OOP344 Assignment Two

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File Names

Save your work in separate files for each class. Name the files to the same name as the classes. Each class should have a header file and a code file.

For example for the class IOField, create iofield.h and iofield.cpp. The header file should hold the class declaration and any other possible declaration related to the class. the "cpp" file should hold the definition (implementation) of the class and its methods and possible functions.

Create a Make file to build your project with respect to dependencies of classes.

How to reuse your C code in C++ programs

Include your already existing C code into your C++ code as follows:

extern "C"{
#include "cio.h"

This tells to C++ compiler, the included header file contains C functions and should be complied and called as such. Remember, you do not need and should not rename your ciol.c to ciol.cpp, since the compiler is already aware of the C functions in ciol.c.

Team Project Wiki Pages

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Mandatory Classes

As the first part of your project this semester, you are to create few classes to encapsulate OOP344 Assignment One









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