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First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick GITHUB ID Blog URL
Jungmin Ji A jjungmin Ji Jungmin MistySnake jijungmin90 Hit!
Hanho Ko A hko5 Hko5 hko5 mynameishano I LOVE C & C++
Sivathanushan Easwaran A seaswaran Sivathanushan Easwaran LineCircle sivae OOP344class

Milestone 0.2

CLabel Mock-up Class (issue 2.2)

Developer: Hanho Ko


CDialog Mock-up Class (issue 2.3)

Developer: Hanho Ko


CLineEdit Mock-up Class (issue 2.4)

Developer: Sivathanushan Easwaran


CButton Mock-up Class (issue 2.5)

Developer: Ji Jungmin


Milestone 0.5


Developer: Hanho Ko



Developer: Sivathanushan Easwaran





Git Repository: 10-Microhd



For CCheckMark, can anyone tell me how to,

  • 'directly initialize _Label with Text, 0, 4, and (Width-4) for Str, Row, Col and Len, arguments of CLabel's Constructor' in function CCheckMark(bool Checked,const char* Format, const char* Text, int Row, int Col, int Width, bool IsRadio = false)
  • 'directly initialize the _Label with the _Label of C' in function CCheckMark(const CCheckMark& C)

I tried the following

  • CLabel _Label (Text, 0, 4, (Width-4));
  • CLabel _Label(C._Label);

But I think I did something wrong, because I get the following error in both functions

Error: no default constructor exists for class "cio::CLabel"

Edit: If you need to view my full code, you can see it in my branch CCheckMark

Edit2: I think I fixed the error. It would still be great if someone could check it.

Reply by Hanho Ko:

  • I've seen your code, and I think everything is good. It's compiled without any errors but 1 warning. I think we don't have to care about this warning...
  • and I fixed 2 lines. I push it to your branch, you can check differences.