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0.2 Milestone

Create a Team page

  • create a team page with following format for the name:
    OOP344 20131 - Team Name
  • Your team page must have the following information:
    Team members and their Full contact information
    Programming Style to be followed by the team during project implementation. (see next section)
    Any other information needed to be discussed and announced for the project.

Common Style

  • Talk with you team mates and come up with ONE STYLE to work with.
  • This style includes at least the following three aspects:
    1. Indentation
    2. Blocks
    3. Variable Naming.
  • Add the style to the team page

Start Working

Make sure all your branch names follow the specs stated in the project description
Make sure an issue is created for each task before branching is done
Do not forget to repeatedly and consistantly commit your code and push back to the repository

  • Adding Your console class to the project
    1. Select one of the Console classes, done by one of the team members
    2. S/he should branch the repository using a proper name.
    3. Switch to the branch and add the console class to the project
    4. compile and test it with cio_test.cpp (the latest version) and Test1Frame.cpp
    5. Do a final push to GitHub
    6. Issue a pull request and let one of the team-mates to confirm the style and performance
    7. Merge back to repo
  • Mockups
    1. Each team member will pick a class, create an issue and branch the master repo to start
    2. S/he will swicth to the branch and create two files using the same name as the picked class(all lowercase)
    3. Class declaration is added to the header file from the description of the assignment (don't forget safegaurds)
    4. Class implementation will be added to the cpp file
      • Class implementation includes blank constructors, destructors an bland methods for all non-pure virtual methods of the class.
      • make sure constructors properly initialize the Base class
    5. Compile the newly added class ONLY' (cpp file)
    6. Do a final push to GitHub
    7. Issue a pull request assigned to another team-mate
    8. After confirmation of compilation (no warnings), style and initialization logic, branched is merged back to master by either the developer or the code-reviewer.