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<font size=4>Secondary Contact</font><br/>
<font size=4>Secondary Contact</font><br/>
Sasha Atijas<br/>
Sasha Atijas<br/>
== Things to do =='''

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Team ++ Members

SVN: ops344_093a09

Group Leader
Ryan Alexander
Secondary Contact
Sasha Atijas
Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick Repository Username Current Task
Alexander Ryan rjalexander B Blog tdot ops344_093svn93
Atijas Sasha satijas A Blog Sash0400 ops344_093svn92 IO_Checklist
Catibog Timothy tjcatibog C Blog tjcatibog ops344_093svn96  ?
Chau Sunny schau5 C Blog ScsC ops344_093svn95  ?
Papagiannidis Denny dpapagia A Denny's Blog dennyp ops344_093svn91 IO_Frame/IO_Edit
Tessema Iyosias istessema B Blog iyosias ops344_093svn94 IO_Vedit
~ ~ e-mail all @ once ~ ~ ~ ~