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1.0 Project Overview

1.1 Project Description

The purpose of this project is to build a working command line text editor. It will be built from the ground up with an open source mentality using C/C++. We will be using an SVN repository in order to keep all of our files updated and organized, and to keep overwriting errors to a minimum. Our wiki page will also spell out our direction and any other information needed.

1.2 Class Overview

    This is incomplete!

2.0 Participants

2.1 Group Contacts

Chi-Lea Tran

Email: ctran13@learn.senecac.on.ca

2.2 Group Members

Yong Hong

IRC Username: Yong_Clicker

Section: B

Blog: http://xderick.blogspot.com/

Email: rod1205@hotmail.com

Chi-Lea Tran

IRC Username: ctran13

Section: C

Blog: http://ctran13.blogspot.com/

Email: ctran13@learn.senecac.on.ca

Victor Tran

IRC Username: victran

Section: C

Blog: http://victran.blogspot.com/

Email: victor.vy.tran@gmail.com

Cong Wang

IRC Username: cwang84

Section: B

Blog: http://wangcong422.blogspot.com/

Email: cwang84@learn.senecac.on.ca

Yong Xue

IRC Username: yxue11

Section: C

Blog: http://opp344-yxue.blogspot.com/

Email: yxue11@learn.senecac.on.ca

2.3 Current responsiblities

Yong Hong

IO_Form, IO_Frame, IO_Field

Chi-Lea Tran


Victor Tran


Cong Wang


Yong Xue

IO_Edit, IO_Vedit

3.0 SVN

3.1 Repository


3.2 Logins

Yong Hong: ops344_093svn65

Chi-Lea Tran: ops344_093svn61

Victor Tran: ops344_093svn63

Cong Wang: ops344_093svn68

Yong Xue: ops344_093svn67

4.0 Conventions and Styles

4.1 File headings

Each file with the extension of *.cpp, *.c, and *.h must include a comment heading stating the file name, author (and username), date created, last modified date, and description of what the file does. The description should be clear and concise. This must be enclosed using /* and */. For example:

 * File Name: example.cpp
 * Author: Victor Tran (victran)
 * Create Date: 27-Oct-09
 * Last Modified Date: 11-Nov-09
 * Description: blah blah blah

4.2 Function Comments

Each function should include a comment above the function similar to the file heading (4.1), except only including the function name and a description of what the function does. For example:

 * Function Name: FunctionName
 * Description: Blah blah blah.
int FunctionName()



4.3 Inline Comments

Inline comments should be used to clarify what exactly something is doing, or to leave a note for yourself or others regarding the code in that general area. Please use inline comments wherever the code might be confusing for others to understand.

4.4 Indent level

All documents must have indentation when writing code in a code block. The indent level in any case will consist of two spaces. There will be no tab use. For example:

int someFunction


  more code;


4.5 Curly Bracket Use

Use of { } in a code block, such as in an if statement, a for loop, should start on a new line, with the { } lined up with the first character of the line above it. If the code block only has one coded line for the result, please use the curly brackets anyways for readability’s sake. For example:

if ( mapleLeafs == lose)



4.6 Variable Naming Conventions

Variables should follow regular programming conventions ( must start with lowercase letter, no symbols…). Variables should be descriptive for better understanding of it’s For example:

int someVar;

If the variable is a private or protected variable, use an _ before the variable name to differentiate from a public variable. For example:

int _someVar;

4.7 Function Naming Conventions

Function names should start with a lower letter. For example:

int someFunction()

5.0 IRC Chatlogs

5.1 Channel ##ASOS

October 27 - http://matrix.senecac.on.ca/~ctran13/logfile/Oct-27.log November 11 - http://matrix.senecac.on.ca/~ctran13/logfile/Nov-11.log

  • incomplete

5.2 Channel #OOP344

November 11 - http://matrix.senecac.on.ca/~ctran13/logfile/seneca-oop344.log