul
    Mail Server Setup - imap
    • Specifying Domains for Received Email
    • Installing & Configuring MDA/LDA
    • Send & Verify Receiving Mail on VMs
    • Troubleshooting
    Lecture Notes:
    • Slides:
      • Chapter 20 - Electronic Mail
    Online Resources:
    Lab 4b:
    Mail Server Setup: LDA
    Week 9:
    11-15 Jul
    Web Server:
    • Apache:
      • LAMP stack installation and configuration
    Lecture Notes:
    Online Resources:
    Lab 5: Web Server
    Week 10:
    18-22 Jul
    File Server:
    • Samba:
      • smbclient, smbmount (mount -t cifs)
      • smb.conf, testparm, smbpasswd, pdbedit
      • getsebool, setsebool
    Lecture Notes:
    • Slides: Web PDF
    • Chapter 30 - Cooperating with Windows
    Online Resources:
    Lab 6: Samba Server
    Week 11:
    25-29 Jul
    Network Information:
    • NIS or LDAP (TBD):
    Lecture Notes:
    • Slides:
    Online Resources:
    Lab 7: TBD
    Week 12:
    01-05 Aug
    (Monday the 1st is a holiday)
    Webmail: Encrypted connections
    • WebMail installation and configuration
    • Setting Up a Self-Serve Certificate
    • Configuring Postfix (VM2) for Encryption (TLS)
    • Setting up Encryption with Thunderbird MUA
    • Setting Up Dovecot MDA/LDA for Encryption (SSL)
    Test 2
    Lecture Notes:
    • Slides: Web PDF
      Encrypting Mail Messages:
      web PDF
    • Chapter 23 - Web Hosting
    Online Resources:
    Lab 8:
    Webmail and encrypted connections.
    Week 13:
    08-12 Aug
    • Exam Review
    Exam Week:
    15-19 Aug

    OPS335 Resources