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Team Success

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Member List

Success - Member list
ID Last Name Name Seneca Username Section Blog Url IRC Nick SVN ID My Contributions Role
A Pliats Aleh apliats A http://oleg-oop.blogspot.com/ oleg_pliats n/a Contributions
B Quan Jason jquan4 A http://jasonquan.wordpress.com/ JQuan n/a Contributions
C Schranz Matthew mjschranz A OOP344 Blog Posts mjschranz n/a Contributions
D Balzamova Irina ibalzamova A http://bikarin.blogspot.com/ iIra n/a Contributions
E Park Hong Geung hgpark A http://goldenration.wordpress.com/ goldenration n/a Contributions

Rules to follow

(this is just an example, lets discuss it)

1. Two spaces for indentation


 int main 
   int i;
   int j;
   if (i == 0) 
     i = 1;

2. camel for vars ex: char thisIsCamel; int forLoop;

3. Do not create variables that are never use

4. Only use breaks in switch statements

5. Begin each class with #ifndef

6. Do not use redundant statements (i.e: if (x != 0) )

7. Comment with '/*' example: /* insert comment here */. Do not use '//' because that is use in c++ (we're coding in C)