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OOP344 - Winter of 2013 student list
First Name Last Name Team Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick GITHUB ID Blog URL
Bo Li Nevi B bli64 Bo Li Kelan Nelain Meta-OOP344
Ran Li Nevi B rli64 Ran Li ranli RanLii 22yue6
Zhenyang Chen Nevi B zchen91 Zhenyang Chen crans crans Leash
Matthew Torrance Nevi A mstorrance Matthew Scott Torrance mstorrance MatthewTorrance Matthew's C++ Blog


Programming Styles

  • Indentation
  2 spaces for each level
  • Blocks
  • Variable Naming
  _nameOfVar for data members
   nameOfVar for local variables
  no special characters in variable (e.g. '_')
  single characters variable names (e.g. 'i', 'j', 'k') for loops only
  • Misc

  use the string functions in bconsole instead of <string.h>
  cast everything to the function parameter type
       For example: 
             Function header:   char* strcpy(void* des, const void* src);
             Function call:   strcpy(_data, (const void*) Str);


0.2 Milestone

Issue 2.2 - CLabel Mock-up

Assigned to: Bo Li

Issue 2.3 - CDialog Mock-up

Assigned to: Bo Li

Issue 2.4 - CLineEdit Mock-up

Assigned to: Ran Li

Issue 2.5 - CButton Mock-up

Assigned to: Zhenyang Chen

0.3 Milestone (Due Wed March 6th, 2013 23:59)

Issue 3.2 - CLabel Implementation

Assigned to: Bo Li

Issue 3.3 - CDialog Implementation

Assigned to:

Issue 3.4 - CLineEdit Implementation

Assigned to: Ran Li

Issue 3.5 - CButton Implementation

Assigned to: Zhenyang Chen