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Log 5 (06/20/10)

Session Start: Sun Jun 20 11:33:29 2010
Session Ident: #seneca-HOTYS
->03[11:33] * Now talking in #seneca-HOTYS
->03[11:33] * pratchett.freenode.net sets mode: +ns
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->03[11:37] * TonyKim (~tony_core@CPE60fb42f3cf3a-CM000a73655cdb.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[11:37] <TonyKim> Hi Ozzy!
->01[11:40] <@OzZy_M> Hey!
[11:41] <TonyKim> :)
->03[11:46] * _YJ_ (~chatzilla@CPE0022b0d1b62a-CM001692fb1c3c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
->01[11:47] <@OzZy_M> Konichiwa
[11:49] <_YJ_> lol
[11:54] <TonyKim> That's Japanese. :) We say "Ahn Nyeong"
->01[11:54] <@OzZy_M> ya I know
->01[11:54] <@OzZy_M> but that was the closest thing to "Ahn Nyeong" I knew :(
[11:55] <TonyKim> Yeah
[11:55] <_YJ_> good try
->01[11:55] <@OzZy_M> :D
->03[11:55] * slaw12 (~chatzilla@CPE00173fedf769-CM001868e9fa14.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[11:56] <TonyKim> Hi Stephanie~
[11:56] <slaw12> Hello!
->01[11:56] <@OzZy_M> Ni Hao!
[11:56] <_YJ_> lol
[11:56] <slaw12> what the??
[11:56] <slaw12> :P
->01[11:56] <@OzZy_M> :)
[11:56] <slaw12> ni shuo guo yu?
[11:56] <slaw12> :P
[11:56] <TonyKim> LOL
->01[11:56] <@OzZy_M> >_<
[11:56] <_YJ_> and ozzy has no idea
[11:56] <_YJ_> lol
->01[11:57] <@OzZy_M> that is the extent of my chinese :(
->01[11:57] <@OzZy_M> that is the only line I learned when playing WoW
[11:57] <TonyKim> Haha
[11:57] <slaw12> lol, not bad.
[11:57] <slaw12> :)
[11:57] <slaw12> did you get placed for coop?
->01[11:58] <@OzZy_M> don't know
->01[11:58] <@OzZy_M> lemme check
->01[11:58] <@OzZy_M> Did you?
->01[11:58] <@OzZy_M> SWEEEEEET
->01[11:59] <@OzZy_M> I got my first choice :D:D:D
[11:59] <slaw12> oohh.. congrats!!!
[11:59] <TonyKim> Oh~ good!
[11:59] <slaw12> i got mine too.
->01[11:59] <@OzZy_M> where?
[11:59] <slaw12> rbc
->01[11:59] <@OzZy_M> What position?
[11:59] <slaw12> where are you at?
->01[11:59] <@OzZy_M> RBC aswell
->01[11:59] <@OzZy_M> Network Gateway QA Analyst
[12:00] <slaw12> oooh...nice. :)
->01[12:00] <@OzZy_M> you?
[12:00] <slaw12> I got the QA position with the crazy english lady :P
[12:01] <slaw12> i'm so glad the whole process is done.
->01[12:01] <@OzZy_M> Nice!
->01[12:01] <@OzZy_M> ya no kidding
->01[12:01] <@OzZy_M> bloody nerve racking
->01[12:01] <@OzZy_M> Somebody go catch a wild Han so we can start this meeting
->01[12:01] <@OzZy_M> Might need an Ultra Ball ...
->03[12:02] * Han3 (~hckim3@bas1-toronto09-1279543549.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[12:02] <Han3> Hi...all
->01[12:02] <@OzZy_M> Might need an Ultra Ball ...
[12:02] <slaw12> Hi Hi
->01[12:02] <@OzZy_M> QUICKLY THROW A POKEBALL!!!
[12:02] <TonyKim> Talk of the Devil.
[12:02] <TonyKim> Hi Han!
->01[12:02] <@OzZy_M> Ahn Nyeong Han
[12:03] <slaw12> lol
[12:03] <TonyKim> LOL
->01[12:03] <@OzZy_M> :D
[12:03] <TonyKim> Nice
[12:03] <_YJ_> :-)
[12:03] <Han3> are you speaking korean??
[12:03] <Han3> haha
->01[12:03] <@OzZy_M> Trying
->01[12:04] <@OzZy_M> I only know that phrase so far!
->01[12:04] <@OzZy_M> Today Korean
[12:04] <Han3> Good..
->01[12:04] <@OzZy_M> Tomorrow, THE WORLD!
[12:04] <slaw12> ok there Brain.
[12:04] <slaw12> :P
->01[12:04] <@OzZy_M> :D
->01[12:04] <@OzZy_M> Who wants to be Pinky?
[12:05] <slaw12> narf
->01[12:05] <@OzZy_M> :)
->01[12:05] <@OzZy_M> OKAY
->01[12:05] <@OzZy_M> What is on the agenda for today?
[12:05] <_YJ_> hmm
[12:05] <slaw12> well it doesn't look like he's realeased the test main
[12:05] <_YJ_> since fardad hant put test main
->01[12:05] <@OzZy_M> still?!
[12:05] <_YJ_> yeah
[12:05] <_YJ_> as we predicted
[12:05] <TonyKim> Wel... I found some bugs in the latest code of YuJin.
[12:05] <slaw12> haha
[12:05] <TonyKim> I fixed them.
[12:06] <Han3> good..
[12:06] <_YJ_> is it right key ?
[12:06] <_YJ_> the bug ?
->01[12:06] <@OzZy_M> Want to walk us through them TonyKim?
[12:06] <TonyKim> Right Key and Backspace
[12:06] <_YJ_> yeah as I mentioned
[12:06] <TonyKim> I optimized the overstrike mode.
[12:06] <_YJ_> it wasn't perfect
->01[12:06] <@OzZy_M> first
->01[12:06] <@OzZy_M> what was wrong with Right Key?
[12:07] <TonyKim> One second
[12:07] <TonyKim> Yujin's code works, but there are few uncessary code.
[12:08] <TonyKim> And
->01[12:08] <@OzZy_M> Did you just delete it? or did you comment it out so that we could see?
->01[12:08] <@OzZy_M> I just wanted to see how you optimized it
[12:08] <TonyKim> also I fixed a problem of placing the cursor after a last character of the string.
[12:08] <TonyKim> I commented it.
->01[12:09] <@OzZy_M> awesome
->01[12:09] <@OzZy_M> So the right key was just optimization?
->01[12:09] <@OzZy_M> What about backspace?
[12:09] <TonyKim> We forgot to put a null character to end of the string.
->01[12:10] <@OzZy_M> Ah
[12:10] <TonyKim> str[nLen - 1] = 0;
->01[12:10] <@OzZy_M> awesome
->01[12:10] <@OzZy_M> thanks for that TonyKim!
->01[12:10] <@OzZy_M> What was next?
[12:10] <TonyKim> Welcome
[12:10] <Han3> good..Tony...
[12:11] <TonyKim> I added some code for debugging to see some variables after the while loop.
->01[12:11] <@OzZy_M> For what?
->01[12:11] <@OzZy_M> Backspace still?
[12:11] <TonyKim> It says "DEBUG"
->01[12:11] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:12] <TonyKim> If you uncomment it, you will see how the variables are changing.
[12:12] <TonyKim> curpos, offset and nLen
->01[12:12] <@OzZy_M> Excellent
[12:12] <Han3> this code in under trunck?
[12:12] <TonyKim> No
[12:12] <Han3> or your branch?
[12:12] <TonyKim> Yes
[12:12] <_YJ_> I'm testing tony's code
->01[12:12] <@OzZy_M> Nice
[12:12] <_YJ_> it seems to work well
->01[12:13] <@OzZy_M> What about overstrike mode?
[12:13] <Han3> ok
[12:13] <_YJ_> it works
->01[12:13] <@OzZy_M> It didn't work at all last time I looked at it
[12:13] <_YJ_> overstrike works
->01[12:13] <@OzZy_M> nice
[12:13] <Han3> good
[12:13] <TonyKim> I just copied it from Yujin's folder and modified it.
->01[12:13] <@OzZy_M> How did you fix it?
[12:13] <_YJ_> I found a new bug
[12:14] <TonyKim> What is it?
[12:14] <_YJ_> when  the string is 80 chars
[12:14] <_YJ_> and press END KEY
[12:14] <_YJ_> it goes two position after the last char of string
[12:14] <_YJ_> which is supposed to be only one position
->01[12:14] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:15] <_YJ_> after the last char
->01[12:15] <@OzZy_M> what version of code is this?
[12:15] <TonyKim> szString[20] = 0; --> szString[80] = 0;
[12:15] <TonyKim> You code has two strings of 80 and 52.
->01[12:15] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[12:16] <@OzZy_M> _YJ_
[12:16] <Han3> Tony..What is the latest version of your branch?
->01[12:16] <@OzZy_M> Where is this code that has the bug?
[12:16] <TonyKim> iof_all_functions_Jun20
->01[12:17] <@OzZy_M> Is that the bugged code _YJ_?
[12:17] <_YJ_> ?
[12:17] <_YJ_> oh
[12:17] <_YJ_> I'm testing tony's code
[12:17] <TonyKim> I found it, YuJin
[12:17] <_YJ_> look at tony's code
->01[12:17] <@OzZy_M> k
->01[12:18] <@OzZy_M> Tony you found the bug?
[12:18] <_YJ_> it's under iof_all_functions_Jun20
[12:18] <TonyKim> Ok. Type many characters, then press END
[12:18] <_YJ_> under kjkim folder
[12:19] <_YJ_> it happens only when it is 80 chars
[12:19] <TonyKim> Yes. Run the program, then type many characters until it has 80. Press the END key.
->01[12:21] <@OzZy_M> must be something wrong with the first if under END_KEY
[12:21] <Han3> when maxfieldlength is equal string length, cursor position is goging to be more..
[12:21] <_YJ_> yes
->01[12:22] <@OzZy_M> so you're saying to add another else if for (maxfieldlen = nLen) ?
[12:22] <TonyKim> I just commented a last "if" statement of the END_KEY section.
[12:23] <TonyKim> It seems to work.
->01[12:23] <@OzZy_M> Why is that line in there anyways?
->01[12:23] <@OzZy_M> First off
[12:23] <_YJ_> yes
[12:23] <TonyKim> I have no idea.
->01[12:23] <@OzZy_M> It should be an else IF
[12:23] <_YJ_> if you take out it works
->01[12:23] <@OzZy_M> not just an If
->01[12:24] <@OzZy_M> Who put that code in?
->01[12:24] <@OzZy_M> and why?
->01[12:24] <@OzZy_M> if we take it out will it break something else?
[12:24] <_YJ_> and that's the code me and han put it
[12:24] <_YJ_> because we wanted to put the cursor one position after the last char
->01[12:24] <@OzZy_M> do you remember why?
->01[12:24] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:24] <_YJ_> han
->01[12:24] <@OzZy_M> that makes sense
[12:24] <Han3> yes..
->01[12:25] <@OzZy_M> the cursor has to be at str + 1
->01[12:25] <@OzZy_M> so
[12:25] <Han3> Tony..if(nLen == maxdatalen){
[12:25] <Han3>           (*offset)++;
[12:25] <Han3>         }
[12:25] <_YJ_> but when we tried it it worked
[12:25] <_YJ_> right ?
[12:25] <_YJ_> lol
[12:25] <TonyKim> That makes sense, but *offset increases whenever you press END
[12:25] <Han3> is code need ?
->01[12:26] <@OzZy_M> it needs to be an else if
->01[12:26] <@OzZy_M> because
->01[12:26] <@OzZy_M> as it is now
->01[12:26] <@OzZy_M> it will ALWAYS run
->01[12:26] <@OzZy_M> because it is just and if
->01[12:26] <@OzZy_M> or rather
->01[12:26] <@OzZy_M> it will always get evaluated
[12:26] <_YJ_> well we don't even need that code
[12:26] <_YJ_> it works okay with out that code
->01[12:27] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[12:27] <@OzZy_M> the cursor ends up being one pos after the str?
[12:27] <_YJ_> somehow it works. lol
[12:27] <_YJ_> yes
[12:27] <TonyKim> If we want to keep it, we need some condition to prevent to keep increasing it.
->01[12:27] <@OzZy_M> well
->01[12:27] <@OzZy_M> if we want to keep the pos 1 more than the str
[12:27] <_YJ_> I don;t think we need it unless there are other problem
[12:27] <_YJ_> I'm trying to find other problems if we take out that
[12:27] <TonyKim> Ok
->01[12:28] <@OzZy_M> we need to make sure that we can show 81 characters
[12:28] <slaw12> the right key also gets screwed up with it in there.
[12:28] <TonyKim> If you uncomment four lines after "while" state, it will help you debug the program.
[12:29] <_YJ_> steph
[12:29] <_YJ_> right key works
[12:29] <_YJ_> in tony's code
[12:30] <slaw12> it's suppose to stop at the end of str though right?
[12:30] <_YJ_> one position after the last character of the string
[12:30] <_YJ_> so that you and append some string after the string
[12:31] <_YJ_> and -> can
[12:31] <TonyKim> The cursor is placed after a last character, isn't it?
->01[12:31] <@OzZy_M> so we need to make sure that str[81] is "on screen"
->01[12:31] <@OzZy_M> just not modifiable
[12:31] <Han3> right..
[12:31] <_YJ_> ozzy are you saying that 81 chars should be printed /
->01[12:31] <@OzZy_M> no
->01[12:31] <@OzZy_M> I'm saying
->01[12:32] <@OzZy_M> that only 80 should be modifiable
->01[12:32] <@OzZy_M> but
->01[12:32] <@OzZy_M> when str == 80
->01[12:32] <@OzZy_M> the 81 character
->01[12:32] <@OzZy_M> which is the null bute
->01[12:32] <@OzZy_M> byte
->01[12:32] <@OzZy_M> should be displayed with the cursor on it
[12:32] <slaw12> with the if(nLen == maxdatalen) the right key keeps going past 81
[12:32] <Han3> Tony..for the end key..if you take out increase offset when string length is equal maxdatalength..it look so fine..
->01[12:32] <@OzZy_M> in which case the delete key should not work
->01[12:33] <@OzZy_M> because we do not want to overwrite the null byte [81]
[12:33] <TonyKim> Yes
[12:33] <_YJ_> yeah
->01[12:33] <@OzZy_M> we can't write an equation for it
[12:33] <TonyKim> the null byte is str[80]
->01[12:33] <@OzZy_M> for lack of a better phrase
->01[12:33] <@OzZy_M> w/e
->01[12:33] <@OzZy_M> you know what I mean
->01[12:33] <@OzZy_M> we need to hard code it in
[12:33] <TonyKim> Yes
->01[12:34] <@OzZy_M> into delete & end
->01[12:34] <@OzZy_M> delete NOT backspace
->01[12:34] <@OzZy_M> for those who have a MAC :P
[12:34] <_YJ_> so..
->01[12:34] <@OzZy_M> basically _YJ_
->01[12:34] <@OzZy_M> what we have to do
->01[12:34] <@OzZy_M> is
->01[12:34] <@OzZy_M> create a condition in DELETE_KEY
->01[12:35] <@OzZy_M> that when str == 80
->01[12:35] <@OzZy_M> DELETE_KEY doesn't work
->01[12:35] <@OzZy_M> AND
->01[12:35] <@OzZy_M> we also have to recode END_KEY
->01[12:35] <@OzZy_M> so what when str == 80
->01[12:35] <@OzZy_M> we move only 1 space more than str
[12:35] <_YJ_> In fact, ozzy there is no need to newly code that in
[12:35] <_YJ_> because it;'s already working in that way
->01[12:35] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[12:35] <@OzZy_M> then
->01[12:36] <@OzZy_M> we need to disable delete
->01[12:36] <@OzZy_M> because it should still be working right now
[12:36] <_YJ_> when the string is 80 chars and press END KEY and then press delete key
[12:37] <_YJ_> nothing happends
[12:37] <_YJ_> happens
[12:37] <_YJ_> null byte is still there
[12:37] <_YJ_> nothing deleted
[12:38] <_YJ_> so the only thing we need to modify for now is that
[12:38] <_YJ_> if(nLen == maxdatalen){   //        (*offset)++;
[12:38] <_YJ_> this line
[12:38] <_YJ_> just delete that code
[12:38] <Han3> right..
[12:38] <_YJ_> there is no other  code to modify for now.
[12:38] <_YJ_> unless we find other bugs
->01[12:38] <@OzZy_M> yup
->01[12:38] <@OzZy_M> we also need to add
[12:38] <TonyKim> I agree.
->01[12:38] <@OzZy_M> the IsTextEditor stuff
->01[12:38] <@OzZy_M> remember
[12:39] <TonyKim> nDone = 1;
->01[12:39] <@OzZy_M> if ANYTHING gets modified at the beginning of edit()
->01[12:39] <@OzZy_M> we need to exit out of edit()
[12:39] <TonyKim> EXIT the function!
[12:39] <_YJ_> tony
->01[12:39] <@OzZy_M> I dont' see that code in yet
[12:39] <_YJ_> did you add nDone - 1
[12:40] <_YJ_> tony did you add nDone = 1 everytime offset get changed /
[12:40] <_YJ_> ?
[12:40] <TonyKim> Where? all of the cases in switch statement? No, I didn't.
->01[12:40] <@OzZy_M> no
->01[12:40] <@OzZy_M> the corrections BEFORE the while loop runs
[12:40] <_YJ_> that part is doen
[12:40] <_YJ_> done
->01[12:40] <@OzZy_M> no
->01[12:40] <@OzZy_M> only 1 has an exit
[12:40] <_YJ_> if(IsTextEditor){           nDone = 1;       }
->01[12:41] <@OzZy_M> yes
->01[12:41] <@OzZy_M> only 1 has it
[12:41] <_YJ_> we are adding this line
->01[12:41] <@OzZy_M> shouldn't all of them have it?
[12:41] <_YJ_> ONLY offset get changed
[12:41] <_YJ_> no
[12:41] <_YJ_> ONLY when offset get changed
->01[12:41] <@OzZy_M> so
[12:41] <_YJ_> in other conditions, curpos is changig
[12:41] <_YJ_> changing
->01[12:42] <@OzZy_M> the function starts with IsTextEditor off right?
->01[12:42] <@OzZy_M> ???
->01[12:42] <@OzZy_M> and if we change offset
[12:42] <TonyKim> What about adding a temp variable at the begining of the function to save *offset.
->01[12:42] <@OzZy_M> it turns it on?
->01[12:42] <@OzZy_M> wait
->01[12:42] <@OzZy_M> the function FIRST gets executed with IsTextEditor OFF?
[12:42] <_YJ_> that line doesn;'t toggle the value of istexteditor
->01[12:42] <@OzZy_M> or ON?
[12:42] <_YJ_> OFF
[12:42] <_YJ_> in our test main
->01[12:42] <@OzZy_M> ok
->01[12:43] <@OzZy_M> so
->01[12:43] <@OzZy_M> then that line won't get run
->01[12:43] <@OzZy_M> I thought we were supposed to change the value of it?
->01[12:43] <@OzZy_M> oh it isn't a pointer
[12:43] <_YJ_> it doesn't have to run because istexteditor is off
->01[12:43] <@OzZy_M> ya
->01[12:44] <@OzZy_M> ooook
->01[12:44] <@OzZy_M> so
->01[12:44] <@OzZy_M> the only change so far is the if deletion?
[12:44] <_YJ_> what we have to do now
[12:44] <_YJ_> is
->01[12:44] <@OzZy_M> in END?
[12:44] <_YJ_> add
[12:44] <_YJ_>       if(IsTextEditor){           nDone = 1;
[12:44] <_YJ_> this code
[12:44] <_YJ_> whenever offset get changed
->01[12:44] <@OzZy_M> ok
[12:44] <_YJ_> inside of while loop
[12:44] <_YJ_> can I add it
[12:44] <_YJ_> or
[12:44] <_YJ_> tony do you wanna do it ?
[12:45] <TonyKim> int nTemp = *offset;
[12:45] <TonyKim> ok
->01[12:45] <@OzZy_M> Let tony do it
->01[12:45] <@OzZy_M> and then let him commit
[12:45] <TonyKim> One second
[12:46] <_YJ_> you mean commit to trunk, right ?
->01[12:46] <@OzZy_M> yes
->01[12:46] <@OzZy_M> TonyKim
[12:46] <TonyKim> Yes
->01[12:46] <@OzZy_M> add those exit lines in Edit()
->01[12:46] <@OzZy_M> whenever you change Offset
->01[12:46] <@OzZy_M> and then test it
->01[12:46] <@OzZy_M> actually
->01[12:47] <@OzZy_M> we need to test each platform
[12:47] <TonyKim> Ok
->01[12:47] <@OzZy_M> add all the code in
->01[12:47] <@OzZy_M> then recommit to your BRANCH
->01[12:47] <@OzZy_M> then start testing the platforms
->01[12:47] <@OzZy_M> _YJ_ you can help him test
[12:48] <_YJ_> beforek
[12:48] <_YJ_> okay
->01[12:48] <@OzZy_M> then TonyKim, when it works on all platforms
->01[12:48] <@OzZy_M> commit it to trunk
->01[12:49] <@OzZy_M> The rest of us can take a break until that is done
->01[12:49] <@OzZy_M> tell us when you two are done
[12:49] <slaw12> i can help with testing as well
[12:49] <TonyKim> ok
[12:49] <_YJ_> steph, test bcc then
->01[12:49] <@OzZy_M> I have alerts on in mIRC so just say something and it will ping me
[12:49] <slaw12> k
[12:49] <_YJ_> cool
[12:49] <slaw12> just let me know when you've updated your trunk
[12:49] <_YJ_> yes tony let us know
[12:50] <slaw12> sorry branch
->01[12:50] <@OzZy_M> Don't worry too much about style yet Tony
->01[12:50] <@OzZy_M> I'll make it look nice after
->01[12:50] <@OzZy_M> just make sure it works right now
[12:50] <TonyKim> Ok
->01[13:11] <@OzZy_M> How is everything going?
[13:12] <_YJ_> still working on
[13:12] <_YJ_> I was talking on the phone with tony
->01[13:12] <@OzZy_M> That's cool
[13:12] <_YJ_> and we tried to finish editing it
->01[13:12] <@OzZy_M> I just wanted an update
[13:12] <_YJ_> be patient
[13:12] <_YJ_> sotty
[13:12] <_YJ_> lol
->01[13:12] <@OzZy_M> omg _YJ_ jumping down my throat!
[13:13] <_YJ_> lol
[13:13] <_YJ_> what's jumping down my throat
[13:13] <_YJ_> am I scaring you ?
[13:13] <_YJ_> lol
->01[13:13] <@OzZy_M> it means
->01[13:13] <@OzZy_M> you're getting angry at me for no reason
->01[13:13] <@OzZy_M> :P
->01[13:13] <@OzZy_M> an expression
[13:13] <_YJ_> lol
[13:14] <_YJ_> no I'm not :-)
->01[13:14] <@OzZy_M> I'll let you get back to work, I just wanted an update
[13:15] <_YJ_> cool :-)
[13:16] <_YJ_> I should put smile sign all the time so ozzy will not get misunderstand that I'm angry
[13:16] <_YJ_> LOL
->01[13:16] <@OzZy_M> :P
[13:16] <_YJ_> ;-)
->01[13:16] <@OzZy_M> don't worry about my feelings
->01[13:16] <@OzZy_M> lets just get this done
->01[13:16] <@OzZy_M> :)
[13:16] <_YJ_> k :-)
[13:17] <slaw12> lol so we can beat up on ozzy? :P
->01[13:17] <@OzZy_M> omg
[13:17] <_YJ_> LOL
->01[13:17] <@OzZy_M> dont' kung fu chop my face!
->01[13:17] <@OzZy_M> i need my face
[13:17] <_YJ_> lol
->01[13:17] <@OzZy_M> to talk and eat
[13:17] <slaw12> lol
[13:22] <TonyKim> I committed the program in my branch.
->01[13:22] <@OzZy_M> awesome
->01[13:22] <@OzZy_M> start testing platforms
[13:22] <slaw12> okey dokes
->01[13:22] <@OzZy_M> Fardad extended the due date to Wednesday :P
[13:22] <_YJ_> good
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> but if we get this done today
[13:23] <TonyKim> Haha
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> we have more time to work on other work
[13:23] <slaw12> sweet, did he release the test main?
[13:23] <_YJ_> I wonder if he will really put test main
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> no
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> he didn't
[13:23] <_YJ_> lol
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> that is why he extended I think
[13:23] <slaw12> ai yah! what is he waiting for?
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> * OzZy_M slaps fardad around a bit with a large trout
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> <OzZy_M> Where is my test main?
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> * @fardad slaps OzZy_M around a bit with a large trout
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> <OzZy_M> :O
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> <OzZy_M> Revenge Slap!
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> <@fardad> yes sire
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> <OzZy_M> :P
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> <OzZy_M> So assignment still due today ?
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> <@fardad> I am giveing everyone a break,
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> <OzZy_M> :D
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> <OzZy_M> <3
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> <@fardad> I will post it today and it will be do on wednesday
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> <OzZy_M> You are a King amoungst Kings
->01[13:23] <@OzZy_M> <@fardad> :x
[13:23] <TonyKim> No more waiting...
[13:25] <Han3> Tony..what is the folder name under your branch?
[13:25] <TonyKim> iof_all_functions_Jun20
[13:25] <Han3> ok
[13:28] <_YJ_> I hope we can safely pass his test main
->01[13:28] <@OzZy_M> lol
[13:29] <_YJ_> what if we suddenly get whole bunch of bugs
[13:29] <_YJ_> lol
[13:29] <TonyKim> Dreams come true!!!
[13:29] <TonyKim> LOL
[13:29] <_YJ_> that will be horrible
->01[13:29] <@OzZy_M> lol
->01[13:29] <@OzZy_M> that is why he is changing the due date
->01[13:29] <@OzZy_M> so we can have time to fix bugs
->01[13:29] <@OzZy_M> But everything he has given us so far has been really simple
[13:30] <TonyKim> Yes
->01[13:30] <@OzZy_M> I mean he basically gave us all the code and told us to add a few situations
->01[13:30] <@OzZy_M> so
->01[13:30] <@OzZy_M> I doubt his test main will kill our code
->01[13:30] <@OzZy_M> like Chris' did ... -_-
[13:30] <_YJ_> :-)
[13:30] <TonyKim> Haha
->01[13:30] <@OzZy_M> 1k+ tests -_-
[13:30] <TonyKim> agree
[13:32] <TonyKim> Anyone who is working on SYS366? I have no idea. <x
[13:32] <TonyKim> I don't have Mac. Can I talk to you guys(maybe YuJin, Ozzy) on MSN?
[13:32] <_YJ_> you don't have MAC /
[13:32] <_YJ_> ?
[13:32] <_YJ_> what do you mean
[13:32] <TonyKim> I'm using Windows 7
[13:32] <_YJ_> ohh
->01[13:32] <@OzZy_M> what's wrong TonyKim?
[13:32] <TonyKim> I have to reboot to have Mac.
->01[13:32] <@OzZy_M> ok
[13:32] <_YJ_> okay come back then
[13:33] <_YJ_> I will be on MSN
->01[13:33] <@OzZy_M> I'm logging this
->01[13:33] <@OzZy_M> so we're fine
[13:33] <_YJ_> :)
[13:33] <TonyKim> I'll be back after testing the program.
[13:33] <Han3> Thank you Yujin and Tony...
[13:33] <TonyKim> Welcome
[13:33] <_YJ_> k
->02[13:33] * TonyKim (~tony_core@CPE60fb42f3cf3a-CM000a73655cdb.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit
[13:34] <Han3> So..today we are done?
->01[13:34] <@OzZy_M> almost
->01[13:34] <@OzZy_M> Do you have to leave Han?
->01[13:35] <@OzZy_M> If you need to you can go
->01[13:35] <@OzZy_M> I think we are almost done
->01[13:35] <@OzZy_M> we can do the rest without you
[13:35] <Han3> yes..I have to go out now...
[13:35] <Han3> sorry..
->01[13:35] <@OzZy_M> That's ok Han
->01[13:35] <@OzZy_M> thanks for not going ninja-afk today!!
[13:35] <Han3> Let me know..What you've doen today..
->01[13:35] <@OzZy_M> sure
[13:35] <Han3> haha
->01[13:35] <@OzZy_M> i'll post the log online
->01[13:35] <@OzZy_M> just read it of
->01[13:35] <@OzZy_M> over*
->01[13:36] <@OzZy_M> and ask questions if you have any
[13:36] <Han3> ok..Thank you all
[13:36] <_YJ_> han~
->01[13:36] <@OzZy_M> thanks Han
->01[13:36] <@OzZy_M> later
[13:36] <_YJ_> bye bye~
[13:36] <Han3> bye~
->02[13:36] * Han3 (~hckim3@bas1-toronto09-1279543549.dsl.bell.ca) Quit
->01[13:36] <@OzZy_M> And then there were 3...
[13:38] <_YJ_> yeah
[13:38] <_YJ_> only three of us
[13:38] <_YJ_> kk
->01[13:38] <@OzZy_M> lol
->01[13:38] <@OzZy_M> nm _YJ_
->01[13:38] <@OzZy_M> it was a joke
[13:39] <_YJ_> kk
[13:41] <slaw12> we have probs on borland
->01[13:41] <@OzZy_M> ORLY?
->01[13:41] <@OzZy_M> what's wrong?
->01[13:43] <@OzZy_M> Stephanie?
->01[13:43] <@OzZy_M> what is the problem?
[13:44] <_YJ_> >    cuz home key doesn't work on borland     <slaw12>    and it automatically exits if i hit the left key     <slaw12>    sorry, if i try to go to the offset with the left key it automatically exits
[13:44] <_YJ_> this was what steph told me
[13:44] <slaw12> sorry just double checking something
[13:45] <slaw12> the home key automatically exits the program
->01[13:45] <@OzZy_M> interesting
->03[13:45] * TonyKim (~TonyKim@CPE60fb42f3cf3a-CM000a73655cdb.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
->01[13:45] <@OzZy_M> is this with trunk code?
[13:45] <slaw12> the left key doesn't let me go to the offset
[13:45] <slaw12> it also automatically exits the prog
[13:45] <slaw12> i thought we were testing from tony's branch code
->01[13:46] <@OzZy_M> oh ya
->01[13:46] <@OzZy_M> sorry
->01[13:46] <@OzZy_M> his branch code is what we are working on
[13:46] <TonyKim> I didn't touch the trunk.
->01[13:47] <@OzZy_M> yup
->01[13:47] <@OzZy_M> my mistake
[13:48] <_YJ_> kk
[13:49] <TonyKim> Did we include "stdlib.h"?
[13:50] <_YJ_> tony it's not even working on vcc
->01[13:50] <@OzZy_M> alright
->01[13:50] <@OzZy_M> is there a platform
[13:50] <TonyKim> The program doesn't work?
->01[13:50] <@OzZy_M> that his code DOES work on?
[13:51] <_YJ_> under Jun20
[13:51] <_YJ_> right
[13:52] <_YJ_> oh
[13:52] <_YJ_> I found the problem
[13:52] <TonyKim> IsTexEditor = 1?
[13:53] <_YJ_> I fixed one thing but still having problem
[13:53] <_YJ_> you put memory allocation fail in the wrong place
[13:53] <_YJ_> but still after fixing it, it's not working
->01[13:54] <@OzZy_M> what isn't working?
->01[13:54] <@OzZy_M> is it still crashing when HOME is pressed?
[13:54] <_YJ_> when I press HOME key
[13:54] <_YJ_> the function terminate
[13:54] <_YJ_> yes
->01[13:54] <@OzZy_M> and this is just borland?
->01[13:54] <@OzZy_M> or all platforms?
[13:55] <_YJ_> vcc doens't work as well
->01[13:55] <@OzZy_M> good
[13:55] <TonyKim> One second. I'm testing it.
->01[13:55] <@OzZy_M> then we can debug
[13:56] <TonyKim> I'll be back. I was supposed to use a virtual keyboard to have the HOME key on Mac. But the program is expired. I need Windows.
[13:56] <_YJ_> lol
->02[13:56] * TonyKim (~TonyKim@CPE60fb42f3cf3a-CM000a73655cdb.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Quit: Leaving*)
->01[13:56] <@OzZy_M> wow
->01[13:56] <@OzZy_M> lol
[13:58] <_YJ_> have no clue why
[13:59] <_YJ_> ohh
[13:59] <_YJ_> I see
->03[13:59] * TonyKim (~tony_core@CPE60fb42f3cf3a-CM000a73655cdb.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
->01[13:59] <@OzZy_M> nDone = 1
[13:59] <_YJ_> I maybe know
[13:59] <_YJ_> the reason
[13:59] <_YJ_> why
[14:00] <_YJ_> when *offset get changed it is correct to quit the function
[14:00] <_YJ_> so it is working correctly
->01[14:00] <@OzZy_M> ya
->01[14:00] <@OzZy_M> I was about to say
->01[14:00] <@OzZy_M> the program works correctly
[14:00] <_YJ_> good ozzy
->01[14:00] <@OzZy_M> we just don't have a good test main
[14:00] <_YJ_> yesh
[14:00] <_YJ_> yes
->01[14:00] <@OzZy_M> *cough*fardad*cough*
[14:00] <slaw12> make sense make sense
[14:00] <_YJ_> fardad..................
->01[14:01] <@OzZy_M> yesh?
[14:01] <_YJ_> I guess we better just wait for test main
->01[14:01] <@OzZy_M> _YJ_ you drunk? :P
[14:01] <_YJ_> yesh is typeo
[14:01] <_YJ_> lol
->01[14:01] <@OzZy_M> lol
[14:01] <_YJ_> maybe I'm drunk
->01[14:01] <@OzZy_M> I'm teasing you :P
->01[14:01] <@OzZy_M> anyways
->01[14:01] <@OzZy_M> we can try and make a better test main
->01[14:01] <@OzZy_M> or we can wait for fardad
[14:01] <_YJ_> wait for fardad, one vote
->01[14:01] <@OzZy_M> all we would need to do is
->01[14:02] <@OzZy_M> to capture edit() exiting and reloop it
->01[14:02] <@OzZy_M> until the user presses something
[14:02] <TonyKim> What was a problem with our code?
->01[14:02] <@OzZy_M> our code
->01[14:02] <@OzZy_M> nothing
->01[14:02] <@OzZy_M> our test main
[14:02] <_YJ_> tony was sleeping ;)
->01[14:02] <@OzZy_M> isn't good enough to test all the functionality
[14:02] <slaw12> haha
->01[14:02] <@OzZy_M> we neeed to wait for fardad to give us his
[14:02] <_YJ_> yes
[14:02] <_YJ_> ;)
->01[14:03] <@OzZy_M> we could make a MAIN that doesn't exit when edit() exits
[14:03] <TonyKim> Ours doesn't have any problems so far?
->01[14:03] <@OzZy_M> and which also captures what edit is returning
->01[14:03] <@OzZy_M> no
->01[14:03] <@OzZy_M> it works as we intended
->01[14:04] <@OzZy_M> any time offset changes
->01[14:04] <@OzZy_M> we exit iof_edit
->01[14:04] <@OzZy_M> which is when the main terminates
->01[14:04] <@OzZy_M> because that is how we have our main coded
[14:04] <TonyKim> yes
->01[14:04] <@OzZy_M> so we can wait for fardad
->01[14:04] <@OzZy_M> or make another main ourselves
->01[14:04] <@OzZy_M> I have a lot of other work to do
->01[14:04] <@OzZy_M> so I also vote we wait for fardad
->01[14:05] <@OzZy_M> the code still executes
->01[14:05] <@OzZy_M> so
[14:05] <slaw12> yes let's wait for the slowpoke
->01[14:05] <@OzZy_M> TonyKim's june 20 branch is the latest code
->01[14:05] <@OzZy_M> I'll style it up and commit to trunk today
->01[14:05] <@OzZy_M> how's that?
->01[14:05] <@OzZy_M> then all we have to do is wait for fardad
->01[14:06] <@OzZy_M> _YJ_ slaw12 TonyKim?
->01[14:06] <@OzZy_M> It works as is
[14:06] <slaw12> sounds good
[14:06] <TonyKim> ok
->01[14:06] <@OzZy_M> so i'll get rid of the commented code
[14:06] <_YJ_> sorry
->01[14:06] <@OzZy_M> is that ok TonyKim?
[14:06] <_YJ_> i'm here
->01[14:06] <@OzZy_M> _YJ_ went ninja-afk!!
->01[14:07] <@OzZy_M> ok
[14:07] <_YJ_> was talking to tony
->01[14:07] <@OzZy_M> so I'll commit later today
[14:07] <_YJ_> kk
->01[14:07] <@OzZy_M> to trunk
->01[14:07] <@OzZy_M> with that
->01[14:07] <@OzZy_M> does anyone want to discuss anything else?
->01[14:07] <@OzZy_M> we should be done for the day
[14:07] <TonyKim> She was talking with her boyfriend. She is lieing to us.
[14:07] <slaw12> lol
->01[14:07] <@OzZy_M> :P
[14:07] <_YJ_> LOL
[14:07] <_YJ_> TONY !!
[14:07] <slaw12> are we discussing YJ's bf now?
[14:07] <_YJ_> tony wants to be my boyfriend
[14:07] <_YJ_> lol
->01[14:08] <@OzZy_M> if she was talking to you, logic would state that YOU are her boyfriend :P
[14:08] <_YJ_> yes
[14:08] <_YJ_> lol
[14:08] <slaw12> <3
->01[14:08] <@OzZy_M> with that
[14:08] <TonyKim> Tell the truth. Anyway~
->01[14:08] <@OzZy_M> I think we're done for today
->01[14:08] <@OzZy_M> i'll post this log after I commit the code
[14:08] <_YJ_> k
[14:08] <slaw12> oh, one thing i'm not in town next sunday
->01[14:08] <@OzZy_M> ok
[14:08] <_YJ_> it's stuy break
->01[14:09] <@OzZy_M> is next sunday the start of study week?
[14:09] <_YJ_> study*
[14:09] <slaw12> yes
[14:09] <_YJ_> yeah
[14:09] <_YJ_> are we gonna have IRC ?
[14:09] <slaw12> we still have class though. :(
[14:09] <slaw12> for oop
->01[14:09] <@OzZy_M> ya
[14:09] <_YJ_> are we gonna have IRC meetin next sunday ?
->01[14:09] <@OzZy_M> depends
->01[14:09] <@OzZy_M> on what happens in class
[14:09] <_YJ_> okay
[14:10] <slaw12> should we have it during the week instead?
->01[14:10] <@OzZy_M> probably
->01[14:10] <@OzZy_M> but
->01[14:10] <@OzZy_M> we'll have to wait until class
[14:10] <_YJ_> yeap
[14:10] <_YJ_>  agree
->01[14:10] <@OzZy_M> we dont' know what he'll drop on us
->01[14:10] <@OzZy_M> besides
->01[14:10] <@OzZy_M> those of us with a full course load
->01[14:10] <@OzZy_M> have other work :P
[14:10] <_YJ_> yeah
[14:11] <_YJ_> amazing hard worker ozzy
[14:11] <_YJ_> lol
[14:11] <slaw12> yeah, i meant during the week of study week as opposed to sunday.
[14:11] <_YJ_> can't believe full course load with 25 hrs parttime job
->01[14:11] <@OzZy_M> :(
->01[14:11] <@OzZy_M> ya
->01[14:11] <@OzZy_M> shoot me
[14:11] <_YJ_> yeah we can talk about that on oop 344 class
[14:11] <slaw12> ok
->01[14:12] <@OzZy_M> ya Stephanie, we need to know what there is to discuss
->01[14:12] <@OzZy_M> if there is nothing
->01[14:12] <@OzZy_M> then we dont' need to have the meeting
->03[14:12] * TonyKim was kicked by OzZy_M (Ghost*)
[14:12] <slaw12> ok,
[14:12] <_YJ_> what is that
[14:12] <_YJ_> booted ?
->01[14:12] <@OzZy_M> I don't think that we'll have a lot to do
->01[14:13] <@OzZy_M> because Cathy is going to be doing the "C++" part of the project
->01[14:13] <@OzZy_M> Tony can't log in
[14:13] <slaw12> according to the schedule we're suppose to start on the main project
[14:13] <_YJ_> yes.
->01[14:13] <@OzZy_M> well
->01[14:13] <@OzZy_M> either way
[14:13] <slaw12> which is why i think fardad is holding classes during study week
->01[14:13] <@OzZy_M> we'll discuss this on either Wed or Thur
->01[14:13] <@OzZy_M> ya
[14:14] <_YJ_> terrible
[14:14] <_YJ_> kk
->01[14:14] <@OzZy_M> w/e
->01[14:14] <@OzZy_M> I'll only be doing school work during study week lol
[14:14] <slaw12> okily dokily
->01[14:14] <@OzZy_M> so it doesn't effect me
->01[14:14] <@OzZy_M> school work and WORK WORK :(
[14:14] <slaw12> awww.. poor ozzy
[14:14] <_YJ_> okily dokily ?
[14:14] <_YJ_> it sounds drunk
[14:14] <_YJ_> lol
->01[14:14] <@OzZy_M> lol
->01[14:14] <@OzZy_M> Flanders from The Simpsons
[14:15] <slaw12> haha
->01[14:15] <@OzZy_M> _YJ_
->01[14:15] <@OzZy_M> you are too funny
[14:15] <_YJ_> ?
[14:15] <_YJ_> lol
[14:15] <_YJ_> TonyKim was kicked out by someone
[14:15] <_YJ_> that's why he is not here now
[14:15] <slaw12> hey when is that sys thing due?
[14:15] <_YJ_> ol
->01[14:16] <@OzZy_M> probably today :S
->01[14:16] <@OzZy_M> I don't know
[14:16] <slaw12> *cough Ozzy *cough
[14:16] <_YJ_> I don't know if that is lab or just will be part of presentation preparation
[14:16] <slaw12> hmmm..
[14:16] <_YJ_> because according to her schedule
[14:16] <_YJ_> there is no mark for that
[14:16] <_YJ_> plus no due date
[14:17] <_YJ_> she didn't mention about due date or mark for it at all
[14:17] <slaw12> oh weird.. I guess I'll get it done today anyway.
[14:17] <_YJ_> so I just thought that's just part of presentation preparation
[14:17] <slaw12> i thought we had to post it up though
[14:17] <_YJ_> yeah maybe
->01[14:17] <@OzZy_M> I'm not taking any chances
->01[14:17] <@OzZy_M> I'm going to post everything
[14:18] <_YJ_> I gotta do that today then
[14:18] <_YJ_> kk
[14:18] <slaw12> good idea. man, people in my group haven't even posted up their use cases
->01[14:18] <@OzZy_M> lol
[14:18] <_YJ_> here too
[14:18] <_YJ_> no just one person
[14:18] <_YJ_> lol
->03[14:19] * im (~tony_core@CPE60fb42f3cf3a-CM000a73655cdb.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #seneca-HOTYS
[14:19] <im> I'm back.
[14:19] <slaw12> lol
->01[14:19] <@OzZy_M> lol
[14:19] <slaw12> did ozzy kick you off?
[14:19] <_YJ_> im
->03[14:19] * im is now known as Guest59975
->01[14:19] <@OzZy_M> had to
->01[14:20] <@OzZy_M> he had a ghost
->01[14:20] <@OzZy_M> so he couldn't log in
[14:20] <Guest59975> haha
->01[14:20] <@OzZy_M> but it didn't make a difference
->01[14:20] <@OzZy_M> as he is still logged into the server lol
[14:20] <Guest59975> Someone is using my nickname.
[14:20] <Guest59975> This is Tony speaking.
[14:20] <_YJ_> lol
[14:21] <slaw12> lol
[14:21] <slaw12> are you sure you're tony? :P
[14:21] <_YJ_> LOL
[14:21] <Guest59975> Yes, I am.
->01[14:21] <@OzZy_M> rofl
->01[14:21] <@OzZy_M> ask him a question only he could answer!!
[14:22] <_YJ_> who is your gf ?
[14:22] <_YJ_> LOL
->01[14:22] <@OzZy_M> owned
[14:22] <slaw12> lol
[14:22] <Guest59975> Haha
[14:22] <Guest59975> How should I know?
[14:22] <_YJ_> lol
[14:22] <Guest59975> That's a tough question.
->01[14:22] <@OzZy_M> ahhhh
->01[14:22] <@OzZy_M> LUK!!
->01[14:22] <@OzZy_M> HE'S BLUSHING!!
[14:23] <_YJ_> LOL
[14:23] <slaw12> YJ I think he's cheating on you :P
[14:23] <_YJ_> I'm angry
[14:23] <_YJ_> lol
[14:23] <Guest59975> LOL
->01[14:23] <@OzZy_M> RAWR!!!
->01[14:23] <@OzZy_M>   if(offset == 0){
->01[14:23] <@OzZy_M>     offset = &localOffset;
->01[14:23] <@OzZy_M>   }
->01[14:23] <@OzZy_M> Should we not exit iof_edit() at this point aswell?
[14:24] <_YJ_> we can just leave that as it is
[14:24] <_YJ_> :-)
->01[14:24] <@OzZy_M> don't want to break anything else? :)
[14:24] <_YJ_> it's only making the pointer not modifying the value of it
[14:24] <_YJ_> kkk
->01[14:25] <@OzZy_M> kkk?
[14:25] <_YJ_> oh
->01[14:25] <@OzZy_M> lol
[14:26] <_YJ_> anyway
[14:26] <_YJ_> are we done now ?
->01[14:26] <@OzZy_M> yes
[14:26] <_YJ_> yaya
->01[14:26] <@OzZy_M> I will post log and commit code shortly
[14:26] <_YJ_> then I should go and do SYS366
->01[14:26] <@OzZy_M> lol
[14:26] <_YJ_> cool
[14:26] <_YJ_> thank you ozzy
[14:27] <_YJ_> bye
->01[14:27] <@OzZy_M> later
->03[14:27] * _YJ_ (~chatzilla@CPE0022b0d1b62a-CM001692fb1c3c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has left #seneca-HOTYS
[14:29] <Guest59975> Have a good day!!!!
->01[14:29] <@OzZy_M> later
[14:29] <slaw12> bye guys thank y'all
[14:29] <Guest59975> This was Tony speaking.
->01[14:29] <@OzZy_M> lol
->03[14:30] * Guest59975 (~tony_core@CPE60fb42f3cf3a-CM000a73655cdb.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has left #seneca-HOTYS
->03[14:30] * slaw12 (~chatzilla@CPE00173fedf769-CM001868e9fa14.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has left #seneca-HOTYS