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Courses Learning

OOP344- Object Oriented Programming II Using C++ , (Introduction to Open Source)

Further information: OOP344

Members List

The Coders - Members list
ID Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick SVN ID My Contributions Role
A Liu Yansong ysliu2 A http://ysliu2.blogspot.com ysliu2 ysliu2 Contributions
B Wu Xiaojiang xwu56 A http://xwu0102.blogspot.com Xwu Xwu Contributions
C Zhang Xi xzhang148 A http://xizhangblog.blogspot.com/ xzhang148 xzhang148 Contributions

Coding standards

Using Comments

  • Only using /* */ to comments, // is not allowed to comments.

Defining variables

  • Do not create variables that are never use
  • create a variable in one line

Using indent

  • Two spaces for indent

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