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OOP344 - return 0; - 20102

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Coding standards

Using Comments

  • Only using /* */ to comments, // is not allowed to comments.

Defining variables

  • Avoid using too many variables.
  • Declare each variables seperately.

Using indent

  • Two spaces for indent
return 0; - Member List
ID Last Name First Name Seneca User ID Section Blog Url IRC Nick SVN ID My Contributions Role
A Khamar Ashu amkhamar A My Blog amkhamar ~ amkhamar ~
B Des Jarlais Francois fdesjarlais A My Blog fdesjarlais ~ fdesjarlais ~
C Lau Justin jlau10 A My Blog BigJ100 ~ BigJ100 ~
D Chandran chandran srchandr A My Blog srchandr ~ srchandr ~