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CDroid ++ (Team 9)


Github Repo: CDroid (https://github.com/Seneca-OOP344/9-CDroid)

Useful Links

Guidelines For Coding (Must Follow)

1. Use 2 space indentations on anything you code

2. Use 1TBS(One True Brace Style) layout for braces around your code

3. Use general comments throughout your code

4. Use line spacing for the ease of reading

Example for above points

 int main(){
   //Variable defination and initialization
   int a = 10;
   int b = 20;
   bool check;   
   //checks if a is greater than b and vice versa
   if(a > b){
     check = true;
     check = false;
   //returns the value of check
   return check;
 }//End Of Code

Team Members

Email to all members

First Name Last Name Section Seneca ID Wiki ID IRC nick Github ID Blog URL
Omkar Parmar A onparmar onparmar onparmar onparmar C++ OOP Programming
Mohammed Al Zubair A malzubair Mohammed Al Zubair moalzubair malzubair Mohammed's Blog
Mohammad-Reza Akbari B makbari11 Mohammad-Reza Akbari reza-oop344 reza-oop344 Mohammad-Reza's Blog
Christopher Ho A csho3 Christopher Ho csho3 Chhoris Chris's blog

0.2 Milestone ((Due Thur Feb 14th, 23:59) )

Issue 1: Add console class to project and test with cio_test

  • Assigned to: Mohammad-Reza
  • Code reviewed by: '
  • Status: Pending
  • Comments:

Issue 2: Create Mock-up classes

Create the class files (header and cpp) with blank methods and make sure they compile

Issue 2.1: CLabel Mock-up Class

  • Assigned to: Mohammed Al Zubair
  • Code reviewed by: Christopher Ho
  • Status: Merged
  • Comments:

Issue 2.2: CDialog Mock-up Class

  • Assigned to: Christopher Ho
  • Code reviewed by: '
  • Status: Pending
  • Comments:

Issue 2.3: CLineEdit Mock-up Class

  • Assigned to: Mohammad-Reza
  • Code reviewed by: '
  • Status: Pending
  • Comments:

Issue 2.4: CButton Mock-up Class

  • Assigned to: Omkar Parmar
  • Code reviewed by: '
  • Status: Pending
  • Comments: