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OOP344 20131-OOP344geeks
== OOP344geeks (Team 6) ==
== OOP344geeks (Team 6) ==

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OOP344geeks (Team 6)

Team Member's Information

Email to all members

First Name Last Name Section Seneca ID Wiki ID IRC nick Github ID Blog URL
Pankaj Sama B psama Pankaj Sama pankaj pankajsama01 Pankaj's Blog
Vivek Patel B vrpatel13 Vivek Patel vivek vivek5255 Vivek's Blog
Divya Sharma B dsharma37 Divya Sharma Divya divya5 Divya's Blog
Koghulan Namasivayam B knamasivayam1 Koghulan Namasivayam koghulan_ kogu Koghulan's blog

Coding Style

A. Indentation

B. Blocks

C. Variable Naming

Team Discussion