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| Brandon || IO_CheckList, IO_TextEdit
| Brandon || IO_CheckList, IO_TextEdit
| Carl || ?
| Carl || IO_TextEdit

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Hey guys :)

As most of us frantically finish our input/output libraries by the deadline it would be good if we could begin thinking about what kind of features and or approaches we should take towards our group assignment.


SVN: ops344_093a05


Names Class Assigned
Anastasia IO_Frame, IO_Edit, IO_Menu
Sergiu IO_Form, IO_Label
Diana IO_Field and IO_Vedit
Brandon IO_CheckList, IO_TextEdit
Carl IO_TextEdit

Team Members

Last Name Name Section Email IRC Nickname SVN
Ecob Sergiu A saecob@learn.senecac.on.ca sergiu_ecob 54
Ferrara Brandon C bferrara@learn.senecac.on.ca - -
Semionova Anastasia A asemionova1@learn.senecac.on.ca Anastas1a 51
Cucereavii Diana A dcucereavii@learn.senecac.on.ca DianaC 52
Desautels Carl A cwdesautels@learn.senecac.on.ca [Carl89] 59

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Our Plan

  • Divide classes between team members
  • Upload ciol.h and ciol.cpp to our repository
  • Add empty header and code files for all classes
  • Code classes (commit to repository only if it compiles)
  • Create main and test
  • Revision 53 - Program compiles with the required classes
  • Milestone 2 (Nov 30, 2009) - Complete FORM, LABEL so that the program displays properly with no errors.
  • Milestone 3 (Dec 4, 2009) - Have input working properly on the main movie edit page (maybe modify it for us).
  • Milestone 4 (Dec 7, 2009) - Make sure menus work properly and begin working on the save/retrieve/search records.
  • Milestone 5 (Dec 11, 2009) - Try and complete the final program and begin serious error checking.
  • Milestone 6 (Dec 18, 2009) - Profit :)

I hope we could stick to the plan :)

Our Work

  • Nov 05

Added io_field.h, io_field.cpp, io_checklist.h and io_checklist.cpp

  • Nov 08

Updated IO_Field

  • Nov 23

IO_Vedit added - still in progress.

  • Nov 27

We already have uploaded all classes...Some of them are still empty After adding IO_Menu and IO_CheckList I noticed that they both have two functions not specified: getOwnerTop() and getOwnerLeft(). For now I just added this functions to both classes so it compiles. I made necessary changes to some classes(please guys check if it compiles before commit..) Now we need to create our main to check our work and we need to do it by Sunday...

  • Nov 28

Updated a bunch of files(mostly includes) in order to compile the program using Fardad's main sample. The program compiles but does not do anything. We still have some classes empty. Working on IO_Label and IO_Form to get the linked list implemented to keep track of the fields.

  • Dec 1

Fardad helped to fix IO_Menu and IO_Checklist. Need to work on our IO_Form

  • Dec 2

Sergiu and me are working on IO_Form...hope we can make it work before SYS

  • Dec 3

YEY..our program is not crashing anymore now we can finish our IO_Form, thank you Fardad :)

  • Dec 4

New member joined our group his name is Carlin.
Sergiu fixed our IO_Form::add() functions and now our program displays staff. Sergiu and I(a.k.a.Anastasia :) ) are working on it, some errors are fixed, but we need to work on it more, hope we can fix all our bugs by today's meeting

  • Dec 8

Carl: I put my old project in branch if you want to check it out