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This is the log for Sunday July 25 2010

Session Start: Sun Jul 25 11:01:54 2010
Session Ident: #seneca-HOTYS
->03[11:01] * Now talking in #seneca-HOTYS
->03[11:01] * lindbohm.freenode.net sets mode: +ns
->03[11:40] * _YJ (~yjeong@CPE0022b0d1b62a-CM001692fb1c3c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[11:50] <_YJ> Tony will be 30 minutes late for today's meeting
[11:50] <_YJ> He feels sorry for short notice
->01[11:50] <@OzZy_M> yup he msg'd me too
[11:55] <_YJ> oh it was bcc
->01[11:55] <@OzZy_M> ?
[11:57] <_YJ> blind carbon copy
[11:57] <_YJ> sorry this is usually for email
->01[11:57] <@OzZy_M> oh ya
->01[11:57] <@OzZy_M> i thought you meant borland c compiler
[11:58] <_YJ> I knew it
[11:58] <_YJ> lol
->03[11:58] * slaw12 (~chatzilla@CPE00173fedf769-CM001868e9fa14.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[12:00] <_YJ> So Han is at church
[12:00] <_YJ> Tony will be 30 minutes late
->01[12:00] <@OzZy_M> k
[12:00] <_YJ> then shall we wait until Tony comes ?
->01[12:00] <@OzZy_M>  lets wait for him?
[12:00] <_YJ> or what shall we do ?
->01[12:00] <@OzZy_M> tony that is
[12:00] <_YJ> wait for him - 1 vote
->01[12:01] <@OzZy_M> k lets wait
[12:01] <_YJ> k
[12:02] <slaw12> ok
->01[12:07] <@OzZy_M> OH
->01[12:07] <@OzZy_M> MY
->01[12:07] <@OzZy_M> GAWD
->01[12:07] <@OzZy_M> !
->01[12:07] <@OzZy_M> that felt good :D
[12:07] <_YJ> what
->01[12:07] <@OzZy_M> Now I have to clean up :(
->01[12:07] <@OzZy_M> Steak
->01[12:07] <@OzZy_M> and eggs
->01[12:07] <@OzZy_M> you pervs
[12:07] <_YJ> lol
[12:11] <slaw12> mmm breakfast of champions :P
[12:12] <_YJ> well lunch
->01[12:12] <@OzZy_M> sure is :D
->01[12:12] <@OzZy_M> breakfast lunch brunch whatever
->01[12:12] <@OzZy_M> it was damnn good
->01[12:12] <@OzZy_M> I made it EVAN MOAR BETTAR THIS TIEM!!!
->01[12:15] <@OzZy_M> how far are you girls on your INT322 assignments?
>03[12:33] * yujin (~yjeong@CPE0022b0d1b62a-CM001692fb1c3c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has left #seneca-HOTYS
[12:34] <_YJ> never mind
[12:34] <_YJ> lol
[12:34] <_YJ> how can I make it beep when someone enters something
[12:34] <_YJ> here
->01[12:34] <@OzZy_M> I know how to in mIRC
->01[12:34] <@OzZy_M> not chatzilla
[12:34] <_YJ> I went to Tools - options
[12:34] <_YJ> I'm using mIRC
[12:34] <_YJ> :-b
->01[12:35] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[12:35] <@OzZy_M> 1 sec
->01[12:35] <@OzZy_M> tools->sounds tab
->01[12:35] <@OzZy_M> use the drop down
->01[12:36] <@OzZy_M> to select what you want to beep
->01[12:36] <@OzZy_M> oh wait
->01[12:36] <@OzZy_M> just check channel
->01[12:36] <@OzZy_M> that should do it
->01[12:38] <@OzZy_M> did it work?
[12:38] <_YJ> no
->01[12:38] <@OzZy_M> the option to do it is in there
[12:38] <_YJ> somehow it doesn't work
->01[12:39] <@OzZy_M> also
->01[12:39] <@OzZy_M> use the drop down to select
->01[12:39] <@OzZy_M> DCC chat
->01[12:40] <@OzZy_M> and does the BIG button underneath say no sound? or beep?
->01[12:40] <@OzZy_M> ok check all the checkboxes except Use PC Speaker
->01[12:40] <@OzZy_M> those are the settings I have
->01[12:41] <@OzZy_M> And I have everything EXCEPT: Flash, DCC Success, Kick, Part, Join, and Connect Set to Beep
[12:41] <_YJ> still no sound
[12:42] <_YJ> never mind I give up
[12:42] <_YJ> lo
->01[12:42] <@OzZy_M> you have all the checkboxes checked?
[12:42] <_YJ> yeap
->01[12:42] <@OzZy_M> INCLUDE ENABLE SOUNDS?
[12:42] <_YJ> yea
->01[12:42] <@OzZy_M> now
->01[12:42] <@OzZy_M> use the drop down to select DCC Chat
->01[12:43] <@OzZy_M> what does the big button say?
[12:43] <_YJ> beep
->01[12:43] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[12:43] <@OzZy_M> now in the 2 text boxes what are the numbers?
[12:44] <_YJ> 5 and 100
[12:44] <_YJ> what's going on to Tony !!
[12:44] <_YJ> >.<
->01[12:44] <@OzZy_M> I don't know he's YOUR boyfriend!
[12:45] <slaw12> lol
[12:46] <_YJ> Oh my
[12:46] <_YJ> I should educate my boyfriend not to be late for meeting !!!!!
[12:46] <_YJ> >.<
[12:46] <_YJ> LOL
->01[12:47] <@OzZy_M> Punctuality is golden!
->01[12:49] <@OzZy_M> YJ
->01[12:50] <@OzZy_M> How did you check to see if an entry was in the database?
[12:52] <_YJ> omg
[12:52] <_YJ> I totally forgot about that
->01[12:52] <@OzZy_M> ?
[12:52] <_YJ> I haven't worked on that yet
->01[12:52] <@OzZy_M> ...
->03[12:52] * TonyKim (~tony_core@ has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[12:52] <_YJ> I just remember that we are supposted to so
[12:52] <_YJ> kk
[12:52] <TonyKim> Hi all,
->01[12:52] <@OzZy_M> OMG IT'S TONY
->01[12:53] <@OzZy_M> A WILD TONY HAS APPEARED!
[12:53] <TonyKim> :)
[12:53] <_YJ> hello
[12:53] <TonyKim> Hi~
->01[12:53] <@OzZy_M> FIGHT ITEM PKMN RUN
->01[12:53] <@OzZy_M> ITEM->POKEBALL
->01[12:54] <@OzZy_M> WOW
[12:54] <TonyKim> I didn't have internect access. I decided to go to the Apple store.
->01[12:54] <@OzZy_M> did NONE you people watch or play pokemon?
->01[12:54] <@OzZy_M> rofl
->01[12:54] <@OzZy_M> what happened tony?
[12:55] <TonyKim> When I texted you, I was on my way to downtown. :)
[12:55] <_YJ> why apple store
->01[12:55] <@OzZy_M> No internet @home?
[12:55] <TonyKim> I'm at the Eaton Center.
->01[12:55] <@OzZy_M> all Starbucks now have free WIFI
[12:55] <TonyKim> What's going on?
[12:55] <_YJ> SERIOUS Ozzy ?
->01[12:55] <@OzZy_M> ya
->01[12:56] <@OzZy_M> they changed a couple weeks ago
[12:56] <TonyKim> Yes
[12:56] <_YJ> that's so good
[12:56] <_YJ> good news
->01[12:56] <@OzZy_M> they had it in America
->01[12:56] <@OzZy_M> They now have it in Canada
[12:56] <TonyKim> Good news
[12:56] <slaw12> it's about time:P
->01[12:57] <@OzZy_M> seriously
->01[12:58] <@OzZy_M> alright
->01[12:58] <@OzZy_M> So
->01[12:58] <@OzZy_M> All of us here met Thursday
->01[12:59] <@OzZy_M> We discussed a few different things
->01[12:59] <@OzZy_M> One of which were the remaining Classes to write
->01[12:59] <@OzZy_M> I believe those were IOTextEdit
->01[12:59] <@OzZy_M> Corrent?
->01[12:59] <@OzZy_M> Correct*
[12:59] <TonyKim> yes
->01[13:00] <@OzZy_M> And Tony I asked you to fix the bug you said you had
[13:00] <TonyKim> Yes
->01[13:00] <@OzZy_M> Then Try to write and interface correct?
[13:00] <TonyKim> I'm still working on it.
->01[13:00] <@OzZy_M> On the bug?
[13:00] <TonyKim> bug and IOTextEdit
->01[13:01] <@OzZy_M> Han YJ, and Stephanie are doing IOTextEdit no?
[13:01] <_YJ> ozzy
[13:01] <_YJ> check out lighthose
[13:01] <_YJ> lighthouse
->01[13:01] <@OzZy_M> ya
[13:01] <_YJ> and read all messages I wrote
->01[13:02] <@OzZy_M> nice
->01[13:03] <@OzZy_M> So you worked out all problems?
->01[13:03] <@OzZy_M> or are there still bugs in the classes we wrote last week?
->01[13:03] <@OzZy_M> Tell us what you need
[13:03] <_YJ> IOTextEdit needs to be fix - it's not working well
->01[13:03] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:04] <@OzZy_M> How about the other classes?
[13:04] <TonyKim> We have been finding all problems and the IOTextEdit class.
[13:04] <_YJ> have you took a look at my testmain ozzy ?
->01[13:04] <@OzZy_M> not yet
[13:04] <_YJ> like I mentioned at lighthouse ?
->01[13:04] <@OzZy_M> I was at work yesterday
[13:04] <_YJ> take a look at now
->01[13:04] <@OzZy_M> and I just woke up today
->01[13:04] <@OzZy_M> your main?
->01[13:04] <@OzZy_M> k 1 sec
[13:04] <_YJ> follow what the message said
[13:04] <_YJ> at lighthouse
->01[13:07] <@OzZy_M> rofl
->01[13:08] <@OzZy_M> looks like you ripped off the AS/400 nice!
->01[13:08] <@OzZy_M> IBM is going to sue us
->01[13:08] <@OzZy_M> lol
[13:08] <TonyKim> haha
->01[13:08] <@OzZy_M> Does ALL that functionality work?
[13:08] <TonyKim> Not really
[13:08] <_YJ> I cannot say 100% sure.
->01[13:08] <@OzZy_M> i'm talking
[13:08] <_YJ> for now, I better finish IOTextEdit
[13:09] <_YJ> and
->01[13:09] <@OzZy_M> save/save as/open etc
[13:09] <_YJ> no
[13:09] <_YJ> only F1 and esc
[13:09] <_YJ> work
->01[13:09] <@OzZy_M> awesome
->01[13:09] <@OzZy_M> good job guys!!!
->01[13:09] <@OzZy_M> So what is the problem Tony?
->01[13:09] <@OzZy_M> you said you had problems?
[13:09] <_YJ> it's all about IOTextEdit class
->01[13:10] <@OzZy_M> You need to be more specific
[13:10] <_YJ> so hard to implement
->01[13:10] <@OzZy_M> You need to be more specific
[13:10] <TonyKim> In the IOTextEdit class... scrolling down and up
[13:10] <_YJ> have you read IOTextEdit description ?
->01[13:10] <@OzZy_M> yes
[13:10] <TonyKim> The description is not good enough to help us.
->01[13:10] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:11] <@OzZy_M> Ok
->01[13:11] <@OzZy_M> then lets read it again together and you tell me what you have problems with
->01[13:11] <@OzZy_M> in terms of description
->01[13:11] <@OzZy_M> I know it is a bit vauge
->01[13:11] <@OzZy_M> vague
->03[13:11] * Retrieving #seneca-HOTYS modes...
->01[13:11] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:11] <@OzZy_M> for the scrolling
[13:12] <TonyKim> When you press the BACKSAPCE KEY at the begining of a line, the rest of the strig of it should go up.
->01[13:12] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:12] <TonyKim> the scrolling...
->01[13:12] <@OzZy_M> 1 thing at a time tony :P
->01[13:12] <@OzZy_M> otherwise we'll overload ourselves (no pun intended)
[13:12] <TonyKim> ok
->01[13:13] <@OzZy_M> before we can get the scrolling implemented
->01[13:13] <@OzZy_M> we need to make sure things like the backspace thing are working
->01[13:13] <@OzZy_M> because the scrolling depend on that
->01[13:13] <@OzZy_M> 1 sec
->01[13:13] <@OzZy_M> lemme write all this down
[13:13] <TonyKim> The backspace is working in every lines.
->01[13:13] <@OzZy_M> Ya
->01[13:14] <@OzZy_M> but you're saying it doesn't take the line back up one line?
->01[13:14] <@OzZy_M> right?
[13:14] <TonyKim> Yes
->01[13:14] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:14] <@OzZy_M> awesome
[13:14] <TonyKim> My lates project is "TextEditor_IOTextEdit".
->01[13:14] <@OzZy_M> that is Problem #1
[13:14] <TonyKim> latest*
->01[13:14] <@OzZy_M> What is Problem #2 everyone?
->01[13:15] <@OzZy_M> (we need to all be on the same page)
[13:15] <TonyKim> one sec
[13:16] <TonyKim> When you keep typing, a new edit box will be added automacially.
->01[13:16] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:16] <@OzZy_M> So you mean when you get to the end of a line you should go to the next line?
[13:17] <TonyKim> But if you press the UP key to go up, it seems to be working. Sometime it doesn't work.
->01[13:17] <@OzZy_M> hold on
->01[13:17] <@OzZy_M> is that what you mean?
->01[13:17] <@OzZy_M> auto next line?
[13:18] <TonyKim> It works.
[13:18] <TonyKim> I added the link list.
->01[13:18] <@OzZy_M> ya
->01[13:18] <@OzZy_M> that is what I would do too
->01[13:18] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:18] <@OzZy_M> so what do you mean by, "When you keep typing, a new edit box will be added automacially."
[13:18] <TonyKim> So when you keep typing, the edit box will be scrolling down and adding a new line.
->01[13:19] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:19] <@OzZy_M> so the text editor should always be at the bottom unless the user wants to go up?
->01[13:19] <@OzZy_M> that is what you mean?
[13:19] <TonyKim> Yes
[13:19] <TonyKim> But when the user wants to go up
[13:20] <TonyKim> the user hits the UP
->01[13:20] <@OzZy_M> ya
->01[13:20] <@OzZy_M> of course
->01[13:20] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:20] <@OzZy_M> So
->01[13:20] <@OzZy_M> next Problem
[13:20] <TonyKim> It works, but it doesn't work sometime.
->01[13:20] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:20] <@OzZy_M> that is fine
->01[13:20] <@OzZy_M> we will get to that bug
->01[13:20] <@OzZy_M> lets get ALL bugs/problems on the table
[13:20] <TonyKim> Next problem is that
->01[13:20] <@OzZy_M> that way we can look at them and see what are related and what not
[13:21] <TonyKim> when the user wants to go down, the user hits the DOWN. It doesn't work.
->01[13:21] <@OzZy_M> Steph, YJ: chime in whenever you feel the need to
->01[13:21] <@OzZy_M> you mean
->01[13:21] <@OzZy_M> if you have a block of text
->01[13:21] <@OzZy_M> and you are in the middle of it
->01[13:21] <@OzZy_M> and you press DOWN
->01[13:21] <@OzZy_M> it doens't go the next line?
[13:22] <TonyKim> Yup
->01[13:22] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:22] <@OzZy_M> In what situation does the dn key work?
->01[13:22] <@OzZy_M> or is it COMPLETELY broken?
[13:22] <TonyKim> It doesn't work in any situation. lol
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> that is good
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> does the down key have ANY code whatsoever?
[13:23] <TonyKim> I tried to fix it lastnight, but I was tired.
[13:23] <TonyKim> Yes
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> that is fine Tony thanks for trying
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:23] <TonyKim> case DOWN_KEY:
Session Close: Sun Jul 25 13:24:00 2010

Session Start: Sun Jul 25 13:24:00 2010
Session Ident: #seneca-HOTYS
->02[13:24] * Disconnected
->02[13:25] * Attempting to rejoin channel #seneca-HOTYS
->03[13:25] * Rejoined channel #seneca-HOTYS
->01[13:25] <Oz_DC> Sorry
->01[13:25] <Oz_DC> I got D/C'd
[13:25] <TonyKim> ?
->01[13:25] <Oz_DC> disconnected
[13:25] <TonyKim> OK :)
->01[13:25] <Oz_DC> ok
->01[13:25] <Oz_DC> so
->01[13:26] <Oz_DC> the last thing I saw was that you said that all the code is in case: DOWN_KEY
->01[13:26] <Oz_DC> ok
->01[13:26] <Oz_DC> so
[13:26] <TonyKim> yup
->01[13:26] <Oz_DC> Down key is problem #4
->01[13:26] <Oz_DC> is there more?
->01[13:26] <Oz_DC> don't miss out anything
->01[13:26] <Oz_DC> we need everything so we can see what order to do things in
[13:26] <TonyKim> I suppose the iof_ functions have some bugs.
->01[13:27] <Oz_DC> ok
->01[13:27] <Oz_DC> explain
[13:27] <TonyKim> ok
[13:27] <TonyKim> A situation... You keep typing in the multiple box.
[13:27] <TonyKim> then
[13:27] <TonyKim> hit the UP key
->02[13:28] * @OzZy_M (~omirza@CPE0013f7a1eec7-CM0013f7a1eec3.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds*)
->03[13:28] * Oz_DC is now known as OzZy_M
[13:28] <TonyKim> A text looks different.
->01[13:29] <OzZy_M> describe "different"
->01[13:29] <OzZy_M> or do you have a demo already set up?
[13:29] <TonyKim> A character at begining of the line will be chaging.
[13:29] <TonyKim> changing*
[13:29] <TonyKim> Let's say.
[13:29] <TonyKim> the string is "sldfkjas;flkjas;flkjsaf;lkjdsfl;kj"
[13:30] <TonyKim> If you press the UP key, the cursor places at the end of line. the string is going to be changing.
[13:30] <TonyKim> ldfkjas;flkjas;flkjsaf;lkjdsfl;kj
[13:30] <TonyKim> "s" is gone.
->01[13:30] <OzZy_M> ok
[13:30] <TonyKim> sldfkjas;flkjas;flkjsaf;lkjdsfl;kj ---> ldfkjas;flkjas;flkjsaf;lkjdsfl;kj
->01[13:30] <OzZy_M> does it ALWWAS truncate the first letter?
->01[13:30] <OzZy_M> or does it do something else?
[13:31] <TonyKim> Yes
->01[13:31] <OzZy_M> sorry
->01[13:31] <OzZy_M> let me rephrase that
[13:31] <TonyKim> truncate the first letter
->01[13:31] <OzZy_M> does it do ANYTHING ELSE other than truncation of the first letter?
[13:31] <TonyKim> only the first letter
->01[13:31] <OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:31] <OzZy_M> good
->01[13:31] <OzZy_M> that should make it easier to fine
->01[13:31] <OzZy_M> find
->01[13:31] <OzZy_M> ok that is bug 5
->01[13:32] <OzZy_M> sorry
->01[13:32] <OzZy_M> which letter gets trunc?
->01[13:32] <OzZy_M> the first line?
->01[13:32] <OzZy_M> or the line you are going to?
[13:33] <TonyKim> The line you are going to
->01[13:33] <OzZy_M> Steph, YJ: Sorry if you're getting bored we need to hammer these out
->01[13:34] <OzZy_M> alright
->01[13:35] <OzZy_M> so
->01[13:35] <OzZy_M> I have
[13:35] <TonyKim> That's it so far.
->01[13:35] <OzZy_M> 2 bugs
->01[13:35] <OzZy_M> 2 features we need to add
->01[13:35] <OzZy_M> and 1 SUPER bug/Feature we need to add
->01[13:35] <OzZy_M> Stephanie and YuJin
->01[13:35] <OzZy_M> Do you have anything to add?
[13:36] <_YJ> hmm
->01[13:36] <OzZy_M> anything at all
->01[13:36] <OzZy_M> features to add
->01[13:36] <OzZy_M> bugs to fix
->01[13:36] <OzZy_M> comments
->01[13:36] <OzZy_M> complaints
->01[13:36] <OzZy_M> gripes
[13:36] <slaw12> i think those are the major issues at the moment
[13:36] <_YJ> not for now. will tell everyone if something comes to my mind
[13:37] <_YJ> for now we really need to focus on IOTextEdit
->01[13:37] <OzZy_M> major issues? are there any minor ones we should know about?
[13:38] <slaw12> sorry, i didn't mean MAJOR issue
->01[13:38] <OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:38] <OzZy_M> Now
->01[13:38] <OzZy_M> does anyone want to take a break?
[13:38] <TonyKim> Tony
->01[13:39] <OzZy_M> lol
->01[13:39] <OzZy_M> Stephanie/YuJin?
[13:39] <TonyKim> I'm stading at the Apple store.
[13:39] <TonyKim> standing*
[13:39] <slaw12> no
->01[13:39] <OzZy_M> isn't there a starbucks near by ?
->01[13:39] <OzZy_M> lol
->01[13:39] <OzZy_M> ok
[13:39] <_YJ> go to starbucks tony
->01[13:39] <OzZy_M> ya
->01[13:40] <OzZy_M> I need to know the path to everyones latest code
->01[13:40] <OzZy_M> the MOST working code
->01[13:40] <OzZy_M> NOT the one you are experimenting with
->01[13:40] <OzZy_M> just the ones that WORK
->01[13:40] <OzZy_M> so we can get the trunk updated
[13:40] <TonyKim> Ok, I'll go out and have the Internet access at my friend's house in 20 minutes.
->01[13:41] <OzZy_M> Tony
->01[13:41] <OzZy_M> what ever is the most confortable for you
->01[13:41] <OzZy_M> but
[13:41] <TonyKim> Ok
[13:41] <TonyKim> Give me 20 minutes.
->01[13:41] <OzZy_M> everyone give me the link to their most up to date code
->01[13:41] <OzZy_M> so we have a better trunk to work with
->01[13:41] <OzZy_M> because our Trunk is REALLY out of date
[13:42] <TonyKim> kjkim/TextEditor_IOTextEdit
->01[13:42] <OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:42] <OzZy_M> I'm also going to be putting up all these bugs as tickets on lighthouse
[13:42] <TonyKim> ok
->01[13:42] <OzZy_M> Some of them we will not be able to work on until we have others done
->01[13:42] <OzZy_M> Like
[13:42] <_YJ> yjeong/main_app/TextEdit_Jul25
->01[13:43] <OzZy_M> the most important thing right now is getting our down key working
->01[13:43] <OzZy_M> and the up key bug free
->01[13:43] <OzZy_M> because the backspace and scrolling will not work OR will be broken without those two working
->01[13:43] <OzZy_M> Stephanie?
->01[13:43] <OzZy_M> link?
[13:44] <slaw12> slaw12/Mainproj
->01[13:44] <OzZy_M> awesome
->01[13:44] <OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:44] <OzZy_M> Tony are you leaving for your friends house?
[13:44] <TonyKim> Yes
->01[13:44] <OzZy_M> ok
->01[13:45] <OzZy_M> Meeting adjourned until Tony gets back
[13:45] <TonyKim> See you later.
->01[13:45] <OzZy_M> I'll set up lighthouse with those tickets now
[13:45] <TonyKim> I'll be BACK!!!
->01[13:45] <OzZy_M> We will meet back in 20 minutes
[13:45] <TonyKim> ok
->02[13:45] * TonyKim (~tony_core@ Quit
->03[14:22] * TonyKim (~tony_core@CPE00222d183b15-CM00222d183b11.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[14:22] <TonyKim> Sorry, I'm late
->01[14:22] <OzZy_M> that is ok
->01[14:22] <OzZy_M> I'm almost done writing all the tickets
->01[14:22] <OzZy_M> all the BUGS are up on the site
[14:22] <TonyKim> ok
->01[14:22] <OzZy_M> take a look at them
[14:23] <TonyKim> Ok
[14:23] <_YJ> ok\
[14:23] <slaw12> k
->01[14:28] <OzZy_M> ok
->01[14:28] <OzZy_M> I have 3 bugs and 3 features posted up
->01[14:29] <OzZy_M> we need address the DOWN_KEY bug FIRST
->01[14:29] <OzZy_M> then UP_KEY
->01[14:29] <OzZy_M> Then the lastly the scroll bug
->01[14:29] <OzZy_M> I think
->01[14:29] <OzZy_M> that we should implement the scrolling then
[14:29] <_YJ> okie
->01[14:29] <OzZy_M> then the backspace/delete features
->01[14:30] <OzZy_M> take a minutes to read everything
->01[14:30] <OzZy_M> and ask me questions if you have any
->01[14:36] <OzZy_M> afk 5 mins
[14:37] <_YJ> I was here.
[14:37] <_YJ> and no questions so far
[14:37] <slaw12> none here
[14:39] <TonyKim> none here
[14:41] <_YJ> so for this week we just work on those tickets ?
[14:41] <_YJ> I need to leave soon
->01[14:42] <OzZy_M> back
->01[14:42] <OzZy_M> sorry
->01[14:42] <OzZy_M> so no questions?
->01[14:42] <OzZy_M> awesome
->01[14:42] <OzZy_M> if you have more questions just e mail me
->01[14:42] <OzZy_M> yes
->01[14:42] <OzZy_M> we need to work on those tickets in the order i specified above
->01[14:43] <OzZy_M> Does anyone want to get together to work on these some time next week?
->01[14:43] <OzZy_M> or are we going to break off into smaller groups?
->01[14:44] <OzZy_M> how do you guys want to do this?
->01[14:45] <OzZy_M> Stephanie what do you want to work on? (from bugs)
->01[14:45] <OzZy_M> or are you going to work with someone?
->01[14:45] <OzZy_M> I know this has been a REALLY long meeting
->01[14:46] <OzZy_M> but we're almost done
->01[14:46] <OzZy_M> I just want to know how we are going to proceede with this
->01[14:46] <OzZy_M> I could assign stuff or we can pick
->01[14:46] <OzZy_M> I have all of next week off from work
->01[14:46] <OzZy_M> so we can all meet up one day and work on some of these features together
[14:46] <_YJ> I will work on scrolling with Tony
->01[14:46] <OzZy_M> because we need specifiy exactly what to do
->01[14:47] <OzZy_M> no
[14:47] <slaw12> I think it's better together some time next week
->01[14:47] <OzZy_M> we need to fix the bugs first
->01[14:47] <OzZy_M> YJ
->01[14:47] <OzZy_M> we can't be adding features if what we have is already broken
->01[14:47] <OzZy_M> I agree with stephanie
->01[14:47] <OzZy_M> we should meet up
[14:47] <_YJ> then brain strom where are bugs
->01[14:47] <OzZy_M> AFTER we fix bugs to add features
->01[14:48] <OzZy_M> we need to brain storm as a group on the features
->01[14:48] <OzZy_M> the bugs are simply find and fix
->01[14:48] <OzZy_M> So
->01[14:49] <OzZy_M> Up, down, end of page scroll
->01[14:49] <OzZy_M> can we all meet tomorrow?
->01[14:49] <OzZy_M> I will commit to trunk after the meeting and post log
->01[14:50] <OzZy_M> We need a time next week where we can meet
->01[14:50] <OzZy_M> guys?
->01[14:50] <OzZy_M> Am I talking to myself?
->01[14:51] <OzZy_M> When can we all get together next week?
->01[14:52] <OzZy_M> Tony
->01[14:52] <OzZy_M> Stephanie
->01[14:52] <OzZy_M> YuJin
->01[14:53] <OzZy_M> someone said they had to leave
->01[14:53] <OzZy_M> so lets finish this now
->06[14:54] * OzZy_M slaps TonyKim around a bit with a large trout
->06[14:54] * OzZy_M slaps slaw12 around a bit with a large trout
->06[14:54] * OzZy_M slaps _YJ around a bit with a large trout
[14:55] <slaw12> how about tuesday then?
->01[14:55] <OzZy_M> When? after DBS?
[14:56] <slaw12> what time do you guys finish?
->01[14:56] <OzZy_M> ~5pm
[14:56] <slaw12> actually nvrmd, that's not going to work
->01[14:57] <OzZy_M> YuJin/Tony What are you two doing right now?
->01[14:59] <OzZy_M> omfg
[14:59] <_YJ> sorry. hmmm checking my schedule
[14:59] <_YJ> Is friday okay ?
->01[14:59] <OzZy_M> That is late
->01[15:00] <OzZy_M> can't do it earlier?
->01[15:00] <OzZy_M> If we meet friday
->01[15:00] <OzZy_M> we need to have those 3 bugs fixed
->01[15:00] <OzZy_M> TONY
->01[15:01] <OzZy_M> btw what classes did you guys did you guys do?
->01[15:01] <OzZy_M> so I can take just those for trunk
[15:01] <TonyKim> I'm here
->01[15:02] <OzZy_M> finally
->01[15:02] <OzZy_M> FIRST
->01[15:02] <OzZy_M> what classes did you guys do so I can consolidate everything
->01[15:02] <OzZy_M> Tony did IOForm right?
[15:02] <_YJ> well, since we still have bugs
->01[15:02] <OzZy_M> we still need to have an up-to-date copy YuJin
[15:02] <_YJ> I don't think we can commit to trunk yet ?
->01[15:02] <OzZy_M> It is still compilable
[15:02] <TonyKim> Yes
->01[15:02] <OzZy_M> What classes did you do YJ?
[15:02] <_YJ> but also should have no bugs I thought
->01[15:02] <OzZy_M> no
->01[15:02] <OzZy_M> bugs are fine
->01[15:02] <OzZy_M> it just has to be compilable
[15:03] <_YJ> tony
->01[15:03] <OzZy_M> because we all draw from trunk
[15:03] <_YJ> did you merge my files and your files ?
->01[15:03] <OzZy_M> if trunk is not in it's latest state we could have problems
[15:03] <TonyKim> _YJ : Not yet
->01[15:03] <OzZy_M> I just need EVERYONES LATEST code
->01[15:03] <OzZy_M> ok
->01[15:03] <OzZy_M> so
->01[15:03] <OzZy_M> YJ what classes did you do?
->01[15:03] <OzZy_M> I am merging everything now
[15:04] <_YJ> copy my codes and tony's code into your branch
[15:04] <_YJ> and merge it
[15:04] <_YJ> if you want
->01[15:04] <OzZy_M> ya
[15:04] <_YJ> and don't take it from Jul25
[15:04] <_YJ> take if from yjeong/main_app/TextEdit_Jul24
->01[15:04] <OzZy_M> ok
->01[15:05] <OzZy_M> and you did IOEdit?
->01[15:05] <OzZy_M> ok
[15:05] <_YJ> IOVEdit is updated
->01[15:05] <OzZy_M> I'll merge and commit soon
->01[15:06] <OzZy_M> we'll talk again next week
->01[15:06] <OzZy_M> we are all unfocused now
->01[15:06] <OzZy_M> BUT
->01[15:06] <OzZy_M> if you are going to work on anything
->01[15:06] <OzZy_M> Work on the bugs FIRST
[15:07] <_YJ> okay.
[15:07] <_YJ> talk to you guys again
->01[15:07] <OzZy_M> yup
[15:07] <_YJ> bye :-)
->03[15:07] * _YJ (~yjeong@CPE0022b0d1b62a-CM001692fb1c3c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has left #seneca-HOTYS
[15:08] <slaw12> ok, we'll regroup next week
[15:08] <slaw12> laters
->01[15:08] <OzZy_M> bye
[15:08] <TonyKim> ok
->03[15:08] * slaw12 (~chatzilla@CPE00173fedf769-CM001868e9fa14.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has left #seneca-HOTYS
[15:08] <TonyKim> by
[15:08] <TonyKim> e
->01[15:08] <OzZy_M> later
->02[15:08] * TonyKim (~tony_core@CPE00222d183b15-CM00222d183b11.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit
Session Close: Sun Jul 25 16:07:40 2010