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(Openoffice.org Mac Build)
(Configuring The Source)
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* Put mozilla prebuilt archives to src_root/moz/zipped/
* Put mozilla prebuilt archives to src_root/moz/zipped/
** [http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/moz/seamonkey_Intel/MACOSXGCCIinc.zip MAXOSXGCCIinc.zip]
** [http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/moz/seamonkey_Intel/MACOSXGCCIinc.zip MACOSXGCCIinc.zip]
** [http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/moz/seamonkey_Intel/MACOSXGCCIlib.zip MACOSXGCCIlib.zip]
** [http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/moz/seamonkey_Intel/MACOSXGCCIlib.zip MACOSXGCCIlib.zip]
** [http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/moz/seamonkey_Intel/MACOSXGCCIruntime.zip MAXOSXGCCIruntime.zip]
** [http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/moz/seamonkey_Intel/MACOSXGCCIruntime.zip MACOSXGCCIruntime.zip]
* type "./configure -options..." or create build.sh
* type "./configure -options..." or create build.sh

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Openoffice.org Mac Build

OOo Fedora Build - OOo Windows Build

  • Resources
CDOT Computer Status - Who is working where
Student Name CDOT Computer Name Operation Status
Daeseon Moon (irc:Daeseon) Russia Build Success
Jerry Pau (irc: jPau) Russia Building m40 Building
Fred Wang (irc:WFred) Russia/Spain Build Succeeded - Spain. From Feb 11, 10AM to Feb 11, 1:30PM (ish)
Ryan Wang (irc:rmwang) Russia/EasterIsland/Local Build Success: on EasterIsland
Bartosz Barcicki (irc:BartB) Easter Island
Ladan Zahiroleslam (irc:l_zahir) Canada Aqua Build(OOo M41) Build Success: Started on Feb. 9, 08:57 pm --Finished Feb. 9 23:55 pm
Frankie Law (irc:Mini_Cheong) Spain(Local Account) Building: 2:57am - 6:56am Finish

Getting the Source

OpenOffice Max OS X AquaBuild instructions

Connect to the target system and run the following command on the terminal to download the source code from the OpenOffice SVN.

svn checkout http://svn.services.openoffice.org/ooo/tags/DEV300_m40

Setting C and C++ compilers

  • Bash shell
    • Without ccache
      • export CC=gcc
      • export CXX=g++
    • With ccache
      • export CC="ccache gcc"
      • export CXX="ccache g++"

Configuring The Source

cp moz2seamonkey_connectivity.diff   DEV300_m40
cd DEV300_m40

Fake the patch application :
patch --dry-run -p0 < moz2seamonkey_connectivity.diff

And if nothing wrong occurs, apply it for true :

patch -p0 < moz2seamonkey_connectivity.diff

export BASE=`pwd`
export OOVERSION=`echo $BASE|sed 's/^\/.*\///'`
echo Building from     : $BASE
echo OpenOffice Version: $OOVERSION
./configure \
--with-lang="en-US" \
--disable-odk \
--disable-pasf \
--disable-gtk \
--disable-headless \
--disable-build-mozilla \
--with-build-version=$OOVERSION-`date +%d-%m-%y` \
--disable-fontconfig \
--without-nas \
--with-use-shell=bash \
--with-jdk-home=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home \
--with-stlport=no \
--disable-mediawiki \
--enable-werror \

  • If you create build.sh, then put this file ~/bin and give proper permission
mv build.sh ~/bin
chmod ug+x ~/bin/build.sh
ln -s ~/bin/build.sh your src_root(DEV300_m41)/build.sh
  • execute build.sh

Setting Environment Variables


source MacOSXX86Env.Set.sh
cd instsetoo_native
export TMP=/tmp


build --all -P4