OOP344 - Team Nothing - 20102

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1.0 Participants

1.1 Team Members

OOP344 - Team Nothing - 20102
ID First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
A Alex Chung A acchung1 acchung1 acchung1 my blog
B Don Armin Napao A danapao danapao danapao My Blog
C Robin Co A rco1 imadorki3 rco1 My Blog
D Bhavanesh Patel A bapatel5 bapatel5 Bhavanesh My Blog
E Kerry Singh A kmsingh sinker sinker My Blog

1.2 Team Contact Person

Kerry Singh
IRC Nick: sinker

2.0 Project Development Page

Project Development Page

3.0 IRC Chatlogs / Meeting Logs

IRC meeting logs

3.1 30-May-10

Channel #Team-Nothing

4.0 Conventions and Styles

4.1 Function Conventions

4.1.1 Function Naming Convention

Function names are all lowercase and each word is separated by an underscore character.

int do_something()

4.1.2 Function Comments

Each function definition should include a comment above it that includes the function name, a brief and clear description of what each variable does in the function, and a clear and concise description of what the function does.

 * Function Name: function_name
 * Description: This is a clear and concise function description.
 * Variable: variable1 - this variable holds the value of something for some purpose
 *           variable2 - this variable holds the value of something else for some other purpose
int function_name()



4.2 Variable Conventions

4.2.1 Naming Convention

Similar to the 4.1 Function Naming Convention

For Compound Variable Names:

int some_var;


For Non-compound Variable Names:

int var;

4.2.2 Variable Definitions

Define each variable on a speparate line.

int var1;
int var2;

4.3 File Headings

Each file with the extension of *.cpp, *.c, and *.h must include a comment heading at the beginning of the file stating the file name, author (and username), date created, last modified date, and description of what the file does. The description should be clear and concise. This must be enclosed using /* and */.

 * File Name: example.cpp
 * Author: Name (seneca id)
 * Date Created: 23-May-10
 * Last Modified Date: 11-Nov-10
 * Description: This is a clear and concise description of the file.

4.4 Indentation Level

Use an indentation level of two spaces in all situations. Do not use TAB for indentation.

int some_function()

   more code;


4.5 Curly Braces

Each { and } for a code block, such as in an if statement or a for loop, should be placed on its own separate line, with the { and } lined up with the first character of the line above it. If the code block consists of only one line of code, continue to use the curly braces for clarity and in case additional code is added afterwards.

void function()


4.6 Conditional Compilation

4.6.1 Naming Convention for Header Files

Prefix the names of header files that we create with "tn" (initials of Team Nothing) followed by an underscore character. For example, tn_headerfile.h

When using conditional compilation, use the following format for a file named tn_headerfile.h:

#ifndef _tn_headerfile_h_
#define _tn_headerfile_h_