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Success - Member list
ID Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick SVN ID My Contributions Role
A Pliats Aleh apliats A http://oleg-oop.blogspot.com/ oleg_pliats n/a Contributions
B Quan Jason jquan4 A http://jasonquan.wordpress.com/ JQuan n/a Contributions
C Schranz Matthew mjschranz A OOP344 Blog Posts mjschranz n/a Contributions
D Balzamova Irina ibalzamova A http://bikarin.blogspot.com/ iIra n/a Contributions
E Park Hong Geung hgpark A http://goldenration.wordpress.com/ goldenration n/a Contributions

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Rules to follow

(this is just an example, lets discuss it)

1. Two spaces for indentation


 int main 
   int i;
   int j;
   if (i == 0) 
     i = 1;

2. Name variables like this: char myVariable; int tempSize (first letter is small);

3. Do not create variables that are never use

4. Only use breaks in switch statements

5. Begin each class with #ifndef (we will learn it later)

6. Do not use redundant statements (i.e: if (x != 0) because it same as if(x) )

7. Very important - we shouldn't use TAB for indention.

Because size of tab is different in different compilers and code could look messy

if to open it different compiler. Lets use space instead.

And each of us should set up Visual Studio to turn off TAB otherwise we can lose marks.

Note from Matthew: Look into the program you are writing on to see if you can set the number of characters your tab key will indent. For myself, I write all of my code on an application called SubEtheEdit on my mac and I can set my tab to the 2 characters we specified, so I can easily still use tab personally.

Aleh: In VisualStudio we can put settings like Special:http://www.winasm.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=2274/here and by pressing tab spaces would be printed. I will ask Fardad if its ok.