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iCODE Team Page
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number of team members: 4

OOP344 - iCODE Team Member list (Winter of 2013)
First Name Last Name Team Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick GITHUB ID Blog URL Area
Haiyu Qiao iCODE B hqiao3 Haiyu Qiao CallaQ haiyuqiao C++ Island CButton
Chun Chen iCODE B cchen116 Chun Chen Garycc Garycc GaryC's blog ClineEdit
Yue Heng(Brian) Wong iCODE B yhwong6 Yue Heng Wong byhwong yhwong Brian's blog CLabel
Jie Ming(Jay) Feng iCODE B jmfeng1 Jie Ming Feng jayfeng jayfeng Blue Jay C++ CDialog

Project Style

  • Indentations are to be in spaces of 4
  • Blocks are to be coded as follows:
    • the beginning bracket must go with the statement
    • the ending bracket is standalone
  • Variables and class names are to be in camel case. Variable names should beign with a lowercase letter and class names should begin with an uppercase letter.
  • Comments must have the following and in the listed order:
    • description of program
    • file name
    • author
    • date
    • release number

Example for code blocks style:



  • Milestone 0.2 completed
  • Milestone 0.3
    • Feb 22, 2013 - CLabel completed, waiting for test class