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The Name

BITE was the name we took on as an acronym of Basic Interactive Text Editor. It is also a homonym of byte, being the primary memory unit as well as containing bit, the basic memory unit.

Team Members

IsLeader() Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick Current Task
1 Robertson Justin jrobertson4 C Justin's Blog Corazu -
2 Hackwood Tyler tjhackwood C Blog Auzix -

0 DeCairos Chris cadecairos C http://939distrikt.blogspot.com ninethreenine -
0 Dell Eric eadell C Blog docsage -
0 Smith Brandon bsmith19 C Blog TNinjas -

Team Meetings

Day Time
Tuesday 12pm
Tuesday 12:01pm

Issue Tracking RSS

We use FogBugz for issue-tracking. To view the full list and submit issues, please go here and login with the user bite-guest@savantosis.com and password "oop344guest"

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