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(IRC Meetings)
(IRC Meetings)
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== IRC Meetings==
'''Nov 11 2pm'''
<fardad>    first start with frame and io_field and label... and get it done with...then io_form and from there it is down hill....
<fardad>    so send them and email and get them off the team so you know what you are dealing with...
start the class skeleton and finish it in half a day, you must do that asap then devide the work between frame, feild label and
add few labels to a form and test...
then io edit and merge my IO_checklist and IO_menu the io_vedit ant io_textedit and finaly the project...
you are foure poeple now...
so start with the four base classes and test a form filled with labels only remember that, the load of work between the four classes
out of 10 are:
field: 1.5, frame 1.5, label 3, form 4
ask for my help at anytime so I can lead you toward the right direction...
<[Carl89]>    informative
<fardad>    create branches if you like me to access your code and work with it and later merge it back to trunk any questions?
<YupYipYo>    no
<oyoung4>    nope
<[Carl89]>    nah, we should claim base classes now, the skeleton is already up there
== Useful Info==
== Useful Info==

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Team Hasselhoff


As you can see we've been given our svn usernames for the repository. I have the master sheet of all the passwords so please E-Mail me mddaniels@learn.senecac.on.ca. Just give me what username you are and I will send you the password for the account.

Sorry if this is confusing but since we are in three seperate classes this is the best option that I could come up with. ~ Matthew Daniels

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