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NIU(Team 1)


Programming Style

1. Indentation

  • Four spaces or a tab

2. Blocks

    abc = xyz;
        while(abc == 0)
        printf("What is this?\n");
    return abc;

3. Variable Naming

int main()
    int a = 1;
    char* bookNames;
    char bookId
    return 0;

Team Members

OOP344 - NIU
First Name Last Name Team Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick GITHUB ID Blog URL
Xin Li NIU A xli206 Xin Li Xin12 steven5736 Xin's Blog
Wei Wang NIU A wwang125 Wei Wang weiwang wangwei2009727 Wei's blog
Chen Zang NIU B czang1 czang1 Johnson czang1 Chen's Blog


When do you have time to make a meeting for discussing these classes.