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Contact: Michael Dawson

2nd Contact: Corey Angus


Team Members

28-10-2009: IRC Meeting:
  • The main points from our meeting are, get your assigned class started (just the basic comments and such).
  • And make sure you've got SVN up and running, and you can get to our repository.
Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick Current Task
Dawson Michael mgdawson C Cobra Press MajorBludd IO_MENU
Sone Adam alsone A Adam's Blog alsone IO_FIELD
Angus Corey caangus C Corey's Blog corey IO_FRAME
Mok Geoffrey gmok B Blog gmok IO_MenuBar
Pereira Christopher capereir A Chris' Blog Cribby IO_LABEL
Chen David jchen171 B David' Blog Qinzhi IO_Radio
Cheung Jonathan jcheung23 C Jon' Blog JonHC IO_FORM
Mirza Umar umirza B Blog umirza85 IO_CheckList