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(Current Tasks)
(Current Tasks)
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| IO_Label || Dong  || Nov 25 || Done
| IO_Label || Dong  || Nov 25 || Done
| IO_Vedit || Ren || Nov 25 || Done
| IO_Vedit || Keyan || Nov 25 || Done
| IO_CheckList || Fardad || - || Done
| IO_CheckList || Fardad || - || Done

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Team Members

SVN repo: ops344_093a07
Position Last Name Name Section Email Blog SVN ID IRC Nick
Leader Shi [Lucy] Xiaozhe A xshi18@learn.senecac.on.ca Blog ops344_093svn77 Lucy_
- An Suwon C san@learn.senecac.on.ca Blog ops344_093svn71 mercedes13
- Ren Keyan C kren1@learn.senecac.on.ca Blog ops344_093svn72 rocky413
- Sun Dong C dsun17@learn.senecac.on.ca Blog ops344_093svn73 frank123
- Xiong Feihong B fxiong1@learn.senecac.on.ca Blog ops344_093svn76 fxiong1
- Zhu Zhaolong A zlzhu@learn.senecac.on.ca Blog ops344_093svn78 zlzhu
- - - - e-mail all members - - -

Current Tasks

Task Name Who's Contributing Due date Completed
IO_Field Xiaozhe Nov 25 Done
IO_Form Zhaolong Nov 25 -
IO_Frame Dong Nov 25 Done
IO_Edit Dong Nov 25 Done
IO_Node Dong Nov 25 Done
IO_Label Dong Nov 25 Done
IO_Vedit Keyan Nov 25 Done
IO_CheckList Fardad - Done
IO_Menu Fardad - Done
IO_TextEditor Feihong Nov 25 -
Main Suwon Nov 25 -

Meeting Minutes

1. Date: Oct. 23, 2009 Time: 9 to 10 pm Present: Keyan, [Frank]Dong, ChunXia, Feihong, David, [Lucy]Xiaozhe

Actions: 1. Every member will take a ownership of different classes in assignment 2

David IO_edit; Keyan IO_checklist; [Frank]Dong IO_label; Feihong IO_menu; Chunxia IO_ frame; An IO_Radio; Zhaolong IO_Form; [Lucy]Xiaozhe IO_field.

There are two classes left IO_MenuBar and IO_TextEdit. Frank, the strongest technical person in our group, is volunteered both of them. We all believe that those exercises can help Frank promote his mark from A+ to A++.

2. Next two meetings will be held at the same place on Tuesday (Oct. 27) 9:00pm and Friday (Oct. 30) 9:00pm. We need more discussing about assignment 2. Please prepare your questions and proposals (solutions) in advance.

3. Team name will be changed to BINGO. Feihong will be responsible for updating the group web pages accordingly.

2. Date: Oct. 27, 2009 Time: 9 to 10 pm Present: Fardad, Keyan, [Frank]Dong, ChunXia, Feihong, David, [Lucy]Xiaozhe

Prof. Fardad was a chair and organized the meeting.

What we have done during the meeting?

1. Frank was chosen to be the organizer for our group, to be able to initiate the project source. He added his ciol.h and ciol.c to the PRJ directory.

2. A general headerfile io_def.h was created and added to the PRJ dir.

3. A prjmain.cpp file was created. There were one int main() funciton and 8 "sub-main" functions. Everyone can share and at the same time run his or her own test.

What we need to do next?

1. We can modify our own main and start developing.

2. For each class in the project we should create a headerfile and a cpp file with the same name of the class. ie: io_label.h and io_label.cpp.

3. Each of us MUST add a txt file with Seneca id to the docs directory.

4. Whenever we are committing something make sure at top of the file we add what we have done.


3. Nov 6, 2009 Time: 9 to 10 pm Present: Keyan, [Frank]Dong, Feihong, Zhaolong, Lucy]Xiaozhe

Discuss assignment2.

4. Nov 13, 2009 Time: 9 to 10 pm Present: Keyan, [Frank]Dong, Feihong, Zhaolong, Lucy]Xiaozhe

IO_checklist and menu were given form class. Feihong is working on texteditor instead of checklist. Ren is working on vedit instead of menu. Zhaolong is working on form.