OOP344 - The Coders IRC Logs - 20102

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First Meeting May 31st 2010

Get some conclusions about the name rule of class, functions and variables


�01[10:26] <xzhang148> xwu: u can choose one of these

[10:27] <Xwu> xzhang148: i take lnx

�01[10:47] <xzhang148> sum up int a_ as class var
[10:47] <lwu11> example
�01[10:47] <xzhang148> int a just in function
[10:48] <Xwu> good
�01[10:48] <xzhang148> in class iof, we use iof_abc as func name
[10:49] <lwu11> ok
[10:50] <Xwu> ok

�01[10:50] <xzhang148> and at the begin of every file
�01[10:51] <xzhang148> add comment as
�01[10:51] <xzhang148> *File name: abc
�01[10:52] <xzhang148> *Author: name
�01[10:52] <xzhang148> *Date: May 20 2010