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TextEdit Application - Class definitions assignment
Status - In Progress
Class Member Responsible Status
IOField jquan4 80% completed, just need to be finalize and tested
IOFrame mjschranz Completely Compilable. gcc -c iof.c and then g++ ioframe_main.cpp ioframe.cpp iof.o -lcurses/-lncurses. It does still have bugs in the moving of the frame and what is being displayed. Perfectly compilable with borland as well (bcc32 ioframe_main.cpp ioframe.cpp iof.c). Note: ioframe_main.cpp isn't in the prj directory in trunk for whatever reason so you will have to manually copy it there.
IOForm mjschranz In Progress
IOEdit ibalzamova In Progress
IOVEdit ibalzamova In Progress
IOTextEdit apliats In Progress
IOLabel jquan4 95% completed, just need to be tested

Class Hierarchy

       |-------- IOLabel
       |         |
       |         |-------IOVEdit

Notes/Information for Members


Hey members of team success,
I recently committed a compliable version of IOfield class. This class is not fully functional until IOForm and IOFrame is complete. However, it is certainly operational for other classes below the hierarchy. Lines commented out are lines that required IOForm. Therefore, fellow members can start implementing other classes this weekend.
Jason Quan


Hey members of team Success,
This morning I uploaded a completed version of IOLabel with all of its logic and function definition completed. However, IOForm and IOFrame must be complete, in order to test IOLabel. I hope all the classes are complete early enough so that we can have sufficient time to test our app.
Jason Quan

Bug Reporting