OOP344 - HOTYS IRC Logs - 071810 - 20102

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This is the log for Sunday July 18 2010


Session Start: Sun Jul 18 11:25:02 2010 Session Ident: #seneca-HOTYS -&gt;03[11:25] * Now talking in #seneca-HOTYS -&gt;03[11:25] * anthony.freenode.net sets mode: +ns -&gt;03[11:29] * OzZy_M changes topic to '---&gt; Meeting Will Start @ 12 - 12:30*' -&gt;03[11:47] * slaw12 (~chatzilla@CPE00173fedf769-CM001868e9fa14.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS -&gt;03[11:48] * _YJ (~chatzilla@CPE0022b0d1b62a-CM001692fb1c3c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS [11:56] &lt;_YJ&gt; Hello ! [11:56] &lt;slaw12&gt; mornin! -&gt;01[11:58] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Hello -&gt;01[11:59] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Sorry I was making breakfast [11:59] &lt;slaw12&gt; what's for breakfast? :P -&gt;03[11:59] * TonyKim (~tony_core@CPE60fb42f3cf3a-CM000a73655cdb.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS -&gt;01[11:59] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; steak and eggs [11:59] &lt;TonyKim&gt; Hello! -&gt;01[11:59] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; :) -&gt;01[11:59] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; sup tony [11:59] &lt;slaw12&gt; hi tony [11:59] &lt;TonyKim&gt; What'up Ozzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? -&gt;01[12:00] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; high again tony? :D [12:00] &lt;_YJ&gt; LOL [12:00] &lt;TonyKim&gt; lol [12:00] &lt;_YJ&gt; are you okay tony ? [12:00] &lt;_YJ&gt; lol [12:00] &lt;TonyKim&gt; Yup -&gt;01[12:01] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; nivr -&gt;01[12:01] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; nice -&gt;01[12:01] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; i sense productive day -&gt;01[12:01] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; lol [12:02] &lt;_YJ&gt; shall we start the meeting ? -&gt;01[12:02] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Han will not be showing up today -&gt;01[12:02] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so we should start [12:02] &lt;_YJ&gt; go ahead Ozzy :-) [12:02] &lt;_YJ&gt; please lead us -&gt;01[12:02] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ok [12:02] &lt;_YJ&gt; kkkk [12:02] &lt;slaw12&gt; yup let's do it! -&gt;01[12:02] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; lol -&gt;01[12:02] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; sorry i was stuffing my mouth :P -&gt;01[12:02] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; anyways -&gt;01[12:03] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; we have this project to do -&gt;01[12:03] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so -&gt;01[12:03] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; the first order of business -&gt;01[12:03] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; is to establish our lighthouse account -&gt;01[12:03] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; which I started -&gt;01[12:03] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I sent out invites -&gt;01[12:03] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; everyone signed up? [12:03] &lt;slaw12&gt; yes [12:03] &lt;_YJ&gt; seem everyone accepted your invite -&gt;01[12:03] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I created the project site -&gt;01[12:04] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so -&gt;01[12:04] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I suggest we try and familiarize ourselves with it -&gt;01[12:04] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Tony -&gt;01[12:04] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; you were not there for the metting with catherine [12:04] &lt;TonyKim&gt; I did. -&gt;01[12:04] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I believe I filled you in though right? [12:04] &lt;_YJ&gt; tony signed up for lighthouse [12:04] &lt;TonyKim&gt; I was reading the IRC log. :) -&gt;01[12:04] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; awesome -&gt;01[12:04] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ok -&gt;01[12:04] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so -&gt;01[12:04] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; now -&gt;01[12:04] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; lets talk about the project -&gt;01[12:05] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; first -&gt;01[12:05] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; we need to split up the work -&gt;01[12:05] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I was thinking -&gt;01[12:05] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; to put the functions in an order -&gt;01[12:05] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; whatever the order maybe [12:05] &lt;_YJ&gt; I want to do ioedit and iovedit !! [12:05] &lt;_YJ&gt; kk -&gt;01[12:05] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; then work top down -&gt;01[12:05] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; as opposed [12:05] &lt;slaw12&gt; i want iolabel -&gt;01[12:06] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ok -&gt;01[12:06] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; how many mandatory ones are there? [12:06] &lt;TonyKim&gt; I want IOForm? maybe? -&gt;01[12:06] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; 7? [12:06] &lt;_YJ&gt; and tony wants 7 [12:06] &lt;_YJ&gt; wait [12:06] &lt;slaw12&gt; 5 [12:06] &lt;_YJ&gt; sorry ignore above [12:06] &lt;_YJ&gt; there are 7 classes [12:06] &lt;_YJ&gt; since ioedit/iovedit both are kind of related to each other [12:07] &lt;_YJ&gt; I can take both -&gt;01[12:07] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ok [12:07] &lt;_YJ&gt; and on other person can take two classes -&gt;01[12:07] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; first -&gt;01[12:07] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Yujin [12:07] &lt;_YJ&gt; okay -&gt;01[12:07] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; explain what those classes do -&gt;01[12:07] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; we should explain each while we're all there -&gt;01[12:07] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; here* -&gt;01[12:07] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; incase more questions pop up [12:07] &lt;_YJ&gt; lol (I'm nervous) okay I will try -&gt;01[12:07] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; lol -&gt;01[12:07] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; it's ok -&gt;01[12:07] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; we're all friends here [12:08] &lt;_YJ&gt; IOEdit is responsible for running iof_edit function [12:08] &lt;_YJ&gt; it will receive info such as str, row, col and so on [12:08] &lt;_YJ&gt; and call iof_edit accordingly -&gt;01[12:09] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; you siad [12:09] &lt;_YJ&gt; it checks various other conditions and those need to be implemented correctly -&gt;01[12:09] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; there were two you were doing -&gt;01[12:09] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; that were related? [12:09] &lt;_YJ&gt; yes and then IOVedit is [12:10] &lt;_YJ&gt; IOVEdit is same as IOVEdit except that i offers two special services [12:10] &lt;_YJ&gt; which are [12:10] &lt;_YJ&gt; 1. supporting help messages 2. supporting data validation -&gt;01[12:10] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ok -&gt;01[12:11] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; can you explain a little more on those 2 extra services [12:11] &lt;_YJ&gt; and of course IOVEdit inherit IOEdit class -&gt;01[12:11] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; where do the extra services fall in the big picture [12:12] &lt;_YJ&gt; I'm trying to find description of help function and validation function [12:12] &lt;TonyKim&gt; Inherit IOEdit class to a Validated line editor class called IOVEdit. -&gt;01[12:12] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so [12:12] &lt;TonyKim&gt; IOVEdit -&gt;01[12:12] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; they are separate functions? -&gt;01[12:12] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so -&gt;01[12:13] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; altogether, Yujin, how many functions are you proposing to write? [12:13] &lt;_YJ&gt; I have no idea where those two functions came from [12:13] &lt;_YJ&gt; I'm going to write [12:13] &lt;_YJ&gt; 13 functions -&gt;01[12:13] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ok -&gt;01[12:13] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so I'm assuming -&gt;01[12:13] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; the ones you picked -&gt;01[12:13] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; are the most time consuming? [12:14] &lt;_YJ&gt; no I don't think so -&gt;01[12:14] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ok [12:14] &lt;_YJ&gt; the reason is that [12:14] &lt;_YJ&gt; 5 of them is constructor and destructor [12:14] &lt;_YJ&gt; which are easy [12:14] &lt;_YJ&gt; and -&gt;01[12:14] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; wow -&gt;01[12:14] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I'm sorry -&gt;01[12:15] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Instead of function -&gt;01[12:15] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I meant to say CLASSES -&gt;01[12:15] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; sorry [12:15] &lt;_YJ&gt; and 4 of them is simply retrieving data memebr -&gt;01[12:15] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; you're doing 2 CLASSES right? [12:15] &lt;_YJ&gt; LOL [12:15] &lt;_YJ&gt; YES [12:15] &lt;_YJ&gt; just two [12:15] &lt;_YJ&gt; LOL [12:15] &lt;_YJ&gt; we have only 7 classes to do -&gt;01[12:15] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; aweseom -&gt;01[12:15] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; and you are doing IOEdit and IOVedit? [12:15] &lt;_YJ&gt; yes -&gt;01[12:16] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; and Stephanie? [12:16] &lt;slaw12&gt; i want to do iolabel [12:16] &lt;TonyKim&gt; I'm doing &quot;IOForm&quot;. -&gt;01[12:16] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; awesome -&gt;01[12:17] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; want to explain what iolabel does? -&gt;01[12:17] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; wait -&gt;01[12:17] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; are not some of these classes children of others? [12:17] &lt;slaw12&gt; yes -&gt;01[12:18] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; then we should be writing the parents first [12:18] &lt;TonyKim&gt; Yes [12:18] &lt;slaw12&gt; there's a hierarchy shown in the assignment description -&gt;01[12:18] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; which are the base classes? [12:18] &lt;TonyKim&gt; IOFrame -&gt;01[12:18] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; no -&gt;01[12:18] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; doesn't the inheritance go more than one level? [12:18] &lt;_YJ&gt; http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/OOP344_20102_TextEdit#Class_Hierarchy [12:19] &lt;_YJ&gt; follow this link [12:19] &lt;_YJ&gt; IOFrame is the most base class -&gt;01[12:19] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; most baserist? -&gt;01[12:19] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; anyways -&gt;01[12:19] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so Yujin has the edit line -&gt;01[12:19] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; TonyKim you said textedit? [12:20] &lt;TonyKim&gt; IOFrame : ? [12:20] &lt;TonyKim&gt; IOField : ? [12:20] &lt;TonyKim&gt; IOLabel : Stephanie [12:20] &lt;TonyKim&gt; IOEdit,IOVEdit : Yujin [12:20] &lt;TonyKim&gt; IOForm : Tony [12:20] &lt;TonyKim&gt; IOTextEdit : ? -&gt;01[12:20] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ok -&gt;01[12:20] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; i'll start with IOField -&gt;01[12:20] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so [12:20] &lt;TonyKim&gt; IOFrame : Han -&gt;01[12:20] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; sounds good -&gt;01[12:20] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; now -&gt;01[12:20] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; we have how long to get this prj done? -&gt;01[12:20] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; &lt; 4 weeks? [12:21] &lt;TonyKim&gt; Yup [12:21] &lt;_YJ&gt; IOTextEdit looks short and easy at the first sight [12:21] &lt;_YJ&gt; haha [12:21] &lt;_YJ&gt; I think so [12:21] &lt;_YJ&gt; but we need to finish early enough [12:21] &lt;_YJ&gt; let's get it done in 3 weeks [12:21] &lt;_YJ&gt; let's try to :-) [12:21] &lt;slaw12&gt; ok, let's aim for 3 weeks -&gt;01[12:22] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ya [12:22] &lt;slaw12&gt; it gives us a buffer just in case we need it. :) [12:22] &lt;TonyKim&gt; Ya -&gt;01[12:22] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; we need ample time for testing -&gt;01[12:22] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so -&gt;01[12:22] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; there are 5 of us right? -&gt;01[12:22] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so -&gt;01[12:22] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; if we each get 1 class done in a week -&gt;01[12:23] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; that should leave us a lot of time to put everything together and test -&gt;01[12:23] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so -&gt;01[12:23] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; by next sunday -&gt;01[12:24] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; is it good to assume we will have each had one function completed? [12:24] &lt;_YJ&gt; you mean [12:24] &lt;_YJ&gt; one class done ? -&gt;01[12:24] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; &gt;_&lt; -&gt;01[12:24] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; yes -&gt;01[12:24] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; some of these are not hard -&gt;01[12:25] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; the question is -&gt;01[12:25] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; can we create all these child classes without first doing the parent classes? [12:25] &lt;slaw12&gt; that 's what i was wondering [12:26] &lt;TonyKim&gt; Depending on it. [12:26] &lt;TonyKim&gt; That's why it is a parent class. -&gt;01[12:26] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; hmmm [12:26] &lt;_YJ&gt; each of us can try to finish their classes for one week -&gt;01[12:26] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; that makes sense [12:26] &lt;slaw12&gt; so we can't test the classes on their own -&gt;01[12:26] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Well -&gt;01[12:26] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ya [12:26] &lt;_YJ&gt; and when we have meeting on sunday -&gt;01[12:26] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; sounds good -&gt;01[12:26] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; but [12:26] &lt;_YJ&gt; then we can test our code -&gt;01[12:26] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; aside from OOP344 -&gt;01[12:27] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; what other classes do you guys have work for? [12:27] &lt;_YJ&gt; hmm just INT assignment -&gt;01[12:27] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I got DBS/INT assignments/labs to do [12:27] &lt;_YJ&gt; and EAC150 research work [12:27] &lt;slaw12&gt; eac -&gt;01[12:27] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; and my elective research [12:28] &lt;TonyKim&gt; EAC150 research/DBS labs and assignment [12:28] &lt;slaw12&gt; damnit, it's suddenly getting busy. :P -&gt;01[12:28] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; damn -&gt;01[12:28] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ok [12:28] &lt;_YJ&gt; getting busier is better ! [12:28] &lt;_YJ&gt; let's enjoy if we cannot avoid [12:28] &lt;_YJ&gt; haha -&gt;01[12:28] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so [12:28] &lt;slaw12&gt; lol -&gt;01[12:28] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; sorry -&gt;01[12:28] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; gimme 1 second [12:29] &lt;_YJ&gt; http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/OOP344_20102_TextEdit [12:29] &lt;_YJ&gt; this is the link to the page that you guys can see task distribution [12:29] &lt;TonyKim&gt; The class IOFrame looks simple. Most functions are virtual. -&gt;01[12:29] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I'm not worried about IOFrame -&gt;01[12:29] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so -&gt;01[12:29] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Thursday [12:29] &lt;TonyKim&gt; I suppose that we can program our classe without it. -&gt;01[12:29] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; after class [12:30] &lt;TonyKim&gt; ok -&gt;01[12:30] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; are we all able to get together for maybe 15-30 mins -&gt;01[12:30] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; to go over what each of us have done so far? -&gt;01[12:30] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; we need to be in a state of high communication -&gt;01[12:30] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; we can't just take our pieces and seclude ourselves and work [12:31] &lt;slaw12&gt; sounds good [12:31] &lt;TonyKim&gt; ok [12:31] &lt;_YJ&gt; sound very good ozzy -&gt;01[12:31] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ok -&gt;01[12:31] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; and han has no choice :P -&gt;01[12:31] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; lol [12:31] &lt;_YJ&gt; so thursday after OOP344 class ? -&gt;01[12:31] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; yes -&gt;01[12:31] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I would like wednesday [12:31] &lt;_YJ&gt; oh no problem -&gt;01[12:31] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; but I have my elective after class -&gt;01[12:32] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; but I'm free after [12:32] &lt;TonyKim&gt; I have EAC150 after the OOP class. -&gt;01[12:32] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; thursday? [12:32] &lt;TonyKim&gt; on Wednesday -&gt;01[12:32] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; oh -&gt;01[12:32] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ya [12:32] &lt;_YJ&gt; who is not available on thursday after OOP344 ? -&gt;01[12:32] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I think we're all good thursday -&gt;01[12:32] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; regardless -&gt;01[12:33] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I just want to meet more than once a week so we're all on the same page. -&gt;01[12:33] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so -&gt;01[12:33] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; at this point -&gt;01[12:33] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; does anyone see any problems -&gt;01[12:33] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; in regard to writing their classes? -&gt;01[12:33] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; or anything else? -&gt;01[12:33] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; anything [12:34] &lt;TonyKim&gt; Well... I don't know yet. [12:34] &lt;slaw12&gt; no not right now -&gt;01[12:34] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I know in a few weeks I'm going to be SUPER busy getting ready for exams -&gt;01[12:34] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so [12:34] &lt;_YJ&gt; me too -&gt;01[12:34] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; the faster we do this -&gt;01[12:34] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; the better [12:34] &lt;_YJ&gt; yes. [12:34] &lt;slaw12&gt; agreed -&gt;01[12:34] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; because testing takes a while [12:34] &lt;_YJ&gt; yes [12:34] &lt;_YJ&gt; so thursday after OOP344 for sure ? -&gt;01[12:34] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; while on the subject of testing -&gt;01[12:34] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; yes [12:34] &lt;_YJ&gt; okay I will put that on my scheduler -&gt;01[12:35] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; when creating your programs -&gt;01[12:35] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; try and keep a track of ways to test your program -&gt;01[12:35] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; obviously -&gt;01[12:35] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; do not create extra programs if you can help it -&gt;01[12:35] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; just try and get the class done in a compilable state [12:35] &lt;TonyKim&gt; ok -&gt;01[12:35] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; and then we'll create testing programs -&gt;01[12:35] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; btw TonyKim -&gt;01[12:36] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; How do you feel about that Tester position we were talking about? -&gt;01[12:36] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; creating test programs to test our code [12:37] &lt;TonyKim&gt; Creating test programs? That's it or Do I post the problems to the lighthouse? -&gt;01[12:38] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; well -&gt;01[12:38] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; first -&gt;01 &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; does everyone like that <span class="plainlinks"><span style="color:black;font-weight:normal; text-decoration:none!important; background:none!important; text-decoration:none;/*CITATION*/">kid carrier</span></span> child carrier idea (the one catherine suggested) about having one person dedicated to testing code? -&gt;01[12:38] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I mean -&gt;01[12:38] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; at this point -&gt;01[12:38] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; It doesn't make sense -&gt;01[12:38] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; but later -&gt;01[12:38] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; It might [12:39] &lt;TonyKim&gt; We need a test program as Fardad did? -&gt;01[12:39] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; no -&gt;01[12:39] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; we need to make our own methods of testing our code -&gt;01[12:39] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Catherine will NOT be releasing test mains and such -&gt;01[12:39] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so we have only ourselves to rely upon to make sure everything is done right -&gt;01[12:40] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I guess we can talk about that later [12:40] &lt;_YJ&gt; I thought she will post the test main. -&gt;01[12:40] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; lol -&gt;01[12:40] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; no [12:40] &lt;_YJ&gt; near to the end -&gt;01[12:40] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; she said in class that she isn't going to be posting any test mains -&gt;01[12:40] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I'm pretty sure I heard her say that... [12:41] &lt;slaw12&gt; i heard that too -&gt;01[12:41] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; you can ask her [12:41] &lt;_YJ&gt; OMG -&gt;01[12:41] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; but I'm pretty sure she said that [12:41] &lt;slaw12&gt; we have to make up our own :( [12:41] &lt;_YJ&gt; that is so mean [12:41] &lt;_YJ&gt; LOL -&gt;01[12:41] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; lol -&gt;01[12:41] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; well -&gt;01[12:41] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; we would have to learn how to test our code SOME time. -&gt;01[12:41] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; now is the time [12:41] &lt;_YJ&gt; oh yeah [12:41] &lt;slaw12&gt; never! -&gt;01[12:41] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; lol [12:41] &lt;slaw12&gt; :P -&gt;01[12:41] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; ok -&gt;01[12:42] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; remember -&gt;01[12:42] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; our naming conventions that we all agreed upon -&gt;01[12:42] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; because if we're inconsistant at all -&gt;01[12:42] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I'm sure we will loose marks [12:42] &lt;TonyKim&gt; ok -&gt;01[12:42] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Anything else anybody else would like to discuss or bring up? [12:43] &lt;_YJ&gt; for now I can't think of anything [12:43] &lt;_YJ&gt; except [12:43] &lt;_YJ&gt; that we better make sure to use lighthouse frequently -&gt;01[12:43] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; yes [12:43] &lt;_YJ&gt; I posted on message already [12:43] &lt;_YJ&gt; haha [12:43] &lt;_YJ&gt; on -&gt; one [12:44] &lt;_YJ&gt; OH [12:44] &lt;_YJ&gt; wait a moment [12:44] &lt;_YJ&gt; we didn't assign the class &quot; IOTextEdit&quot; to somebody [12:44] &lt;_YJ&gt; we can make han to do it -&gt;01[12:44] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; there are more classes than people [12:44] &lt;_YJ&gt; kkk -&gt;01[12:45] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; we will get to the rest when we get there [12:45] &lt;_YJ&gt; okay -&gt;01[12:45] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; just focus on what YOU are supposed to do [12:45] &lt;_YJ&gt; cool -&gt;01[12:45] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; let me worry about the rest [12:45] &lt;_YJ&gt; so .. our meeting done ? -&gt;01[12:45] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; pretty much -&gt;01[12:45] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; so -&gt;01[12:45] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Aside from group meetings -&gt;01[12:46] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; EVERYTHING should be posted to lighthouse -&gt;01[12:46] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; do not use email for anything related to the project [12:46] &lt;TonyKim&gt; ok [12:46] &lt;slaw12&gt; ok -&gt;01[12:46] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Ok -&gt;01[12:46] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; So -&gt;01[12:46] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I'm going to be online for the rest of the day [12:47] &lt;_YJ&gt; and it might be good idea to subscribe lighthouse -&gt;01[12:47] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I'll probably work on my INT/DBS assignments first then on OOP344 -&gt;01[12:47] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; What do you mean _YJ? [12:47] &lt;_YJ&gt; you get e-mail alerts whenever there are new posts on lighthouse -&gt;01[12:47] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; where do you set that? [12:48] &lt;_YJ&gt; click on your ID [12:48] &lt;_YJ&gt; it will lead u to profile page [12:48] &lt;_YJ&gt; click edit profile [12:49] &lt;_YJ&gt; and one of options is E-mail preferences -&gt;01[12:49] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I don't think that emails you if NEW tickets are posted -&gt;01[12:49] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; only those you are watching -&gt;01[12:49] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; but -&gt;01[12:49] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; it still works I guess [12:50] &lt;_YJ&gt; :-) -&gt;01[12:50] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Ok [12:50] &lt;_YJ&gt; then have a nice day everybody -&gt;01[12:50] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; I'll be on the rest of the day [12:50] &lt;slaw12&gt; isn't that under my subcriptions -&gt;01[12:50] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; If you need me holler [12:50] &lt;_YJ&gt; maybe you are right steph -&gt;01[12:50] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; awesome [12:50] &lt;slaw12&gt; select the project and it will notify of all new tickets and messages -&gt;01[12:51] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; good find! -&gt;01[12:51] &lt;@OzZy_M&gt; Alright I'm going to post this log to the site [12:51] &lt;TonyKim&gt; good! [12:51] &lt;slaw12&gt; aight