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(Fall 2019)
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*Bash Shell Scripting (part2): [https://prezi.com/jeanobdj-9bf/bash-shell-scripting-part-2/ web] [https://matrix.senecacollege.ca/~murray.saul/ops235/newer/ops235_w2_l3.pdf pdf]
*Bash Shell Scripting (part2): [https://prezi.com/jeanobdj-9bf/bash-shell-scripting-part-2/ web] [https://matrix.senecacollege.ca/~murray.saul/ops235/newer/ops235_w2_l3.pdf pdf]
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|'''Week 5:'''<br>Sep 30-Oct 6
|'''Troubleshooting, Archiving, Package Management:'''
*Common Troubleshooting Examples
*Archiving Files
*Package Management
|'''Lecture Notes:'''
*Troubleshooting, Archiving, Package Management: [https://prezi.com/wp_9j-z0jgrx/troubleshooting-archiving-package-management/ web] [https://matrix.senecacollege.ca/~murray.saul/ops235/newer/ops235_w3_l1.pdf pdf]
*Bash Shell Scripting (part 3): [https://prezi.com/jlu5pwmr_avn/bash-shell-scripting-part-3/ web] [https://matrix.senecacollege.ca/~murray.saul/ops235/newer/ops235_w3_l2.pdf pdf]
|[[OPS235 Lab 3|Lab 3 - Troubleshooting, Archiving, and Packages]]

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Fall 2019

Note: Each OPS235 instructor will indicate the due dates for labs, tests and assignments.

This schedule is a considered to be a general guideline for week-by-week content.
Week Objectives and Tasks References Labs
Week 1:
Sep 2-8
Create a CentOS Linux VM in VMware:
  • Install CentOS (Full Install) in VMware Workstation application (create customized partitions)
  • Shell Scripting
  • Obtain System Information
Lecture Notes:

Setup Tutorial:

Lab 1 - Installing CentOS 7 with VMWare Workstation

If working from home, use VMware Workstation (Windows/Linux) or VMware Fusion (macOS).

Do not use any other virtualization software!

Week 2:
Sep 9-15
Post Installation Tasks:
  • Post Install Commands
  • Bash Shell Scripting Essentials
  • Using a Bash Shell Script to Create a Post Installation Report
Lecture Notes:
  • Bash Shell Scripting (part 1): web pdf
Week 3:
Sep 16-22
Creating & Using Virtual Machines
  • Installing and Using Virtualization Software
  • Installing Guest VMs
Lecture Notes:
  • Installing Virtual Machines: web pdf
Lab 2 - Installing Nested VMs
Week 4:
Sep 23-29
Creating & Using Virtual Machines / Continued:
  • Manipulating Virtual Machines
  • Backing-up Virtual Machines
  • Manipulating Virtual Machines with Shell Scripts
Lecture Notes:
  • Managing Virtual Machines: web pdf
  • Bash Shell Scripting (part2): web pdf
Week 5:
Sep 30-Oct 6
Troubleshooting, Archiving, Package Management:
  • Common Troubleshooting Examples
  • Archiving Files
  • Package Management
Lecture Notes:
  • Troubleshooting, Archiving, Package Management: web pdf
  • Bash Shell Scripting (part 3): web pdf
Lab 3 - Troubleshooting, Archiving, and Packages