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OOP344geeks (Team 6)

Team Member's Information

Email to all members

First Name Last Name Section Seneca ID Wiki ID IRC nick Github ID Blog URL Area Status
Pankaj Sama B psama Pankaj Sama pankaj pankajsama01 Pankaj's Blog CButton Available
Vivek Patel B vrpatel13 Vivek Patel vivek vivek5255 Vivek's Blog CDialog Available
Divya Sharma B dsharma37 Divya Sharma Divya divya5 Divya's Blog CLabel Available
Koghulan Namasivayam B knamasivayam1 Koghulan Namasivayam koghulan_ kogu Koghulan's blog CLineEdit Dropped

Programming Style

A. Indentation

  • Using the 4 spaces(TAB) and inserting spaces

B. Blocks

int main()
    int name;
    int first;
    if (name == first)
        cout << "name matches" << endl;

C. Variable Naming

  • Variable name start with: First letter uppercase and rest are lowercase
  • For Example:
  int Age;
  int Sex;

Fardad's Rule

 int a; // good
 int b; // good
 int a, b. c; //bad
    a; // bad
 Single line blocks must be surrounded by { and }
  do this:
 } // good
 if(whatever) do this; //bad
  do this; // bad

Team Discussion

Update cuigh.h and frame.h Pankaj Sama
Please Note: Koghulan Namasivayam Dropped the course and at present we are three members in group.

Hey guys,

            The milestone on which we are working currently is actually 0.5 milestone not 0.4. So, If you want to create any branch that must be 5.0, 5.1....5.n_branchname.

Enjoy your weekend but keep working on OOP344 stuff. :)

  • Hi friends

I hope you guys are doing well in your courses. I want to share something about working schedule.Exams are about to come so we have to done all of the work this or mid of next week. So Please make your schedule so we can rap up our tasks.[Pankaj Sama]

Issues and Working Tasks

  • Issue 3.5_CButton_Implementation is [DONE]
  • Issue 5.1.1_CValEdit_MockUp is assigned to Divya Sharma [DONE]
  • Issue 5.1.2_CCheckMark_MockUp is assigned to Pankaj Sama [DONE]
  • Issue 5.1.3_CMenuItem_MockUp is assigned to Pankaj Sama [DONE]
  • Issue 5.1.4_CText_MockUp is assigned to Vivel Patel [DONE]
  • Issue 5.1.5_CCheckList_MockUp is assigned to Vivek Patel [DONE]

Help Needed

Team's Meetings

  • Team Meeting on 04/Mar/2013 at 4:00PM in the Library
  • Team Meeting on 13/Mar/2013 at 4:00PM in the Library
  • Team Meeting on 01/April/2013 at 4:00PM in the Library