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Team Temporary Name

Group Contact/Team Leader: Hasan
Group Contact #2: Joseph Hughes

Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick Current Task SVN Username
Hughes Joseph jphughes B Cloudscorpion's Blog CloudScorpion IO_Form ops344_093svn112
Johnson Ausley aljohnson1 B My Blog Johnno IO_Edit ops344_093svn113
Kamal-Al-Deen Hasan hkamal-al-deen B The Orbital Station northWind87 LinkedList ops344_093svn111
Sandhu Charanjit cssandhu B Blog Charanjit IO_Label ops344_093svn114

Task schedule

Task Name Assigned to Due date Completed
IO_Field JP Hughes - Done
IO_Form JP Hughes Thursday, 12th November Done
ULinkedList Hash Kamal-al-deen Wednesday, 11th November Done
IO_Frame Ausley Johnson - Done
IO_Edit Ausley Johnson Sunday, 15th November Done
IO_Vedit Ausley Johnson Sunday, 15th November Done
IO_Label CJ Sandhu Thursday, 12th November Done
IO_CheckList CJ Sandhu Sunday, 20th November Done
IO_Menu Hash Kamal-al-deen Tuesday, 17th November Done
IO_Menumgr Hash Kamal-Al-Deen - Done
IO_Settings Hash Kamal-Al-Deen - Done
CIOL Frame Buffer Extension Hash Kamal-Al-Deen - Done
Linux Port Hash Kamal-Al-Deen - Done
IO_Button Hash Kamal-Al-Deen - Done
IO_ButtonGrp Hash Kamal-Al-Deen - IN PROGRESS
IO_DirBrowser Hash Kamal-Al-Deen - IN PROGRESS
IO_TextEditor JP Hughes - DONE
Word Wrapper JP Hughes - DONE
IO_Filemgr Ausley Johnson - IN PROGRESS
IO_Controller JP Hughes - IN PROGRESS
IO_EditorForm  ? - PLANNED
IO_MsgBox  ? - PLANNED
IO_PrefForm  ? - PLANNED
Highlight Functionality  ? - PLANNED
Copy/Paste  ? - PLANNED
Search/Replace  ? - PLANNED

Coding Standards

Coding standards now have their own page here!


December 21, 2009 : Meeting Results and The Way Forward

We had another meeting last Thursday and even though we didn't have CJ with us, it was still effective. For now, the way forward seems relatively clear. Out of the meeting, we've decided on the following project requirements:

  1. An IO_Control class will be implemented that will handle the normal operations of the text editor. This class will hold the one true instance of the IO_Menumgr class and will be responsible for interfacing with the menu. The IO_Form class will be modified to hold an IO_Control pointer to its IO_Control owner.
  2. An IO_Settings class will be implemented (already complete) that will save, load, and give access to all subsequent project settings such as word wrapping. The classes IO_Field and IO_Control will each hold a pointer an IO_Settings instance. IO_Form will be responsible for passing the IO_Settings object to newly created IO_Fields from its IO_Control owner.
  3. IO_Filemgr will be further developed by Ausley. It will be able to open file records and control their read and write operations.
  4. Some extension classes will be developed. These classes will be derived from the other generic control classes (eg IO_Form, IO_Menu, etc...) and will be specific configurations of those classes. For example, a derivation of IO_Form will be preferences window known as IO_PrefForm. Currently, the list of extension classes slated for creation is as follows:
    • IO_EditorForm (IO_Form -> IO_EditorForm)
    • IO_PrefForm (IO_Form -> IO_PrefForm)
    • IO_MsgBox (IO_Form -> IO_MsgBox)
    • IO_BtnGrp (IO_Menu -> IO_BtnGrp)

So there we go, hopefully we can whip this stuff out in short order.


December 07, 2009 : The Deadline Approaches and The Rise of The New World Order

Been a while since our last announcement but here we go, a few things to go over: Firstly, I'd like to say on behalf of everyone - Congratulations!

As of now, nearly all required functionality has been implemented. Everything from Frame to Textedit is now working (with Textedit nearly working, much thanks to JP for all his hard work on that and the Form). I personally feel that this is a great accomplishment considering that we are planning to move forward ahead of what is actually required and into foreign territory.

With this come a few issues: As we move into uncharted waters, the effects of feature creep will become more and more apparent; I've personally felt them in much of my own work. Consider the fact that my ULL is ~600 lines of code and the menu manager is going to hit something around 400 or 500; even IO_Menu is gargantuan at 300 lines where Fardad's menu is only something like 180 lines. This will put our total project at somewhere near the 3000+ line mark when it's finished while Fardad in the beginning of the semester planned for the entire culmination of the project to be somewhere around 1600 lines of code. I don't know how this will affect everyone but with exams creeping right around the corner, I feel that this might be a good time to take a bit of a rest from this assignment and perhaps take a look back at what we have and what we want.

Preliminarily, I've added some of the features that we would like to have in this editor by January; they are all up for discussion as we must now re-assign duties once again. I'm hoping that we can minimally have save and load finished as they are fairly simple but I mean who knows. Anyhow, I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday, we have some discussing to do.


November 04, 2009 : Stefan Butnaru is Officially Out

Hello, this announcement is to simply inform all that Stefan Butnaru has officially left the group as he plans to drop the OOP344 course in favor of the COBOL courses. I have already removed his name from the group pages, and his task has now been released and can be picked up by anyone who wants it once their current task is completed.


October 31, 2009 : Meeting Tuesday and Wednesday

Hey guys, our next group meeting will be in the school on Tuesday after class; for details, please see the Meetings section. As well, we have an IRC meeting with Fardad on Wednesday at 5pm.

In the time being, please start working on your assigned sections. Consider the part of A2 that is currently available online to be final; it will not need to be revised so please work with the outline currently available. Let's get some work done by Tuesday guys because we don't have too long to finish this thing and ideally I'd like this beginning section to be finished by Friday of this coming week.

As usual, if there are any discrepancies or if anyone needs some help or if you want to help others then please let me know.

See you soon!


October 30, 2009 : Upcoming Meeting & possible new meetings

Ok guys, we have another IRC meeting at 7:00 PM on Friday October 30 (today). Fardad wants the wiki updated and blogs about the previous meeting up before the meeting at 7:00 PM. He likely wants us all to have assigned tasks by the meeting as well, which northWind and myself have already decided on, and is likely already posted or will be posted shortly after this is posted.

I also think it would be a great idea to have some more independant group meetings, preferably one next week. I was not present for the last meeting, and there are some things I'd like to go over with the group, ideas and plans for the upcoming project. A meeting time we can all agree on would be prefereable, but it is not critical that all members be present.

I have continued attempting to contact Stefan Butnaru but to no avail. We will have to wait and see.


October 27, 2009 : Coding Standards added, meeting with Fardad at 5 pm Wednesday

OK! It was a long write but I've added all the necessary and agreed upon coding standards. As of now they are up here as a reference for everyone. Hopefully we can stick to the guidelines, gentlemen? As usual, if there are any disagreements or discrepancies on anything please feel free to consult me and/or the group in it's entirety.

I will be emailing you guys about this change very soon.

As well, we have an IRC meeting with Fardad at 5 pm tomorrow (Wednesday) in irc://irc.freenode.net/#seneca. Please be on IRC slightly in advance of 5 pm. -northWind87

October 25, 2009 : IRC meetings

As I've emailed you all, Fardad wants two IRC meetings with us during the study week so please indicate your availability (all of it, all times that you are available) during the study week here.

Aside from that, you may also notice the "meetings" section. This will be updated as we need to meet again. Hope to hear from you all soon. -northWind87


Tuesday November 3

Second meeting. We will meet Tuesday after OOP344 class as I've confirmed this date with everyone.


  • Discuss the final state of A2.
  • Decide on any additional features that we may want.
  • Design the final/altered form of our group's A2.
  • Plot project time-line up until November 29 which is when A2 is due.

That's about it, see you then!

Tuesday October 27

Alright guys, first meeting ever. The tentative meeting time is so far somewhere in between the afternoon (ie 1 pm) and the evening (ie 5:30 pm) so your input would be highly appreciated.
Update: Seems like everyone is OK with Tuesday at 5:30 so that is when we will meet; please go to the TEL building first floor, we will meet there. Feel free to call me at 4169097925. We will also be deciding on when to speak with Fardad during the week, come ready to choose SOMETHING .


  • Design the general structure of the text editor and come to grips with what the assignment entails.
  • Discuss SVN use.
  • Declare all coding standards that we will need to follow so that our code doesn't look funny when it's put together :)
  • Assign sections and week by week requirements.
  • Decide on meeting times with Fardad.

Recommended Reading:

  • SVN manual (cuz it's just so pretty!)
  • Most of Assignment Two (I HIGHLY recommend doing this one)

That's all folks, please set this page and the OOP344_Assignment_Two page to be watched by wiki for you so that you're alerted of any changes. Please email me your input on the meeting time or anything else really.

As well, we're gonna have to speak to Fardad on IRC at some point although he hasn't been on IRC and hasn't emailed me about it yet so I'll let you all know once I know more. -northWind87


northWind87: Added discussion section and our first comment.